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An archive of write-ups / predictions made for this website's anniversaries.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty-Four)" - I take a look back at everything I've done for the site in 2023 and give some hints at what's coming for the site's upcoming 25th anniversary!

"2023 Predictions Check-In" - The year 2023 had a lot of twists and turns and yet the predictions I made for it still ended up being not so terrible...?

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty-Three)" - The year 2022 was a pretty big year for Dogasu's Backpack! A new series of write-ups, lots of event reports. a new section based on one of the biggest events in the history of Japanese television; there's a lot to cover!

"2022 Predictions Check-In" - Game Freak releasing Generation 9 the same year as Pokémon Legends Arceus really screwed up a lot of my predictions for 2022 LOL.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty-Two)" - I look back at all the things I accomplished in 2021 and how, if the franchise were to end tomorrow, there would still be enough content out there to fuel website updates for the rest of my life.

"2021 Precictions Check-In" -
How did I do with the predictions I made in my Twenty-One Year Anniversary write-up? Let's find out!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty-One)" - Dogasu's Backpack is old enough to drink in the US!

"2020 Predictions Check-In" - How did I do with the predictions I made in my Twenty Year Anniversary write-up? Let's find out!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty)" - Dogasu's Backpack is ancient.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Nineteen)" - Getting closer to the big 2-0!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eighteen)" - My website is older than you.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Seventeen)" - I have literally been working on this website for half my life.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Sixteen)" - Maybe I should start doing episode comparisons again?

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Fifteen)" - The site celebrates a decade and a half on the Internet.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Fourteen)" - I met the Rocket-Dan this year and that's all you need to know.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Thirteen)" - Dogasu's Backpack is now a teenager.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twelve)" - Come celebrate Dogasu's Backpack's twelfth year on the Internet with a look back at the year 2011. 

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eleven)" - This site is now older than a lot of the franchise's target audience!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Ten)" - My website reaches the one decade mark.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Nine)" - I shamelessly rip off the previous year's anniversary write-up by taking a look back at the previous year and then making my predictions for the next.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eight)" - Eight years on the Internet is pretty long, wouldn't you say?  Here, I give my thoughts on 2007 and make predictions about 2008.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Seven)" - It's that time again!  The website celebrates lucky number seven with this essay about the previous year.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Six)" - No, I haven't updated the rants section of my site since my site's last anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Five)" - My website celebrates half a decade on the Internet.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Four)" - My website celebrates its third birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Three)" - My website celebrates its third birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Two)" - My website celebrates its second birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year One)" - My website celebrates its first birthday.



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