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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Orange Islands

Here is a list of the episodes in the second storyline of the original Pocket Monsters series.  All episodes are listed in the Japanese order.  Click on the Japanese episode number to reach the comparison.

Pokémon Adventures in Orange Islands

Season Two continues!  The remaining 23 (25) episodes of the show's second season cover Ash, Misty, and Tracey's journey through the Orange Islands.

The episodes "Stage Fight!" and "The Mandarin Island Miss-Match!" were removed from rotation in early 2014.

081 "Masara Town! A New Journey" 227 "Pallet Party Panic"
082 "The Miserable Dirigible!?"
228 "A Scare in the Air"
083 "Tropical Pokemon and the GS Ball" 229 "Pokéball Peril"
084 "Go Help Laplace!" 230 "The Lost Lapras"
085 "The Orange League! Natsukan Gym!" 231 "Fit To Be Tide"
086 "The Mystery of the Missing Pokemon!" 232 "Pikachu Re-volts"
087 "The Crystal Iwark" 233 "The Crystal Onix"
088 "The Island of Pink Pokémon" 234 "In the Pink"
089 "The Secret of Kabuto's Fossil!" 235 "Shell Shock!"
090 "Dance! Pokemon Showboat!" ---
"Stage Fight!"
091 "Goodbye Koduck! See You Again, Golduck?" 236 "Bye Bye Psyduck"
092 "The Sailing Joy! Go Through the Violent Storm!" 237 "The Joy of Pokémon"
093 "Navel Gym! The Battle of the Snowy Mountain!"
238 "Navel Manuevers"
094 "The Gluttonous Kabigon! A Big Panic!" 239 "Snack Attack"
095 "The Ghost Ship and the Ghost Pokemon!" 240 "A Shipful of Shivers"
096 "Lord Nyarth's Island!?" 241 "Meowth Rules!"
097 "The Honor of Strike the Warrior" 242 "Tracey Gets Bugged"
098 "It's the Southern Islands! Everyone Gather Around!!" 243 "A Way Off Day Off"
099 "Kanna of the Four Heavenly Kings! The Icy Battle!!" --- "The Mandarin Island Miss Match"
100 "The Nidoran's Love Story" 244 "Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?"
101 "The Coil of the Great Plains!" 245 "Get Along, Little Pokémon"
102 "The Monster of the Underpass!?" 246 "The Mystery Menace"
103 "Yuzu Gym! A Three on Three Type Battle!" 247 "Misty Meets Her Match"
104 "Pikachu vs. Nyarth!?" 248 "Bound for Trouble"
105 "Lizardon! I Choose You!" 249 "Charizard Chills"

Season Three

Pokémon Adventures in Orange Islands

Season Three began airing in the United States on August 26th, 2000.  The season ran for 52 episodes.

The first eleven episodes of the season finish out the Orange Islands adventure, while the remaining 41 episodes start off Ash's journey through the Johto region.

106 "The Fire Extinguishing Showdown! Zenigame vs. Kameil" 301 "The Pokémon Water War"
107 "Enter the Kabigon!" 302 "Pokémon Food Fight!"
108 "Tag Battle! The Final Gym!" 303 "Pokémon Double Trouble"
109 "Koiking! The Secrets of Evolution!!" 304 "The Wacky Watcher!"
110 "Nyoromo and Kasumi" 305 "The Stun Spore Detour"
111 "The Winner's Cup! A Six on Six Full Battle!!" 306 "Hello, Pumello!"
112 "The Final Battle! Enter Kairyu!" 307 "Enter the Dragonite"
113 "Goodbye Laplace!" 308 "Viva Las Lapras"
114 "Marumine's Big Blast!?" 309 "The Underground Round Up"
115 "I'm Back, Masara Town!" 310 "A Tent Situation"
116 "A Rival Showdown! Satoshi vs. Shigeru!!" 311 "The Rivalry Revival"



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