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It would be ridiculous of me to claim that all of the information from my site came from my own head and that I never had to look up anything ever.  But the truth is, I find myself relying on a number of sites to make this little thing I call a website work.

Below are the various sites I use to help make this site what it is, as well as some other sites I just find useful.  The following list is, mostly, in alphabetical order.

Pocket Monsters Pages
These websites specialize in Pocket Monsters.  Each site was chosen because it provides information that no other site does or because it is entertaining.

Bulbapedia is usually the first site I check whenever there's something I need to look up.  No other site organizes its information as well as this one does, nor does any other site have as much of it to organize.  Of course, the site is a massive group effort with WAY more people working on it than any other site, but still.

Kasumi's One Point English Conversation (カスミのワンポイント英会話) has been an absolute godsend to me.  It's basically the Japanese version of Dogasu's Backpack; it goes through, episode by episode, and explains the various dialogue edits made to the series.  You know those puns and other cultural stuff that I explain in my comparisons?  Well, about half of those were brought to my attention by this site.

I really like the #pocketmonsters site because they often cover Japanese stories with which other sites don't even bother.  Its weekly coverage on Pokemon Sunday, for example, absolutely destroys my pitiful attempt, and it's usually the first (and sometimes only) English-language site to report on things like new CD and DVD releases in Japan.

Pokeani (ぽけあに) is the Japanese site that everyone goes to in order to get the latest news from Japan.  If you know Japanese, you can use this site to find the latest episode titles, a complete list of voice actors, an extensive music guide, staff listings, information on the TV series' ratings, and a whole lot more.

Super Effective is a webcomic by the guy who does VG Cats.  Even though it can be rather hit or miss, it still manages to be the best online Pokemon comic out there.

The official TV-Tokyo site for Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl uploads summaries and previews for the upcoming week's episode.  It also has the occasional news story, such as information about any new opening or ending themes coming out.  The TV-Tokyo site is also where I get the image I use for the weekly "Next time on Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl" image at the upper left-hand corner of every page.

A translation of the Birth of Mewtwo CD Drama Translation can be found here.  As for the Rocket-Dan CD Drama, both and Dark Musashi's Rocket Realm host translations, but it's unclear who was the first to post it.

General Anime Pages
These websites aren't necessarily centered around Pocket Monsters, but they do contain information / provide services that are useful to fans of the franchise.

You can't really check out DBZ Uncensored anymore without going through some kind of Internet archives site, and that's a shame.  The site is pretty much the inspiration for "Dogasu's Backpack," and I spent a lot of my early years dreaming of being as awesome as Mr. Psaros was.  Of course, now that I'm older I try to be a lot less rant-y / more calm about things, but I still adore the site.  And here's a fun piece of trivia for ya - back when his site was still up and running, I e-mailed Mr. Psaros and asked his permission to use the layout for his site on mine as well.  Y'know, to be consistent with his site and the recently started up SM Uncensored and all.  Well, he actually said yes, but I never got around to converting anything to that layout.  Weird, huh?

CD Japan is where you can buy Japanese Pocket Monsters goods such as DVDs, CDs, and books.  Want some of the video games instead?  Then head over to Play-Asia, which lets you choose from a wide variety of Japanese language video games.  Both sites have great reputations and, as someone who's gotten stuff from both sites, I can say that that reputation is well deserved.

If you need help translating something from Japanese to English, the best site I've found is Jim Breen's WWWJDIC.  Rather than give you a translation (aka garbled mess) like the other sites, this one breaks down the text, word by word, and offers definitions for each part of the sentence.  You have to know the basics of Japanese grammar in order to make any sense of the information they give you, but if you're trying to translate something from Japanese to English, you should have those down anyway.

The Otaku News:  The Pirate Anime FAQ is a guide to spotting bootleg anime merchandise.  It goes through various products - DVDs, CDs, figurines, etc. - and explains the best way to tell whether or not something's a fake.  Humorously enough, the site states that "26 Episode series are never spread across 3 DVDs," a note that Viz apparently didn't get when making their Pokemon DVD box sets




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