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  The Pokemon World is a vast place filled with dozens of towns, many caves, giant cities, and other natural wonders. 

Pocket Monsters Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow

Kanto Region (English)
Kanto Region (Japanese)
Pallet Town Masara Town
Veridian City Tokiwa City
Viridian Forest Tokiwa no Mori
(Forest of Tokiwa)
Pewter City Nibi City
Mt. Moon O-Tsukimi Yama
(Moon-Viewing Mountain)
Cerulean City Hanada City
Vermillion City Kuchiba City
St. Anne St. Anne
Lavender Town Shion Town
Celadon City Tamamushi City
Silph Corporation Silph Company
Saffron City Yamabuki City
Safari Zone Safari Zone
Fushia City Sekichiku City
Cinnabar Island Guren Town
Indigo Plateau Sekiei Kougen
(Sekiei Plateau)

Orange Islands (anime-only)

Orange Archapelligos (English)
Orange Islands (Japanese)
Valencia Island Dai Dai Island

Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver

Johto Region (English)
Jouto Region (Japanese)
New Bark Town Wakaba Town
Cherrygrove City Yoshino City
Violet City Kikyou City
Sprout Tower Madatsubomi no Tou
(Madatsubomi Tower)
Ruins of Alph Arufu no Iseki
(Ruins of Alph)
Union Cave Tsunagari no Doukutsu
(Relationship Cave)
Azalea Town Hiwada Town
Slowpoke Well Yadon no Ido
(Yadon's Well)
Ilex Forest Ubame no Mori
(Forest of Ubame)
Goldenrod City Kogane City
Radio Tower RAJIO Tou
(Radio Tower)
National Park Shizen Kouen
(Natural Park)
Ecruteak City Enju City
Tin Tower (Gold / Silver / Crystal / Diamond / Pearl / Platinum)
Bell Tower (HeartGold / SoulSilver)
Suzu no Tou
(Tower of Tin)
Burned Tower Yaketa Tou
(Yaketa Tower)
Olivine City Asagi City
Lighthouse Asagi no Toudai
(Lighthouse of Asagi)
Whirl Islands Uzumaki Jima
(Whirlpool Islands)
Cianwood City Tanba City
Mt. Mortar Suribachi Yama 
(Suribachi Yama)
Mahogany City Chouji City
Lake of Rage Ikari no Mizuumi
(Lake of Fury)
Ice Path Ko'ori no Nukemichi
(Ice Byway)
Blackthorn City Fusube City
Dragon's Den Ryuu no Ana 
(Dragon's Opening)
Dark Cave Kurayami no Hora'ana
(The Cave of Darkness)
Silver Cave Shirogane Yama
(Shirogane Yama)

Pocket Monsters Ruby & Sapphire

Hoenn Region (English)
Houen Region (Japanese)
Littleroot Town Mishiro Town
Oldale Town Kotoki Town
Petalburg City Touka City
Petalburg Woods Touka no Mori
(Forest of Touka)
Rustboro City Kanazumi City
Devon Corporation Devon Corporation
Rusturf Tunnel
Kana-Shida Tunnel
Dewford Town Muro Town
Granite Cave
Ishi no Doukutsu 
(Cave of Stone)
Slateport City Kaina City
Mauville City Kinsetsu City
Verdanturf Town Shidake Town
Fiery Path
Hono'ono Mekemichi
Mt. Chimney
Entotsu Yama
Fallarbor Town Hajitsuge Town
Meteor Falls
Ryuusei no Taki
Jagged Pass Dekoboro Sandou
Lavaridge Town Fuen Town
Fortree City Hiwamaki City
Lilicove City Minamo City
Mossdeep City Tokusane City
Sootopolis City Rune City
Pacifidlog Town Kinagi Town
Ever Grande City
Saiyuu City

Pokemon Ranger Batnage

-English Name Unavailable- Almia Region
Ranger School
N/A Bien Town
N/A Bien Forest
N/A Chikore Village
N/A Puel Town




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