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Pokemon Bashing

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  For a lot of people, Pocket Monsters is just a nice little hobby; a diversion from everyday life.  But unfortunately, some people really take it a bit too seriously, convinced that the franchise will corrupt the youth of the nation. 

This section of the website highlights the wild accusations, strange warnings, dangerous toys, and other pieces of bad press the franchise has gotten over the years.  Now that the fad stage of the franchise is over in the United States, fewer and fewer people are speaking out against it - after all, why speak out against something if doing so won't give you your fifteen minutes of fame? - and are instead focusing on other "evil" franchises.  So while this section is more of an archive these days than anything else, new stories will pop up ever now and then to prove that some people will just never get it.

    The show is affiliated with the Nazis - Parents see a Zubat card that contains what they perceive to be a swastika and instantly connect Pokemon with the Third Reich.

    The show is satanic - Magic powers?  Mystical creatures?  What else could the franchise be other than a doorway into the occult?

    The show is satanic (another one) - Did you know that James is a hormonal, sexually preoccupied cross-dressing jerk?

    Pokemon is racist - Rougela (Jynx) is a pokemon who is an ice-type and a psychic-type.  She also happens to resemble racist stereotypes of black people that were common up until the middle of the 20th century. 

    Pokemon is not as innocent as some believe! - Americans aren't the only ones who can blindly condemn the franchise!  Here, an archdiocese in Mexico City speaks out against the franchise, talking about how it will cause "sexual perversion among children."

    Pokemon's Backwards Speech! - Through the magic of having waaaay too much free time, pokemon's real messages are brought to light.  Or something.

    "The Power of One" is good for our environment! - Apparently, those of us who believe that the second Pokemon movie isn't anything more than an extended TV episode are mistaken.

    Pokemon Turns Children into Idiots - When the article has the saying "I'm Pokemon!  I can fly!", you know it's gotta be some high-class entertainment.

    Antipoke was a website that "informed" the general public of why Pokemon is bad and evil. The actual website is down, but the article has been distributed to a number of websites and can be found here. I've  pretty much mirrored most of the site, so here it is in  easy-to-view chunks.
      One person's opinion that is very good (Page 1) - This article is so incomprehensible...
      One person's opinion that is very good (Page 2) - ...and it has a second part to it.

      Things in pokemon that are wrong - Thank goodness!  FINALLY, someone breaks it down for me!

      dungeon's and dragons - Hey, I couldn't have a Pokemon Bashing page without mention of TSR's famous game, could I?

    Pokemon toys have also had their share of bad luck, as the deaths of several children have been blamed on poorly-made Pokemon toys.  Other complaints about the Pokemon toys are here as well.

      Myuutwo bouncer ball
      Burger King Poke-balls

      Talking Pikachu cusses!

      Teens use promise of Pokemon cards to get sex

    Did you know that Jigglypuff is meant to represent a woman's nipple?  Or that Meowth is composed of phallic body parts?  What about the fact that the father from "The Kangaskhan Kid" looks like Hitler?  If you didn't, then you owe it to yourself to read David W. Hodge's article that reveals all of this (and more!) to you, the concerned parent.

If you know of any site with an article, accusation, or sign of stupidity that you think belongs in this section, please e-mail me the article and, if you can, the URL.  Thanks!




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