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Pokémon Bashing

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  The "Pokémon Bashing" section of Dogasu's Backpack was a relic of the early days of the Internet, where those of us who ran anime fansites used to share stories of people trashing the franchise we love so we could mock them for being so ridiculous.

These days, however, managing a section dedicated to posting anti-Pokémon content doesn't really work with what I'm trying to do with Dogasu's Backpack anymore and so I've made the decision to take the "Pokémon Bashing" section offline. The most recent update to the section was made all the way back in 2008 and so, as you can imagine, "Pokémon Bashing" hasn't been a priority for a while. It's time to let it go.

There's a ton of other really great content available here on Dogasu's Backpack that you can get to by accessing the links on the left.




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