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  Well, I have a page for all the humans, and a page for all the pokemon, but what about everything else?  What about the cities, the items, the badges, etc.--did they have different names in the Japanese version as well?

Oh yeah.  Below are lists and descriptions of many of the items and places that you'll find all over the Pocket Monsters universe.  So if you want to know what the Pokemon Zukan is, or where Chouji City is, this is the section for you.

Monster Balls| Gym Leader Badges | Bonguri no Mi

Monster Balls

Monster Balls are the devices used to capture pokemon.  Not much is known about these mysterious devices with the power to contain even the most powerful pokemon.

  American Name Japanese Name
Pokéball Monster Ball
Great Ball Super Ball
Ultra Ball Hyper Ball
Master Ball Master Ball
Safari Ball Park Ball
  GS Ball GS Ball

Information about the special Monster Balls created with the aid of Gantetsu (Kurt) and his Bonguri no Mi (Apricorns) can be found here.

Pokédex, Dexter/Pokemon Zukan

Japanese VA:  Miki Shinichiro (first series), Hayashibara Megumi (Advanced Generation)
American VA:  Eric Stuart

Left:  The Zukan for Gold/Silver/Crystal (voiced by Miki Shinichiro)
It's held vertically, like the Game Boy Color.

The Pokemon Zukan (literally "Pokemon Picture Book") is given to Satoshi and Shigeru at the start of their journey.  It is basically an electronic encyclopedia of pokemon, telling a trainer what type of pokemon a trainer may encounter, its attacks, its stats, where it can be found, and any other useful information. 

There have been several different Zukan seen in the anime.  The first one was the Zukan given to both Satoshi and Shigeru in Masara Town and contains information on the first 150 pokemon.  It later got an upgrade that included information on a few of the Gold/Silver pokemon, such as Togepi and Mariru.  Satoshi's Zukan got a full upgrade, with information on all the Gold/Silver pokemon (totalling 251 pokemon), right before he started his journey in the Jouto Region.  His Zukan's most recent upgrade included information on the new pokemon that can be seen in the Houen Region as well as a new feminine voice.  As more and more pokemon are discovered, you can be sure that there will be upgrades to the Pokemon Zukan to go along with them.




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