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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokémon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

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Vol. 08 of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was broadcast on August 19th, 2012 on 76.1 interFM in Tokyo, Japan. The episode came out between the airings of "The Rocket-Dan's Fifteenth Anniversary Movie Special" and Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Episode 091 "A Battle of Power! Iris vs. Hikari!" Portions of the episode were later released on CD in 2013. [1]

A big thanks to Team Rocket Cheer Squad on Twitter for providing me with the images and other backups from the old @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account. [2]

Release / General Information

On-Air Date
August 19th, 2012
Runtime 28 minutes, 45 seconds
Special Guests
Mika Kanai (かないみか)

Opening Sketch "Train"

At a train station somewhere, station employees Musashi and Kojirou announce the arrivals of various trains over the depot's loudspeakers.

Kojirou:  "The inbound train is coming in on track number one. Please stand behind the white lines. The inbound train is coming in on track number one. Please stand behind the white lines."

We hear the sound of Nyarth as the "train"
[4] jogging along the train tracks, huffing and puffing as he goes.

Musashi:  "The inbound train is coming in on track number two. Please stand behind the white lines. The inbound train is coming in on track number two. Please stand behind the white lines."

We hear the sound of Nyarth running along the train lines again, this time from the opposite direction.

Kojirou:  "The semi-express train is passing through track number one. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines. The semi-express train is passing through track number one. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines."

We hear Nyarth running up the train lines again, faster this time; after all, this is the semi-express, not the regular local train!

Musashi:  "The semi-express train is passing through track number two. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines. The semi- express train is passing through track number two. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines."

We hear Nyarth running again, this time getting noticeably more and more out of breath.

Kojirou:  "The express train is passing through track number one. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines. The express train is passing through track number one. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines."

Nyarth is running faster than ever, clearly struggling to keep up the pace.

Musashi:  "The express train is passing through track number two. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines. The express train is passing through track number two. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines."

Nyarth is about to pass out at this point.

Kojirou:  "The kamikaze express train is passing through track number one. For your safety, please stand behind the white lines. Th--"

With this, Nyarth loses it. "OK that's it! No more!!!" he shouts as the sketch is brought to a close.

Opening Music / Pre-Show Chat

Rocket-Dan Motto

Welcome to Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire! After a performance of the Battle Frontier version of the Rocket-Dan motto, Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth introduce themselves. Musashi explains that this radio show you're listening to now was made so that they can grant their Boss Sakaki's wish to recruit all 7 billion people in the world into the Rocket-Dan. Kojirou adds that becoming one of their teammates is suuuuuuper easy; all you have to do is follow Sakaki-sama's Twitter, @Pokemon_Radio. Nyarth adds that doing this will make you one of their comrades!

Musashi then announces that today is their eighth episode; in other words, they've been doing this radio show for about two months at this point. Nyarth adds that they've been getting a lot of tweets from Rocket-Dan members all over and so he decides to read a few of them to us right now. "Please be nicer to Kojirou-san" reads one tweet. "Remember to work hard for the Rocket-Dan itself, not just so you can get delicious food" reads another. Nyarth observes that all of these seem to be aimed at Musashi, causing his co-host to be shocked. "But I'm trying my best!" she protests. "And I got along really well with Satchan and everything!" Kojirou points out she only ended up interviewing her because she lost at rock-paper-scissors, causing Musashi to narrow her eyes and wonder what he's trying to imply.

Nyarth jumps in to break the tension by announcing their first segment;
"The Rocket-Dan is Put to the Test! The Sound Change Intro Quiz!" (ロケット団知 識チェック!サウンドチェンジイントロクイズ)! Nyarth's teammates are confused; they're not starting off with the guest interview segment as usual? Nyarth explains they're switching things up today because the last time they waited until the end of the episode to do one of these segments they ended up running out of time before being able to reveal all the answers. Musashi and Kojirou realize that yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

The 'Rocket-Dan is Put to the Test! The Sound Change Intro Quiz' Segment

It's now time to get things started. "The Rocket-Dan is Put to the Test! The Sound Change Intro Quiz!" segment is meant to check just how in tune Musashi and Kojirou are, as members of the Rocket-Dan, with the rest of the world. The rules of the game are simple. Nyarth will play three song snippets, and Musashi and Kojirou will have to guess which of the three is the one Nyarth sings. Kojirou remembers this being really hard when they did this the last time. Nyarth continues, explaining that the three songs have been distorted by Double-Q's Mean Machine (いじわるマシン) to make them that much harder to identify. Musashi summarizes the whole thing by saying their goal is to listen to three altered songs and pick out which of the three they think is the one that Nyarth sang.

Nyarth continues, saying that when they know the answer they'll need to hit the buzzer in front of them, say the names of three random Pokémon (making sure not to repeat any of the ones that've been said before), and then give their answer. This time around, however, there will be a penalty! If you fail to buzz in, or if you buzz in but give a wrong answer, Nyarth will attach an oversized clothespin to you as punishment! So do your best!  Musashi and Kojirou protest, saying it looks like the clothespins Nyarth has with him really hurt.

But first thing's first; they've got to reveal the answer to the question they ended the segment with in Episode Six. The answer is...Best Wishes!

Best Wishes!

A snippet of the song starts to play as Kojirou comments that pretty much everyone online was able to guess correctly. Musashi wonders if Kojirou was able to figure it out by himself but he replies that, well, he saw the answer on Twitter...? Musashi decides to awkwardly change the subject by announcing it's time to start with their first question.

But before that, a commercial!

Commercial -- Pokémon Mate

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) talk about "Pokémon mate," a line of merchandise featuring chibi-fied versions of the characters from the video games Pocket Monsters Black & White.

Pokémon Mate

There are a total of ten items, ranging from file folders, personal accessories, and coffee mugs! And starting in August a new collection of rubber straps will be made available as well! There will be eight straps altogether, and you won't know which one you get until you buy them so it really is a thrilling game of chance! On top of that, a collection of Gym Badges from the newest games, Pocket Monsters Black 2 & White 2, will be released as well! Be sure to get your favorite Gym Leader's badge!

You can find Pokémon Mate merchandise in
Animate stores across Japan!! Follow the traffic rules and head safely to your nearest Animate! Alllllllllllllll aboard!

The 'Rocket-Dan is Put to the Test! The Sound Change Intro Quiz' Segment

When the show comes back from commercial Nyarth repeats the answer from the previous time they did this, saying that the song they played was Best Wishes! from the animated series of the same name.

Best Wishes!

As the song plays a second time, Kojirou repeats the line about how pretty much everyone online was able to guess the answer correctly. Musashi wonders what in the world is going on here; is she stuck in a time loop or something? Nyarth explains that TV quiz shows do this kind of thing all the time, with Kojirou adding that it's common for shows to repeat a little of what they had just done before the break whenever they get back from commercial. That's just common sense! Musashi responds by saying she does know what they're talking about but that she really, really hates it. The other two laugh.

Nyarth hurries to get things started by playing today's Nyarth song that'll be the basis for all the questions; Nyarth no Party!

Nyarth no Party

The Rocket trio listen happily, commenting on what a great song this is.

So let's get started! Which of the following three songs are Nyarth no Party? Round One, "Super Backwards Playback!" begins now! You can listen to mp3s of each of the three questions below:

Question 1

After hearing the third answer the duo laughs as Musashi rushes to hit the buzzer. "Yes, Musashi-san!" Musashi starts off by listing three Pokémon (Sonansu, Sonano, Upah) and then declares the answer to be "C." And...she's correct! Nyarth says that question was too easy while Musashi comments that the song sounds pretty much exactly the same whether you play it forwards or backwards. Kojirou yells out that Double-Q should try to make these a little harder, y'know?

Nyarth is about to move on to the next question but Kojirou stops him; aren't you forgetting something? He continues, saying he knows he's really only hurting himself with this but that they did say that whoever doesn't answer will have to get these giant clothespins attached to their bodies. Musashi shouts out "oh yeah!" while Nyarth commends Kojirou for being such an honest guy. Musashi says she'll be the one to attach the clothespin but Kojirou stops her and says Nyarth should be the one to do it. Where's the best place to attach this...the arm? Somewhere soft? Nyarth attaches the clothespin to Kojirou's arm, causing his teammate to yelp in pain! The cat Pokémon had apparently only pinched a small bit of skin, making the pain that much worse!

As Kojirou fights back tears Nyarth announces it's time for Round Two: "Super Fast Playback!"

Question 2

Musashi buzzes in, says three Pokémon (Koiking, Tosakinto, Gyarados), and guesses C. After a tense pause...she's declared correct! Nyarth says this one was also too easy. What in the world are you doing over there, Kojirou!? Kojirou explains his arm hurts too much from the clothespin to move it fast enough to reach the buzzer in and so Nyarth suggests they move it closer to him.

Nyarth says it's time to attach another clothespin, so this time he'll put it on the opposite hand as the one from before. Kojirou gathers up a large bunch of skin and tells Nyarth to attach it there, and so Nyarth complies. The blue haired Rocket-Dan member lets out another yelp of pain, though it doesn't sound as bad as the first time. Nyarth tells "Kojirou-san" that he needs to really try on this next question; they're running out of places to attach new clothespins, after all.

It's time for Round Three: "Super Slow Playback!" Musashi comments that amongst all this laughter she's kind of forgotten the original song they're supposed to be listening for. In any case:

Question 3

Both Musashi and Kojirou buzz in at the same time and so Nyarth has them try again. He counts down from three, two, one, and the duo buzzes in a second time. Nyarth decides that Musashi was just a little bit faster and so he allows her to answer. Musashi lists out the three Pokémon (Bayleaf, Zenigame, Koduck) and says the answer is...this one! She doesn't say a letter but she's declared incorrect, so Kojirou swoops in, says three Pokémon names (Nyorotono, Hikozaru, and Moukazaru) and says the answer is...wait a minute, which one did Musashi say just now? Musashi teases him, saying she's not going to share that with him. Kojirou's in so much pain at this point he can't really think straight so he just guesses...B...? Much to everyone's surprise, "B" is the correct answer!

Kojirou asks if he's allowed to remove the clothespins now that he got the correct answer. Musashi says she supposes, and then wonders where the clothespin should go on her. Kojirou advises that just putting it on your bare skin hurts a lot. They find a place to attach the clothespin on Musashi's arm and...OW! Musashi lets out a high pitched scream that shocks her two teammates. Nyarth says it almost sounds like she enjoyed it...? The other two laugh as Nyarth adds that Kojirou must know exactly what Musashi's going through right now.

By the way, Nyarth asks, do you two know what the other two songs are? He goes ahead and assumes that no, they do not, and so he invites them to listen to the unaltered versions of the songs they just played. The first one is Boku no Best Friend e (ぼくのベストフレンド へ) by Hiromi Iwasaki.

Boku no Best Friend e

Kojirou says the sound of this song is making the sore parts of his arm tingle, for some reason.

The other song is an unrecognizable up-tempo number. After a lengthy instrumental introduction we can start to hear Kojirou's good friend Shin-ichiro Miki doing a spoken word bit over the song's techno beat. Nyarth identifies the song's title as Mei (命~MEI~), and it's performed by Kojirou's friend Mr. Shin-ichiro Miki. This quiz is maybe a little bit unfair!

Inochi (Mei)

(This isn't in the show itself, but Mei is Roy Mustang's character song from the album Theme of Fullmetal Alchemist by The Alchemists).

Nyarth tells the others that it's about time to wrap things up so he brings the segment to a close. But first, a quick little quiz for you listeners at home! Nyarth will play a song that's been altered by Double-Q's Mean Machine three different ways, and it's up to you guess what song this is! Here are your hints:

Question 4 (Homework)

Just to be sure, Kojirou asks if all three of the songs they heard were all the intros to the same song? Nyarth confirms that they are. So to repeat, can you guess what song it is that Double-Q ran through his machine? The answer will be revealed next week!

For now, that's it for The 'Rocket-Dan is Put to the Test! The Sound Change Intro Quiz' Segment!

Commercial -- Kids Station

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) talk about the Pokémon programming on the cable network Kids Station. The network will be airing a different Pocket Monsters movie every Sunday at 12:00 noon as part of their special programming block, "Pikachu the Movie Special!"

And that's not all! Every weekday the network will be airing reruns of the most current series, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! One episode a day Monday through Friday at 5:00pm and two episodes on Saturday evenings from 6:00pm.
For more information search the Internet for Kids Station!

"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!"

"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!" This week's special guest is Mika Kanai! "Thank you! It's a pleasure to meat you!" Without further ado, Nyarth gets the introductory rap started:

Mika Kanai

Musashi:  "Your name is Mika Kanai and your job is mainly being a voice actor, no doubt?"
Ms. Kanai:  "That's right, m'lady!"
Musashi:  "M'lady?"
Nyarth:  "She's being fancy Nya~ Anyway, w
hat month were you born, and where are you from? And while you're at it...tell us your nicknyames Nya."
Ms. Kanai:  "I was born in Tokyo, um, in March! And my nicknames? My nickname's Mika-P!"
Kojirou:  "Oh~"
Nyarth:  "Mika-P..."
Musashi:  "P? Pii? Py?"
Ms. Kanai:  "Well, there are others too..."
Kojirou:  "What was your debut work? And tell us which show represents you!"
Ms. Kanai:  "My debut work? As a main character? was (the animated series) Thumbelina: A Magical Story, and I played the Princess Thumbelina character Maya!" [5]
Musashi:  "That's what I thought."
Ms. Kanai:  "And the one that represents me? Um, what should I say? It was We Three Sisters! I played the middle one Sue."

Nyarth and Kojirou:  "Ah~!  Victory~!"

Ms. Kanai states that this is a really great show, but Nyarth says it's all because they're able to get such wonderful guests like her on it. Musashi says they've wanted to get her on for a while, with Nyarth adding that everyone's been like "We want Mika Kanai, we want Mika Kanai," over and over and over again. Ms. Kanai said that she, also, really wanted to come onto the show.

Nyarth reads some comments they've received from viewers wanting Ms. Kanai to come on the show. First up, from someone called taiyaki@white2omoshirokatta ("White 2 is really fun"), "I wonder if the Day Care Worker who raised Pokémon like Deathmas and Chicorita will ever come on the show?" Ms. Kanai thanks the listener for their kind words. Kojirou reads the next one, this time from
(he kind of mutters the first part so it's hard to tell) "moyoyohazard nanami": "I hope they bring on the Day Care Worker who raised Pokémon like Satoshi's Chicorita and Kojirou's Deathmas." Ms. Kanai thanks this listener as well while Nyarth comments on how polite the reader's message was. Musashi reads the next one, from "shimaki@sorosorohonkidasu" ("I'm about to give it my all"): "Today's episode of The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was good, as always, but I personally want Mika Kanai, who raised Pokémon like Purin, to be on the show." There are more and more letters, with the general idea being that everyone's been really looking forward to Mika Kanai being on the Rocket-Dan's radio show. Ms. Kanai says they all have great taste.

Musashi says that, on the other hand, it seems like Kanai Mika follows a lot of other people on social media herself. She admits this is true. Nyarth adds that before this radio show of theirs even started Ms. Kanai was following Sakaki-sama's Twitter account. His teammates express their appreciation while Ms. Kanai says she'll always be cheering the Rocket trio on. She started following just a few accounts here and there and then before she knew it she had a bunch of accounts in her "Following" tab!

Kojirou turns the conversation to Ms. Kanai's history with the show. She's been raising Pokémon for a long time, ever since the very beginning, right? From the very first 1997 Pocket Monsters TV series onwards? Ms. Kanai confirms that she does, saying that she, for example, raised that round pink one that everyone knows and loves. Kojirou says his outline asks him to ask their guest what she thought about (Purin's) recent return (in "Meloetta's Dazzling Recital") and she responds that she was really, really happy to see it on the screen again. It really was like a "Hi honey, I'm home~!" type feeling. She adds that she she stepped into the studio she was both really happy and also hit with a strong wave of nostalgia, all at the same time..

Musashi doesn't want the audience to forget, however, that Mika Kanai's also been raising some of the Rocket-Dan's Pokémon for them! Getting to raise one of their Pokémon is like a dream come true, Ms. Kanai responds. Musashi wonders if she could bring it out for them to see, prompting Kojirou to go into full on battle mode. "Come out! Deathmas!" After a moment..."Death~!"


Everyone claps and comments on how cute it is. Kojirou asks Ms. Kanai to ask Deathmas what it thinks of the atmosphere of the Studio they're in right now, and she response that it seems to really be interested in this place. "It's really taken a liking to this place. It feels like it can really relaxed" she tells them. Musashi's happy that their little Studio there is somewhere where this Pokémon feels like it can let its hair down, so to speak. Kojirou recalls the Pokémon while Musashi continues commenting on how cute it is. She's never seen that Pokémon so relaxed before; who knew that there were times when it wouldn't float in the air and would just kind of sit there instead?

Musashi wonders if they can go back to talking about Pokémon from the original 1997 series. Before they can continue, though, Musashi tells her co-hosts to make sure they haven't left any magic markers laying around. She then tells their guest that they want her to bring out the Pokémon, of course, but then to be sure to recall it right away. Suddenly..."Puru~!"


As Purin pops out, Nyarth's still scrambling around to make sure they didn't leave any markers out. "Puku...Puri~!" It seems like their preparations were all in vain; Purin's brought its own marker! Nyarth tells Ms. Kanai to recall Purin before it starts using Sing, and so their guest obeys. "Puri-!" That was a real close one, the Rocket-Dan members say all at once. As Musashi breathes a sigh of relief that they got out of that without having their faces drawn on Kojirou mentions that he's actually covered in a nervous sweat right now.

There's another cute one Ms. Kanai raised, a round blue one. They mean Kenji's Maril, right? After a few seconds..."Iru Iru~!" As the trio fawns over the Pokémon the Water-Type keeps going. "Ruriru."


Ms. Kanai tells the others that Maril can be dangerous too; not because it wields a magic marker or anything like that, but because it can unexpectedly beat you senseless. [6] Nyarth figures a lot of the Pokémon Mika Kanai raises are really cute but then also have a dark side to them. Maybe she has a type, Ms. Kanai wonders.

Musashi says there's another one that Ms. Kanai raised, one that really really loved Satoshi. It was...Chicorita, maybe? Ms. Kanai confirms that yes, it was and that yes, Chicorita really does love Satoshi. Musashi thinks it should be fine to bring it out (it's Satoshi she loves, not them) and so all of a sudden..."Chica!" [7]


All three members of the trio comment on how incredibly cute this Pokémon is. Kojirou seems to be especially taken by the Pokémon as he fawns over the Grass-Type. Ms. Kanai thinks Chicorita really likes Kojirou as well, but that's something they'll just have to keep a secret from Satoshi.

Musashi says they've had a lot of Day Care Workers come through their Studio Village, or "Studio" for short, and so she asks Ms. Kanai what she thinks of the other Pokémon, humans, or other Day Care Workers with whom she works. The first ones that stands out in her mind, Ms. Kanai responds, are Koduck and Sonansu. She really misses Sonansu, in particular! Musashi says Sonansu was just in their Studio for only the briefest of moments, but having it back together with them was really something else. Ms. Kanai likes Sonansu because it says "Sou nansu," or "That's right," no matter what you say to it. Musashi warns that this can be a double edged sword; If you ask it something like "Do you think I was wrong?" it'll still reply "sou nansu," making you feel even worse! Ms. Kanai decides they should only ask Sonansu questions where the answer is supposed to be "yes" from now on especially since, as Kojirou adds, it always answers everything with a ton of energy regardless.

Musashi brings the conversation forward to the present day; Ms. Kanai also raises Iris' really popular Emonga, right? The host adds that if you go to a (real life) Pokémon Center store you'll get to see lots of Emonga stuff in the "popular now" section! It seems like it's been using its Attract technique on everyone, Ms. Kanai concludes. After a brief mix up with the words Mero-Mero, "Attract," and Melon Pan, "Cantalope-flavored bread," Ms. Kanai calls out the Electric-Type. "E-mon~!"


Musashi squeals at how adorable it is but quickly composes herself, saying she won't be taken in by it this time. The guest tells the others that Emonga likes to eat, and that it's used to tricking male Pokémon into bringing it food. It also has a dark side, making it another Mika Kanai Pokémon with a cute exterior who also has a more sinister side to it.

What about other Pokémon she's just kind of raised on the side, Nyarth asks. Like, when she just happened to be in the Studio that day for something else?  Ms. Kanai thinks for a minute and says that oh yeah, there was that Nazonokusa (from Episode 137 "Hanecco Hops! The Battle of the Prairie!!") she took care of that one time. "Na Na Na Nazo~"


Musashi summarizes everything they've talked about so far by saying that Mika Kanai is known for doing cute Pokémon who have a little bit of spice to them. Nyarth says it'd be great if these Pokémon wouldn't attack them in the future, and if they had more cute but strong Pokémon fighting on their side as well. Ms. Kanai says she'd like that too.

In a part of the interview exclusive to the CD release, Musashi tells her guest that the 15th anniversary Pokémon movie's in theaters now and so asks her to promote the film.

Mika Kanai:  "It's the big 15th anniversary movie! The Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie "Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo" & "Meloetta's Dazzling Recital" hit double feature is now playing in theaters!! The longer film has a lot of really strong battles, and the shorter film is filled with a ton of Pokémon! Be sure to check it out in a theater near you!"

Kojirou wraps things up by asking their guest if there's any particular Pocket Monsters song they'd like them to play to end the segment. Mika Kanai says she loves, loves, LOVES the song Nyarth no Uta! Nyarth loves this choice; Ms. Kanai really has good taste, huh! The guest adds she feels happy whenever she hears it. Nyarth thanks their guest, "someone who was created by humans, Ms. Mika Kanai" for coming on the show. [8]

In the CD version, there's a bit after the interview where the trio and their guest laughs about Nyarth's sign-off "someone who was created by humans," saying it's a very ridiculous but also very Nyarth-like thing to say.


Today's music spotlight is a request by this episode's wonderful guest, Mika Kanai! It's Nyarth no Uta, the second ending theme to the original 1997 Pocket Monsters TV series, sung by Nyarth!

Nyarth no Uta

A roughly 40 second edit of the song plays.

Closing Words

Nyarth announces that it's about time they bring this week's show to an end. Musashi reminds everyone that their goal is to recruit every single person in the world into the Rocket-Dan. Joining is super easy! All you have to do is follow Sakaki-sama's Twitter account at @Pokemon_Radio, and that's it! And for those of you who are already members, Kojirou adds, they'd like you to continue sending in your thoughts on the show, requests for who you'd like to have brought on as guests, what kinds of items you'd like the trio to try out, etc. etc. Don't forget to use the hashtag #Rocketdan!

Nyarth says that today they welcomed their eighth Day Care Worker into the Studio. Do you, Musashi and Kojirou, have anyone you think would be good for next week's show? Kojirou says that actually, he's compiled a Day Care Worker directory that he can use to generate ideas for guests to bring on in the future! Musashi is amazed to find out such a thing exists before she snatches it from her partner's hands and thumbs through the notebook herself. After a brief search Musashi lets out a squeal and announces that she's got it. "Next week's Day Care Worker will be..."

Nyarth interrupts. "And that's all the time we have for today! Next week's Day Care Worker's a secret Nya!" With that, the trio ends the show with "We, the Rocket-Dan!" "Are waiting for the White Hole of tomorrow." "That's right Nya!" Until next time...Victory!

This radio program is brought to you by Movic and Kids Station.

Show notes
  1. ^ As with every episode, the contents of Episode 08 were broken up into segments and spread out across several CDs.

  1. ^ On August 13th, 2012, "Kojirou" takes over the show's official Twitter account to conduct an impromptu question and answer session.

    a question about whether or not their Boss Sakaki will ever be on the show. Kojirou says that if that were to ever happen that'd spell the end for their show since what would they even have to talk about, anyway? They can't just have casual small talk like they can with their other guests!

    Next, Kojirou's also asked about the possibility of them ever doing a readers' letters segment. Kojirou says it'd be better for readers to try their best and send in any questions they have to the show's Twitter account instead, reasoning that the character limits imposed by the platform would enable even someone as inattentive as Musashi to be able to read them all the way through.

    "How about having YamaKosa on your show?" Kojirou figures out the listener's talking about their rivals Yamato and "Kosanji" and says that while that could prove interesting, they have to remember that their goal is to assist Sakaki with his goal of taking over the world (and, while they're at it, to get that Pikachu). The alternate Rocket duo will eventually appear in Episode 13 of the show.

    One listener asks the Rocket trio to do "Snow White Jessie" as an opening sketch. Kojirou laughs and says he'll pass it along to his teammate. The listener also asks who exactly writes the scripts for those opening sketches they do on the radio show. Kojirou replies he never really thought about it before; they just get the scripts sent to them beforehand. Maybe Double-Q's the one who writes them...?

    Another listener asks if they would ever call Dr. Namba, the professor the three of them worked for (during the original Pocket Monsters series) before Dr. Seger, to come on their show. Kojirou replies they'd have the same problem with those two that they'd have with Sakaki; what would they talk about? With Dr. Namba, in particular, all he'd probably do is just correct people on his name the whole time.

    Kojirou's then asked about potential future guests. "How about Satoshi's traveling companions, like Takeshi and Kasumi?" Kojirou responds that Takeshi's friend's already been on the show. "Will Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) be on the show next week?" Kojirou says he doesn't think so. "I want to hear from (Pocket Monsters' associate producer and frequent guest on other radio shows) Chouji Yoshikawa!" Kojirou wonders what they, as the Rocket-Dan, would be able to ask someone like that.

    "How about Togepy's Day Care Worker? Purin's? Shigeru's?" Kojirou takes note before stopping to think about how silly it sounds to say "Shigeru's Day Care Worker." Togepy's Day Care Worker, Satoshi Koro'ogi, will eventually appear on Episode 17 of this radio show. Purin's Day Care Worker is in this episode, but Shigeru's "Day Care Worker" never ends up appearing at all throughout the radio show's run..

    The Rocket trio's asked if they've ever actually met Double-Q and Kojirou says that no, they have not.

    "How about Gureggru's and Heigani's Day Care Worker?" After realizing that this person is referring to Katsuyuki Konishi, Kojirou states that actually, Mr. Konishi was a big help to them when they were first trying to get their radio show off the ground. It's a bit awkward to ask him to come on their show now but he says the three of them would like to express their eternal gratitude for everything he did to help them out. This "help" Kojirou is talking about is that Mr. Konishi was the special guest in their unaired pilot episode, which was eventually released on CD in 2013. You can read a full write-up of that pilot episode here.

    Next, Kojirou tells all their listeners in the "Kansai Region" and "Okinawa Region" (real world regions of Japan that are basically already covered by Hoenn; this would eventually be pointed out in a future tweet) that even though they can't listen to the Rocket trio's radio show on the actual radio they can listen to it online via the radiko website / app (well, back in 2012, at least). He then says that they're working hard to one day take their radio show nationwide.

    One listener asks about the possibility of them inviting not one, but two Day Care Workers into the Studio for an episode. Kojirou responds that their Studio is really small and that they only have four chairs and mics set up. He then says that if they were to call in two Day Care Workers that one of the members of the Rocket trio would have to sit the episode out, and he imagines he'd be the one chosen to do so LOL. The show will bring on two guests for the very next episode (the Subway Masters Kiyotaka Furushima and Kensuke Satou) so apparently this didn't end up being that big a problem after all.

    On August 15th, "Sakaki" takes over the account and announces they've reached over 30,000 followers.

    Later that day, "Nyarth" takes the account back over to remind everyone that today (August 16th, 2012; the archive the below Tweet was taken from was taken during US time) is the "Let's Make This a Full On Festival! Dance and Laugh! The Pikachu Live Show 2012" event that Ms. Kobayashi promoted back on Episode 06 of their radio show.

    Next, Kojirou regains control of the account. One listener asks about having Waninoko's Day Care Worker appearing on the show before saying how much they like those little opening skits. Kojirou corrects the listener by telling them that those are little mini dramas, not "those little skits," and that Musashi puts her entire heart and soul as an actress into those opening three minutes each week.

    Another asks if they'll ever play the song Lucky Lucky on the air. Kojirou laughs and says that actually, he doesn't want to hear it anymore, implying he's maybe embarrassed by the song...? In any case, the song will end up being played in the very next episode.

    One person asks if they would ever consider changing up the dialogue said by the Subway Masters during the show's commercial breaks. Kojirou replies that the commercials that play on their show are outside their control and so there's really nothing they can do about that.

    Someone asked if the trio would be willing to make a Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni 2012 Version (the "1012" seen in the Tweet is likely a typo). Kojirou says it's a good idea but they'd have to figure out the logistics; who would they get to arrange it, how many months would it take to arrange a recording, etc. There was a "new" version of the song sung by this radio show's listeners for the series' final episode but other than that there never was a remake of the classic song.

    How about having Mewtwo's Day Care Worker on the show? Wouldn't that make your boss Sakaki really happy? Kojirou says having Mewtwo's Day Care Worker (Masachika Ichimura) would cause trouble for Musashi since they'd have to play rock-paper-scissors to see who could interview him. The last time the trio did this to determine who gets to interview that week's guest was with Sachiko Kobayashi and so this implies that there are certain guests who are at such a high level, status-wise, that only one of the members of the Rocket Trio is allowed to interview them...? In any case, Mr. Ichimura never ended up making an appearance on the show.

    How about Mayumi Iizuka (Kasumi's VA), Megumi Toyoguchi (Hikari's VA), or Kaori (Haruka's VA)? Kojirou recognizes the voice actors and says it may be possible. Megumi Toyoguchi would eventually appear as the Day Care Worker for Episode 12 while Mayumi Iizuka would show up along with Rica Matsumoto when Satoshi and Kasumi "hijack" Episode 14 of the show. Kaori never made an appearance on the radio show, most likely because it started a few years after she had already been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia.

    How about selling Rocket-Dan stickers to help fund the organization as a whole? Kojirou responds that there's the chance that things would get bad if a Junsar were to find them on the streets or wherever but they may think about handing them out at any secret events they may have. Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire bumper stickers were eventually handed out at the door as fans left the Secret Live event held in 2013.

    One listener proposes they make the part of those intro quiz segments where they have to name three Pokémon more interesting by placing limits on what kinds of Pokémon they can name. "Name three Pokémon that are ___-Type," for example. Kojirou asks the listener if they like hearing them suffer, saying that if they were to place conditions on what kind of Pokémon they're allowed to name then they'd spend the whole episode messing up and hurting each other with clothespins.

    Another listener says it'd be great if they start cross-dressing again, with Musashi wearing men's clothes and Kojirou wearing women's clothes. Kojirou shuts this down, however, saying that since they're on a radio show their listeners wouldn't be able to tell one way or the other anyway.

  1. ^ The CD Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire Volume Three - Nyarth Version contains a CD-original sketch about Nyarth going on a scavenger hunt set up by Double-Q to find data that's been stolen by the Plasma-Dan. The sketch is broken up into small snippets and placed as the intros / outros to each track on the CD.
    • In the intro to Disc One, Track Two "Train & Zen'nichi Sorao" (電車&ぜんにちそらお), Nyarth stumbles across a small cottage in the woods. He wonders if there's any food inside so he enters the cabin and finds a piece of bread sitting on a table. He goes to help himself but when he takes a big bite into the bread he finds another piece of data inside? Who would hide a piece of data in such a place!?
    • After this intro, the track plays two segments; the "Train" opening sketch from this episode and the "Zen'nichi Sorao" opening sketch from Episode 16.
    • After both segments play, we cut back to Nyarth reminiscing about how difficult that train bit was. He also wonders if the sound of a bicycle-drawn cart was added that wasn't in the original broadcast version...? Suddenly, a Poppo-themed cuckoo clock inside the cabin tells Nyarth that it's now three o'clock. Nyarth tells himself he'd better hurry since it'll be a lot harder to find the data he's looking for once the sun goes down. Nyarth then notices there seems to be a note in the mouth of the clock's Poppo with his next set of instructions. "Proceed to Disc Two, Track One." Nyarth announces he'll go onto the next clue but is soon interrupted by Double-Q mimicking the sound of the Poppo clock. "It's time for your punishment!" the mysterious figure taunts as the cabin starts to shake violently.
  2. ^ As mentioned above, the CD version of the opening sketch has a number of sound effects changes from the original broadcast version. The sound of Nyarth's suction cup sounding footprints are added each time he runs by, as is the sound of the wheels of a cart he's apparently pulling behind him. Meanwhile, some of the bird calls that were in the broadcast version are removed from the CD version.
  3. ^ Unfortunately, audiences in North America will find it difficult to look up the shows Mika Kanai cited as her debut work and the work that she feels represents her the most. Her debut work, Thumbelina: A Magical Story, was released in North America with a heavily edited, English dub only release. The show that she says represents her, We Three Sisters, has never gotten a release in North America.
  4. ^ I have no idea what Ms. Kanai is talking about here. When did Maril ever pummel anyone?
  5. ^ The radio show's status in the animated series' greater canon has always been a bit loose at best, but this episode, in which Mika Kanai calls upon a Chicorita that actually evolved into a Bayleaf years before, pretty much establishes that the radio show's just kind of off to the side, doing its own thing. Mika Kanai also did the voice of Bayleaf and so she very, very easily could have just brought out Satoshi's Bayleaf instead, but for whatever reason the show decided to go with its pre-evolved version.
  6. ^ Mika Kanai was married to fellow voice actor and Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire Episode 05 special guest, Kou'ichi Yamadera from 1993 to 2006, though neither one of them bring this up in their respective appearances on the radio show.

    Mika Kanai's signature
    "To everyone in the Rocket-Dan. Mika Kanai"

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