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20th Anniversary

An archive of write-ups / predictions made for this website's anniversaries.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty-One)" - Dogasu's Backpack is old enough to drink in the US!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twenty)" - Dogasu's Backpack is ancient.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Nineteen)" - Getting closer to the big 2-0!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eighteen)" - My website is older than you.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Seventeen)" - I have literally been working on this website for half my life.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Sixteen)" - Maybe I should start doing episode comparisons again?

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Fifteen)" - The site celebrates a decade and a half on the Internet.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Fourteen)" - I met the Rocket-Dan this year and that's all you need to know.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Thirteen)" - Dogasu's Backpack is now a teenager.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Twelve)" - Come celebrate Dogasu's Backpack's twelfth year on the Internet with a look back at the year 2011. 

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eleven)" - This site is now older than a lot of the franchise's target audience!

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Ten)" - My website reaches the one decade mark.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Nine)" - I shamelessly rip off the previous year's anniversary write-up by taking a look back at the previous year and then making my predictions for the next.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Eight)" - Eight years on the Internet is pretty long, wouldn't you say?  Here, I give my thoughts on 2007 and make predictions about 2008.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Seven)" - It's that time again!  The website celebrates lucky number seven with this essay about the previous year.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Six)" - No, I haven't updated the rants section of my site since my site's last anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Five)" - My website celebrates half a decade on the Internet.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Four)" - My website celebrates its third birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Three)" - My website celebrates its third birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year Two)" - My website celebrates its second birthday.

"Happy Anniversary! (Year One)" - My website celebrates its first birthday.



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