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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Kanto Region

Here is a list of the episodes in the first storyline of the original Pocket Monsters series.  All episodes are listed in the Japanese order.  Click on the Japanese episode number to reach the comparison.

Season One (Syndication)

Pokémon Indigo League

Season One began airing in the United States on September 7th, 1998.  The season ran for 52 episodes.

The first 40 episodes of the season premiered in syndication, meaning that the network they aired on was different depending on the city.  For some people, Pokémon aired on their local Fox affiliate.  For others, UPN or Kids' WB! 

The batch of episodes dubbed for syndication omitted three episodes; Episode 018, "Holiday at Aopulco," Episode 035, "The Legend of Miniryuu," and Episode 038, "Electric Soldier Porygon."  The eighteenth episode was eventually dubbed and aired as a "lost episode," but it is not recognized as being a part of any season.
001 "Pokémon I Choose You!" 101 "Pokémon I Choose You!"
002 "Showdown!  Pokémon Center!" 102 "Pokémon Emergency!"
003 "Get Pokémon!" 103 "Ash Catches A Pokémon"
004 "The Samurai Boy's Challenge!" 104 "Challenge of the Samurai"
005 "The Battle at the Nibi Gym!" 105 "Showdown In Pewter City"
006 "Pippi and the Moon Stone" 106 "Clefairy And The Moon Stone"
007 "The Water Flowers of Hanada City" 107 "The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City"
008 "The Path to the Pokémon League" 108 "The Path to the Pokémon League"
009 "The Fail-Safe Pokémon Manual" 109 "The School of Hard Knocks"
010 "The Fushigidane of the Hidden Village" 110 "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village"
011 "The Stray Pokémon, Hitokage" 111 "Charmander - The Stray Pokémon"
012 "The Zenigame Squad Hits the Scene!" 112 "Here Comes The Squirtle Squad"
013 "Masaki's Lighthouse" 113 "Mystery At The Lighthouse"
014 "Electric Shock Showdown! The Kuchiba Gym" 114 "Electric Shock Showdown"
015 "The Battle of the St. Anne!" 115 "Battle Aboard the St. Anne"
016 "The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Pokémon" 116 "Pokémon Shipwreck!"
017 "The Island of Giant Pokémon!?" 117 "Island of the Giant Pokémon!"
018 "Holiday in Aopulco" SP "Beauty and The Beach"
019 "Menokurage and Dokukurage" 118 "Tentacool & Tentacruel"
020 "Spirit Pokémon and the Summer Festival" 119 "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak"
021 "Bye Bye Butterfree" 120 "Bye Bye Butterfree"
022 "Casey! The Psychic Showdown!" 121 "Abra & the Psychic Showdown"
023 "Get Pokémon at the Pokémon Tower!!" 122 "The Tower of Terror"
024 "Ghost vs. Psychic!" 123 "Haunter vs. Kadabra"
025 "Don't Get Mad, Okorizaru!" 124 "Primeape Goes Bananas"
026 "Erika and Kusaihana" 125 "Pokémon Scent-sation"
027 "Sleeper and Pokémon Regression!?" 126 "Hypno's Naptime"
028 "Rokon! The Breeder Showdown!" 127 "Pokémon Fashion Flash"
029 "Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle!" 128 "The Punchy Pokémon"
030 "Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!?" 129 "Sparks Fly for Magnemite"
031 "Look at All the Digda!" 130 "Dig Those Diglett!"
032 "The Sekichiku Ninja Showdown!" 131 "The Ninja Poké-Showdown!"
033 "The Big Blazing Pokémon Race!" 132 "The Flame Pokémon-athon!"
034 "Garura's Lullaby" 133 "The Kangaskhan Kid"
035 "The Legend of Miniryu" -- -NO ENGLISH TITLE-
036 "The Stormy Cycling Road" 134 "The Bridge Bike Gang"
037 "Metamon and the Copycat Girl" 135 "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"
038 "Cyber Soldier Porygon" -- -NO ENGLISH TITLE-
039 "The Pikachu Forest" 136 "Pikachu's Goodbye"
040 "The Four Eevee Brothers" 137 "The Battling Eevee Brothers"
041 "Wake Up, Kabigon!" 138 "Wake Up, Snorlax!"
042 "Showdown! The Pokémon Gyms!" 139 "Showdown at Dark City"
043 "The March of the Nassy Squad!" 140 "The March of the Exeggutor Squad"

After the December 16th, 1997 airing of Pocket Monsters Episode 038, "Cyber Soldier Porygon," OLM went back over the first 37 episodes of the TV series and re-edited them to reduce any strobe lights, flashing, quick background color changes, or any other special effects that even slightly resembled the types of images that sent all those children to the hospital during the "Pokémon Shock" incident. This was probably done both out of an abundance of caution as well as an attempt to show the public at large that OLM and every other party involved was taking the incident seriously.

000 Opening Theme
001 "Pokémon I Choose You!" 002 "Showdown!  Pokémon Center!"
"Get Pokémon!"

Season One (Kids' WB!)

After the initial 40 episodes aired, Kids' WB! picked up the rights to air the show exclusively on their network.  On February 13th, 1999, the remaining twelve episodes of the season began premiering on Kids' WB!

The episodes "Princess Versus Princess" and "The Purr-fect Hero" were skipped during this time and aired as the first two episodes of Season Two.

044 "Paras and Parasect" 141 "The Problem with Paras"
045 "Sing! Purin!" 142 "The Song of Jigglypuff"
046 "They're Back!? The Fossil Pokémon!" 143 "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"
047 "Lucky's Medical Charts" 144 "A Chansey Operation"
048 "Gardie and Kojirou" 145 "Holy Matrimony!"
049 "Kamonegi's Sitting Ducks" 146 "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd"
050 "Who Gets to Keep Togepi!?" 147 "Who Gets to Keep Togepi!?"
051 "Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden" 148 "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden"
052 "Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Hinamatsuri" 201
"Princess Versus Princess"
053 "It's Children's Day! Everyone Gather Around!" 202 "The Purr-fect Hero"
054 "Gardie the Police Dog" 149 "The Case of the K-9 Caper"
055 "Pikachu's Photo Op" 150 "Pokémon Papparazzi!"
056 "The Pokémon Certification Exam!?" 151 "The Ultimate Test"
057 "The Daycare's Secret!" 152 "The Breeding Center Secret"

Season Two
Pokémon Indigo League

Season Two began airing in the United States on September 4th, 1999.  The season originally ran for 52 episodes but is now being officially listed as 51 episodes because of the removal of "Holiday Hi-Jynx" in early 2014.

The first 26 (27) episodes of the season finish out the Indigo League storyline, and the remaining 23 (25) episodes begin the Orange Islands adventures.

058 "Get Fired Up! The Guren Gym!" 203 "Riddle Me This"
059 "The Decisive Battle! The Guren Gym!" 204 "Volcanic Panic"
060 "Kamex's Island" 205
"Beach Blank-Out Blastoise"
061 "Hanada Gym! The Underwater Battle!" 206 "The Misty Mermaid"
062 "Pippi vs. Purin" 207 "Clefairy Tales"
063 "Tokiwa Gym! The Final Badge!" 208 "The Battle of the Badge"
064 "The Barrierd of the Pokémon Circus" 209 "It's Mr. Mimie Time"
"Rougela's Christmas" --- "Holiday Hi-Jynx"
"Iwark the Bivouac" 210
"Snow Way Out"
065 "A Rival Showdown! The Ookido Laboratory" 211 "Showdown at the Poké-Corral"
066 "When Yadon Becomes Yadoran" 212 "The Evolution Solution"
067 "The Legend of the Surfing Pikachu" 213
"The Pi-Kahuna"
068 "The Kusaihana of the Botanical Garden" 214 "Make Room for Gloom"
069 "Pokémon the Movie!" 215 "Lights, Camera, Quacktion!"
070 "Nyarth's ABCs" 216 "Go West, Young Meowth"
071 "Enter Shiba of the Four Heavenly Kings!" 217 "To Master the Onixpected"
072 "Collision! The Giant Ancient Pokémon"
218 "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis"
073 "Garagara's Bone Club" 219 "Bad to the Bone"
074 "Fire! The Pokémon League Opening Ceremonies!" 220 "All Fired Up"
075 "The Curtain Rises on the Pokémon League! The Water Field!" 221 "Round One -- Begin!"
076 "The Ice Field! The Fiery Battle!" 222 "Fire and Ice"
077 "The Grass Field! An Unexpectedly Powerful Enemy!" 223 "The Fourth Round Rumble"
078 "Enter the Rival!" 224 "A Friend in Deed"
079 "Sekiei Stadium! Satoshi vs. Hiroshi!" 225 "Friend and Foe Alike"
080 "The Pokémon League! The Final Battle!" 226 "Friends to the End"




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