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Come on, you can't take Pocket Monsters too seriously.  Sure, it's a fun hobby and all, but at the end of the day it's still only a TV show and set of video games.  It's good to just sit back every now and then and laugh at the franchise's expense, and that's where this section comes in.

Below are links to hilarious articles, comics, parodies, and other funny things I've managed to find on the Internet.  Whether it's a comic strip parodying the franchise or some bizarre flash video designed to make you scratch your head, there's sure to be something in this section that will bring a smile to your face.

  Land Over Baptist is a website that is a parody of evangelists who speak out against everything for the sake of speaking out.  Y'know, the kind of people who find Harry Potter to be an evil book recruiting kids to practice Satanism and who think MTV is the root of all evil.  Though real pastors have looked down upon Pokémon before, Land Over Baptist's fake pastors have spoken out for some very hilarious articles.
    a)  Poke Yourself, Satan!
    b)  Must...bomb...Pearl Harbor!

02)  The American Tract Society releases tracts (religious pamphlets) that attempt to recruit young children to Christianity.  The tracts often attempt to be "hip," and to do this they often call on the most popular trends in children's entertainment to help them out.  Of course, Pokemon is no exception.  It's hilarious to see the Society attempt to tie the franchise into Christianity and more or less compare Myuutwo to God, even more so when you consider that the people writing this track are being dead serious.  Take a look here.

03)  Hsu and Chan are a pair of fictitious Japanese video game designers who are always trying to cash in on the newest crazes.  And of course, Pocket Monsters, being the kiddie-obsessed craze that is is, has made several appearances in the comic.  Here are two of their more zany adventures involving Pocket Monsters. These images are very big and may take a while to load on a dial-up Internet connection.

    a)  "Pocket Morons" - In the very first Hsu and Chan comic to be published in EGM, Hsu and Chan create their own pokemon, Chernobyl.
Page 1 (780 KB)/Page 2 (904 KB)
    b)  "Pocket Morons Platinum" - Hsu and Chan make a bunch of new pokemon, this time to battle an evil man trying to cash in on their get rich quick scheme!
Page 01-01 (603 KB | /Page 01-02 (497 KB)
Page 02-01 (609 KB) | Page 02-02 (600 KB)

Spookingtons is the official website of Hsu and Chan.  It contains the two Pocket Monsters parodies presented here as well as a host of other video game-related comics in their archives section.

04)  While more "weird as hell" than "funny," Neil Cicierega's Animutations, a series of bizarre Flash music videos to a variety of songs, are sure to offer at least some amount of entertainment.  About half the songs on his site are Pocket Monsters songs, and every fan has to see these at least once in his or her life.

Flash movie to "Hyaku Gojuu-Ichi"
Flash movie to "Lucky Lucky"
Flash movie to "Minna de Arukou"
Flash movie to "Natsuyasumi Fan Kurabu"
Flash movie to "Nyaasu no Paati"
Flash movie to "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na?"
Flash movie to "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na NEO"
Flash movie to "Pokemon Sandowitchi"
Flash movie to "Roketto-Dan yo Eien ni"
These are just a few of the many Pokemon-themed videos on the site.  You can view a full list of videos on the main Animutations site.

05)  One of the funniest Pokémon Anime Music Videos (AMVs) ever made is the video to Mindless Self Indulgence's song "Bitches."  While the website the video used to be hosted on (Otaku Vengeance) is now closed, you can download it on SteveMV.comAs the title of the video suggests, the song has some language that many parents would not find appropriate for their kids, so viewer discretion is advised.

06)  Alfred R. Kahn is the CEO and chairman of 4Kids Entertainment.  He also says some of the most unintentionally funny stuff you'll ever hear the CEO of a company say.  I've made a page filled with his quotes, ranging from the Lolita-esque comment about the girls of Magical Doremi to the declaration that American kids don't read.  I call it - "CEOs Say the Darndest Things."

07)  Super Effective is a humorous web comic from the creator of VG Cats that goes through the plot of and Fire Red and Leaf Green, pointing out humorous or odd things about the games along the way.  Very highly recommended.

If you know of any site with an article, accusation, or sign of stupidity that you think belongs in this section, please e-mail me the article and, if you can, the URL.  Thanks!




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