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The seiyuu ("voice actors") for Pocket Monsters consist of a large group of both seasoned veterans and fresh new faces.  The English version, while having a much smaller cast, also does an impressive job of giving the hundreds of characters in the anime unique and different voices. 

Keeping track of who does the voice for which character is a difficult task for either version, but hopefully this section will help things out.  Below are lists of the various voice actors (both English and Japanese), which roles they play, and what other anime they've voice acted in.

I realize that this section is poorly organized and is terribly out-of-date.  Please pardon the dust and know that this section will be given a major revamp in the future.

Voice Actors Lists

Japanese Voice Actors List - Human Characters
Japanese Voice Actors List - Pokemon Characters
Japanese Voice Actors List - Voice Actors Guide

American Voice Actors (4Kids) List - Human Characters
American Voice Actors (4Kids) List - Pokemon Characters
American Voice Actors (4Kids) List - Voice Actors Guide

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