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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokémon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

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Vol. 07 of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was broadcast on August 12th, 2012 on 76.1 interFM in Tokyo, Japan. The episode came out between the airings of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Episode 090 "The Curtain Rises on the Junior Cup! Kairyu vs. Tunbear!!" and the August 16th broadcast of "The Rocket-Dan's Fifteenth Anniversary Movie Special." Portions of the episode were later released on CD in 2013. [1]

A big thanks to Team Rocket Cheer Squad on Twitter for providing me with the images and other backups from the old @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account. [2]

Release / General Information

On-Air Date
August 12th, 2012
Runtime 28 minutes, 57 seconds
Special Guests
Mamoru Miyano (宮野真守)
Shoko Nakagawa (中川 翔子)

Opening Sketch "Space People No. 1"

Dying Rocket-Dan

A dramatic space opera [3] featuring Jessie (ジェシー) and James (ジェイムズ) [4] begins to unfold:

  "Captain's Log: 5260 [5]. Our ship, the Double-Q 02, has embarked on a journey to repair the timeline. However, we've strayed from our trajectory due to an unknown system error."

A loud explosion is followed by the sound of falling rubble.

Jessie:  "James...James!"
James:  "Jessie!"
Jessie:  "James!"

We hear the sound of James' footsteps as he runs over to his fallen companion.

James:  "Are you OK Jessie? Let me get you out of there..."
Jessie:  "What about the others?"
James:  "They're's just you and me now!"

James struggles to move the fallen rubble off Jessie but is unable to get it to budge.

Jessie:  "It's no use. You can't move this rubble all by yourself."
James:  "Dammit..."
Jessie:  "It's fine. Don't worry about me, James."
James:  "I'm not giving up on you." James continues to struggle. "I can't give up on you!"

Suddenly a computerized voice makes an announcement over the space station's loudspeakers. "Oxygen levels dropping. Oxygen levels dropping. Limit 30. Limit 30." James stops in his tracks as he realizes they don't have much time left.

James:  "What's going on...!?"
Jessie:  "Finally...We're finally alone, just the two of us."
James:  "Eh!?"

A somber sounding piano begins to play in the background.

Jessie:  "Even when we were looking for each other...We wanted to meet...but it just never worked out."
James:  "Jessie..."
Jessie:  "But now...having you by my side like this...getting to hold your hand like this...I'm so...happy. I'm so very happy."
James:  "Jessie..."
Jessie:  "Do you remember? The first time we met? We both reached out to help a kid who looked like he was about to fall...but we ended up banging our foreheads together instead. It hurt at first but we were able to laugh about it." James starts to laugh solemnly.
James:  "Of course I remember."

Jessie:  "After that, we ran into each other again at a bookshop while reaching for the same book..." James starts to sniffle.
James:  "Ah? Yeah, that's right."
Jessie:  "And we kept running into each other after that. But even now, I don't think it was by accident. It was inevitable. Me meeting was fate."
James:   "Jessie..."
Jessie:  "Don't cry for me. I'm sure we'll see each other again. We'll definitely meet each other again someday. I can feel it! So go on...survive."
James:  "Jessie...! You know I can't leave you behind."
Jessie:  "I...I can't move. But should still have a little bit of oxygen left. I'm sure you'll find a way to keep on living..." James bursts out into tears.
James:  "No! I can't!"
Jessie:  "It's so beautiful. Look! I can feel a bright light embracing me."

Loud banging noises can be heard from just outside.

James:  "What's that...a UFO? Dammit...they're trying to break down the door! I'm...I'm going to protect Jessie!"

A series of loud banging noises and strange alien sounds brings the sketch to a close.

Opening Music / Pre-Show Chat

Rocket-Dan Motto

Welcome to Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire! Nyarth, Musashi, and Kojirou introduce themselves and then explain, once again, that the purpose of this radio show is to get their Boss Sakaki-sama to praise them by recruiting all 7 billion people in the world into the Rocket-Dan. All you have to do to become a member is press the Follow button on Sakaki-sama's Twitter, and just like that you're a member of the organization! So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to be one of the Rocket trio's friends?

Nyarth adds that they've already recruited a lot of members but that they've still got a ways to go to get to the 7 billion goal their Boss set up for them. Seven billion people...that's pretty much the population of the entire world, right!? Kojirou steps in and exclaims that it's only natural to need to get everyone in the world to be members of the Rocket-Dan since their goal is total world domination, after all. The trio concludes by saying they'll do their best to continue raising Sakaki's follower count.

Anyway, it's now time for their first segment,
"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!" Each week the three of them invite a special guest into the Studio to talk about all the hard work they do raising Pokémon. What kind of stories do they have to tell...? Musashi teases that they have a real hottie joining them in the Studio today...!

But before that, a commercial!

Commercial -- Kids Station

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) talk about the Pokémon programming on the cable network Kids Station. The network will be airing a different Pocket Monsters movie every Sunday at 12:00 noon as part of their special programming block, "Pikachu the Movie Special!" And that's not all! Every weekday the network will be airing reruns of the most current series, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! One episode a day Monday through Friday at 5:00pm and two episodes on Saturday evenings from 6:00pm. For more information search the Internet for Kids Station!

"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!"

This week's guest is Mamoru Miyano! "Hi I'm Mamoru Miyano! So happy to be here!" he spits out all in one breath. The Rocket trio gets things started with their show's introductory rap!

Mamoru Miyano

Musashi:  "Your name is Mamoru Miyano and your job is a voice actor, no doubt?"
Mr. Miyano:  "No doubt!"
Nyarth:  "No doubt? What is he talking about...?"
Mr. Miyano:  "In '11."
Kojirou:  "Eleven? Huh?"
Nyarth:  "Um, OK. Let's move on..."
Mr. Miyano:  "...And sometimes I sing too..."
Nyarth:  "OK, we get it Nya.
What month were you born, and where are you from? And while you're at it, tell us your nicknyames Nya."
Mr. Miyano:  "Oh...oh...I was born in June. Raised in Saitama, always listened to my mama. And this worked out well! And all my friends are swell! My nickname? Mamo's the name! Yay!"
Kojirou:  "What was your debut work? And tell us which show represents you!"
Mr. Miyano:  "Sure, I'll tell you my major work. My debut work was...y'know! I did the Japanese dub for a certain live action show. "Caitlin's Way" was the title yo."
Musashi:  "I like the sound of that. "Caitlin~" "Caitlin~" "Caitlin~""
Mr. Miyano:  "And I've got an itchy trigger finger~! Just like a sniper~"
Kojirou:  "Are you talking about me or...?"
Mr. Miyano:  "And I've got an itchy trigger finger~! Just like a sniper~"
Musashi:  "Oh my gosh will you hurry up and tell us the show that represents you!"
Mr. Miyano:  "Oh, it's Gundam."
Nyarth:  "We fi-nya-lly got a straight answer out of you."
Musashi and Kojirou:  "Yay!  Victory~!"

After the music ends Mr. Miyano clarifies that the Gundam show he's referring to, specifically, is 2007's Mobile Suit Gundam 00 [6]. Musashi adds that Kojirou's friend Shin-ichiro Miki knows that series well, with Mr. Miyano stating that this is why he did that whole "sniper" bit in his opening rap. Musashi tries to move everyone onto the next part of the interview, but Mr. Miyano asks for a time out; this is the radio show's interview segment, right? Is it OK that the host is rushing her guests around like this, he asks with a laugh. Kojirou assures him that it's fine; people like him who get mixed up with Kojirou also need to be ready to get ignored by Musashi a lot. The others laugh.

Musashi keeps things moving by reading something Mr. Miyano wrote on his blog: "If you help me promote my show then I'll go on your show as a guest" (この番組の宣伝をして くれたらゲストに呼ばれる). Musashi thinks that's a pretty reasonable way to go about things. She asks Mr. Miyano if he actually runs his own blog, and he says that he does, prompting Nyarth to ask how often he updates it. "About once a month" he admits. As the others laugh, Musashi adds that "once a month" isn't really all that regular, now is it?

So after looking at his blog, Kojirou continues, they reached out to him to his people to get him to come on the show. Mr. Miyano had always wanted to be on the show, he says, but he also admits that he's also here because it's his job. The others laugh. As the Rocket trio applaud him for working hard their guest hastily adds that, um, sure, he's also on the show to spread the word of Pokémon even further. Yeah, that's it! Musashi says this PR type work is also an important part of his job and adds that maybe she should start up a blog so that she can attract more opportunities as an actress. She adds that she'll update it daily but that all she'll write is a single line, every single day: "Acting job please!" The others laugh.

Mamoru Miyano's Blog
Mr. Miyano's blog

Kojirou decides to change the subject. The three of them have been doing this radio show for a while now, with this being their seventh episode and all. When Mr. Miyano seems to be surprised by this information Kojirou asks if he actually listens to their show...? "For the time being..." he starts, causing everyone to laugh. "I listened to the first episode." In other words, Nyarth adds, he's only listened to one of the six episodes they've put out so far. But! Mr. Miyano rushes to add that he thinks this is a really great radio show and had wondered if he was ever going to be invited on. He's always wanted a chance to talk to the Rocket trio that he's such a fan of, a group he thinks of as being a treasure! Nyarth replies by saying he should have just started off saying that. Kojirou agrees, telling Mr. Miyano that when he's with people who've been in the business longer than them that it's not a bad idea to replace the Japanese honorific -senpai with -takara. Musashi illustrates this with a song she makes up on the spot: "Treasure, Treasure, Treasure~! Kodokukawa-Treasure!" [7]

Next, Musashi reads a question: "Do you remember what it was like the first time you went to the Studio Village, or Studio for short?" She adds that it's been a while since (Pocket Monsters) "BW" started, huh? Mr. Miyano admits he was very nervous those first few times. He then observes that the story of the Pokémon series is always reinventing itself. Did you watch the show when you were younger, asks Musashi. Mr. Miyano replies that he did, and that he also played the video games, choosing Green version when he was younger. Musashi sounds surprised -- "There was a Pocket Monsters Green!?" -- and so Nyarth explains that Pocket Monsters Green was one of the first two versions of the video games ever released. "It was way before Gold & Silver!?" she asks, still not quite getting it. Everyone else says that yes, it was. When Mr. Miyano says that the first video games were Pocket Monsters Red & Green it finally seems to click for Musashi. Kojirou asks what kinds of Pokémon he used back then, and their guest responds by saying he chose Zenigame as his starter. He adds that he also made sure to get himself a Pikachu but then refused to let it evolve into Raichu.

Pocket Monsters Green

But let's get back to how Mr. Miyano felt the first time he was in the Studio. He reiterates that he felt nervous, saying he could feel the weight that comes with being one of the people who gets to travel around with Satoshi. He had been a big fan of the show for years, he said, and so to be in that position, traveling alongside was really something else. Musashi says that in their job, they have to call on Pokémon one after the other, and while it can be nerve-racking at times it can also really fun. Mr. Miyano says you know how "Pikachu" (Ikue Otani) is sometimes in the Studio, right? Well, whenever those days come it hits him just how lucky he was. Kojirou corrects him, saying that "those days" are still ongoing and so he should be using the present tense, not the past tense. Mr. Miyano laughs. Musashi says that being in that particular Studio is like nothing else, with everyone else nodding in agreement.

Is there any part of being in the Studio that you have trouble with, asks Kojirou. You're pretty tall, Kojirou adds; has that caused any issues? Mr. Miyano says that Kojirou's friend, Mr. Shin-ichiro Miki, sits in the seat next to the one next to him, in a room about the same size as they're in now. "Now, this Mr. Miki has a bigger microphone than everyone else," he starts, but before he can finish his story Musashi cuts in to say that's not true; it's simply positioned higher on the mic stand. Mr. Miyano repeats what he said about the mic being big, causing Musashi to angrily exclaim that she just said it's higher, not bigger. "Bigger" and "higher" are not the same thing! Mr. Miyano is surprised Musashi's getting this angry with him over something so trivial. Nyarth tells Musashi it looks like their guest is about to cry, prompting his teammate to apologize. Kojirou, meanwhile, takes Mr. Miyano off to the side and says it'll be OK; he'll get used to it someday.

Mr. Miyano doesn't actually get to finish his story as Musashi stops everyone to ask a very important question; is it OK that they invited Mr. Miyano here to the "Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker" segment in the first place?  He's friends with Dent, who himself is friends with their common enemy. So what's it like being friends with Dent, Mr. Miyano? The guest laughs, and Nyarth observes that Mr. Miyano is crying once again. It's all because Musashi teased him! Musashi wonders if what she said was really that bad but offers him some green tea to help him calm down. But if he doesn't want the mic to pick up the sound of him slurping on the tea then he doesn't have to drink it. As the trio laughs at just how rough Musashi's being with their guest today Nyarth tells the listeners at home that this whole time Mr. Miyano's been focused on Kojirou, doing everything he can to avoid looking at Musashi in the eye. In a part exclusive to the CD version of this interview, Mr. Miyano says that when he started Best Wishes! he was relieved to see that Kojirou's friend, Shin-ichiro Miki, was also working on this show since they had already worked together previously. "Well that's strange!" Musashi says. "We've been so nice to him and everything and yet...." Mr. Miyano says it's all good but Musashi doesn't believe him.


But, Mr. Miyano says, the Rocket trio here are well known back in the Studio. They've been known to go out to dinner together, with Musashi adding that there have even been times when her good friend Megumi Hayashibara's picked up the bill for everyone! Mr. Miyano is laughing his head off at this point; Musashi really wants everyone to know that Megumi Hayashibara sometimes pays for other people's food, huh! Nyarth points out that it's usually just some cheap booze and spaghetti, causing Mr. Miyano to crack up even more. Musashi ignores this, explaining that the three of them are really good friends outside of work. Musashi then looks over and notices again how Mr. Miyano still seems to be keeping his distance from her, refusing to make eye contact. The others say it's probably just because he's shy, causing the whole group to laugh.

Musashi reminds everyone, again, that this is the "Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker" segment and so she asks Mr. Miyano a very important question; have you ever raised any Pokémon for the show? Dent says that he has, but he's only raised Pokémon in a "well, since you happen to be here today..." type of way. He can't think of any examples off the top of his head so Kojirou takes out his notes and reads that Mr. Miyano once raised a Herderrie [8] . The trio asks him to bring it out of its Monster Ball, and so after a few moments..."Huhm!" Oh, it says "hum," questions Nyarth. The Pokémon lets out a few more barks before Kojirou and Musashi step in to say that that's enough. Mr. Miyano returns Herderrie to its Monster Ball. What a good boy!


The very first Pokémon he raised, he recalls, was a Hihidaruma. Well, let us see it, the Rocket trio urges. After a few moments..."Daru hihi dama!" The trio claps their hands, amazed at just how big this Pokémon is. Kojirou asks its Day Care Worker what the Pokémon's trying to say, and Mr. Miyano replies that it's saying "Flame Punch!" So's trying to attack us!? That's really dangerous! It'll set their Studio on fire! Or, even worse...Musashi's hair! Mr. Miyano returns the Pokémon to its Monster Ball.


Next up is Gamageroge. Kojirou asks if Mr. Miyano remembers raising this one -- it's another Pokémon he just sort of took over in passing -- but the guest assures him that he does. After a few moments..."Geroge, Ge!" Musashi says it's cute but asks their guest not to let this Pokémon attack them. The Pokémon is returned to its Monster Ball without incident.


Mr. Miyano adds that when he auditioned for, that is to say, when he was there in the room during the audition for Dent, that is (staying in character is hard!)...they told him that he got the job to work with Dent, sure, but would he also be willing to raise any Pokémon on the side? At the time he only knew a limited number of Pokémon so he thought hey, why don't I try my hand at raising a Zenigame? Do you have the Zenigame you had with you at your audition, Musashi asks. As a matter of fact, Mr. Miyano says, I do! Musashi is excited; this is the first time any of them have gotten to meet Mr. Miyano's audition Zenigame! And then..."Zeni game Game ga!" As the Pokémon runs about the Studio, Musashi gets scared it'll start spraying water everywhere and asks that he put it away. Kojirou says that since this is radio the people at home can't see this but Mr. Miyano was making a really funny face while Zenigame was out. [9]

Audition Zenigame

Musashi tells everyone that it's unfortunately time for them to start wrapping things up. Already!? asks Kojirou. Nyarth adds that they didn't really talk about anything of substance, did they? It was just a chaotic time goofing off, right? Well, how about the new movie, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie "Kyruem vs. The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo" & "Meloetta's Dazzling Recital"? Dent's in it a lot, right? Mr. Miyano confirms that he is, adding that Dent's Maggyo is especially cute in it so be sure to be on the lookout for it. Well, Musashi adds, a lot of their listeners have probably already seen the movie by this point but Kojirou says you'll enjoy it even more if you re-watch it two or three times.

The Rocket trio thank their guest and tell him he's welcome back anytime.

Commercial -- Pokémon Mate

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) talk about "Pokémon mate," a line of merchandise featuring chibi-fied versions of the characters from the video games Pocket Monsters Black & White.

Pokémon Mate

There are a total of ten items, ranging from file folders, personal accessories, and coffee mugs! And starting in August a new collection of rubber straps will be made available as well! There will be eight straps altogether, and you'll have to wait to find out who appears on them! On top of that, a collection of Gym Badges from the newest games, Pocket Monsters Black 2 & White 2, will be released as well! Be sure to get your favorite Gym Leader's badge!

You can find Pokémon Mate merchandise in
Animate stores across Japan!! Follow the traffic rules and head safely to your nearest Animate! Alllllllllllllll aboard!

The 'Orders from Double-Q - Try These New Items Out Ahead of Time' Segment

What's that!? We've gotten another order from Double-Q!? Nyarth reads Double-Q's newest letter out loud: "How was da mean quiz we had last week ya mugs? The other Rocket members sure did enjoy it, yesiree Bob! We shall strive to do this again at a later date. But this time we've got another set of new items for you to try out! We'd like you to use these items to solve one of your problems and find a unique, Rocket trio way of using them. So c'mon, write a report!" The others laugh as Nyarth wonders where in the world the author of this message is from; the dialects are all over the place!

Anyway, enough of that; it's time for The 'Orders from Double-Q - Try These New Items Out Ahead of Time' Segment! [10] What did they receive today...?

Remote and receiver

As they open the box Musashi starts to describe what it is they're looking at for the people at home. One of the items looks like a blue figurine shaped like a little boy crying for his mommy? There's a second item too, one that looks one of those camera bellows things you use to clean out old-timey camera lens. It's shaped like a little cloud with a cute smiley face on it. Neither item seems to have an obvious on/off what do they do with them?

Musashi squeezes the cloud shaped thing, which in turn makes the blue doll start emitting a continuous beeping noise! She squeezes it again, producing even more beeps from the little blue figurine. Kojirou wonders about the range of this thing so he decides to take the blue doll to the other side of the room. In a section exclusive to the CD release of this segment, Kojirou moves far away...only to find that the blue figure doesn't beep! Guess there's a limit to how far apart these two can be from each other, huh? Kojirou moves a little bit closer, though he's still far away from Musashi. It seems to react, so Kojirou goes out of the room...and yet it still beeps! This thing really has a pretty decent range!

Left: The remote, Right: The receiver

Musashi finds the instructions, with Kojirou adding in the CD version of this segment that they really should have started with that. You put the little blue boy on something that's easy to lose, like a TV remote, wallet, cell phone, or house keys, etc., and then you squeeze the cloud shaped remote to help you find it. In other words, Nyarth says, this little blue figurine is like a detector you can attach to the important things you don't want to lose. The blue beeping thing is the receiver, and the yellow puffy thing is the remote. Nyarth then tells everyone that the receiver has double sided tape attached to it so that it's easy to attach wherever you want, with Kojirou adding that it also has a little hole that you can thread a strap through in case using tape isn't feasible.

Use cases

Musashi wonders why Double-Q would send them something like this. Are they trying to tell them something, Nyarth wonders. Musashi figures they could put this around the neck of a Pokémon who's prone to getting lost, or they could even put it on Pikachu so that they always know where it is. Nyarth says they could take a bunch of them, maybe ten or so, and tape them together in a circle so that it fits all the way around Pikachu's body! That way, he reasons, you don't have to worry about any of them falling off, right? The other two laugh at how ridiculous that suggestion is. Kojirou points out that the blue receiver would stand out against Pikachu's fur and so Nyarth suggests they paint it yellow first.

In another section exclusive to the CD version of this segment, Musashi wonders if maybe they could use this item to help them find Pokémon out in the wild. Like, if they just walk around squeezing the remote they can try to follow the sound of the receiver's beeping? As she's saying this we an hear her squeezing the remote, yet the receiver doesn't beep. Kojirou adds that if they do that then Dr. Zeger would be upset, maybe...? Nyarth ignores this, instead saying they have a lot of scenes where they have to scan a room carefully in order to find something and so maybe this would be convenient for those times. Musashi believes you wouldn't use these items to look for something while soaring through the air, but you could use it while you're down on the ground, wading through the tall grass and whatnot. Musashi says this whole conversation reminds her of an old Japanese proverb, "Who will be the one to put the bell around the cat?" (だれが猫に鈴をつける か).

Kojirou wonders if squeezing the remote is the only way to make the receiver start beeping. Maybe it's sound activated? Musashi and Kojirou both start making skssh skssh noises but there's no reaction; it seems like you really do need the squeeze remote after all. The duo then tries to make a bunch of high pitched screams to see if that gets a reaction out of the receiver, but nothing happens. So in other words, Musashi concludes, if you lose the remote itself...well, you're just out of luck, aren't you? So Kojirou suggests they attach one of the receivers to the remote itself. That would, in turn, require them to buy two of these, right? We'd better ask Double-Q to send us more! A detector for their detector! Nyarth concludes they might just have to just buy these in bulk.


Musashi declares she'll be able to write up a great report based on everything they just said. With that, The 'Orders from Double-Q - Try These New Items Out Ahead of Time' segment is brought to a close.


It's now time for this week's music spotlight! In today's episode we'll be listening to the opening to Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Season 2, Yajirushi ni Natte.

Yajirushi ni Natte

A roughly 45 second edit of the song plays.

Closing Words

Nyarth announces that it's about time they bring this week's show to an end. Musashi reminds everyone that their goal is to recruit every single person in the world into the Rocket-Dan and that joining is super easy! All you have to do is follow Sakaki-sama's Twitter account at @Pokemon_Radio! And for those of you who are already members, Kojirou adds, they'd like you to send in your thoughts on the show, requests for who they'd like to have brought on as guests, what kinds of items they'd like the trio to try out, etc. etc. Be sure to use the hashtag #Rocketdan!

Shoko NakagawaSuddenly an alarm starts to sound! Is there some kind of emergency going on!? They pick up the phone's Shoko Nakagawa!? AKA Shokotan!? Musashi asks to have the music for the opening rap start but Nyarth steps in, reminding her that this isn't a part of their Day Care Worker segment. Kojirou tells Shokotan it's nice to meet her as she starts to fangirl at being able to talk to the Rocket-Dan. "Musashi-sama! Kojirou-sama! Nyarth-sama! Kyaaaaaaa~!" Nyarth takes this moment to ask Ms. Nakagawa about how she raised the Keldeo as a guest Day Care Worker in this year's movie. She says that she has, saying how honored she is to have been able to raise the star Pokémon like that. Kojirou mentions she's been involved with other Pokémon movies before, and Ms. Nakagawa confirms that this is the sixth film in a row she's been a part of.

What was it like working with a main character Pokémon like Keldeo, Nyarth asks. Ms. Nakagawa responds by gushing about her Pokémon, going a mile a minute about how her Keldeo is very straightforward, serious, brave, someone who gives everything his all...he's a really great guy! Keldeo is trying to be a Sacred Swordsman, she continues, and fights with everything he's got but he also has his own weaknesses he needs to overcome. It's those weak parts, in fact, that give birth to new strengths! His Resolute Form is really, really cool as well! The Rocket trio applauds Shokotan for being so passionate about her Pokémon.

Nyarth invites her to come into their Studio for real some day, with Musashi adding they'll have to figure out a way to tell her where their secret base is located. [11]

It's time for the show to end, for real this time. But wait! They forgot to go over the answer to last week's music quiz! Oh well! Thanks for joining us today.
Until next time...Victory!

This radio program is brought to you by Kids Station and Movic.

Show notes
  1. ^ As with every episode, the contents of Episode 07 were broken up into segments and spread out across several CDs.

  1. ^ In a tweet from August 8th, 2012 -- about four days before the release of this episode -- the @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account compared its number of followers to those of other major Pokémon related accounts. As of August 8, 2012, the official Nintendo account had 79,322 followers; the official Pokémon account had 54,202; Junichi Masuda's account had 31,345; and the Rocket-Dan's radio show account had 29,080. The Rocket trio's numbers are quite low and so they start to wonder what they can do to get more people talking.

  2. One of the suggestions they mention is organizing some kind of "secret live" event where they record an episode of their show in front of a live studio audience. This is the first time the show publicly mentions what would eventually become the "The Rocket-Dan's Secret Live" event that will take place on March 23rd, 2013.

    Over the next few days, the account starts talking about a plan to highjack the airwaves. An August 16th, 2012 date is set; this date will end up being the air date of "The Rocket-Dan's Fifteenth Anniversary Movie Special" (ロケット団による映画15周年記念特番). has screenshots of that special.

    Finally, the account announces that they've reached 29,500 followers the day the episode airs. The tweet thanks everyone for all their hard work and states that while getting close to 30,000 is great it's still quite a long ways off from their 7 billion followers goal.

  1. ^ pixiv artist "Hoshi no Ame" (ほしのあめ) created a comic based on the opening sketch from this episode that can be seen here.
  2. ^ The names of the characters in the opening sketch, Jessie (ジェシー) and James (ジェイムズ), are clearly based on Musashi's and Kojirou's names in the English version of the TV show. This is not the first time Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire has used these names; "Jessie" was also used for Musashi's character in the second episode's opening drama, "The Sweet Child Jessie."
  3. ^ The Captain's Log: 5260 is an example of goroawase (語呂合わせ), the Japanese play on words where numbers are used in place of sounds. In this case, 5-2-6-0 can be interpreted as Ko-ji-ro-o, or "Kojirou."
  4. ^ Mamoru Miyano played the role of Setsuna F Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 while Miki Shin-ichiro played both the Lockon Stratos roles. Mr. Shin-ichiro's Lockon is known for his superb sniping skills, something Mr. Miyano alludes to in his opening rap.
  5. ^ It's hard to know based off this radio episode but the "Mr. Kodokukawa" Musashi sings about here is probably the name of someone the voice actors know who's connected to Mr. Miyano in some way. The @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account mentioned that Mr. Miyano came to the Studio that day with his manager and so maybe this "Mr. Kodokukawa" is the name of someone from Mr. Miyano's talent agency Gekidan Himawari...?

  6. ^ Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing which episodes Mamoru Miyano played any of the Pokémon he introduces in the show since he's only ever credited as "Dent" in the show's end credits. The images used in this write-up, therefore, are merely educated guesses based on which members of this species sound the most like the performances Mr. Miyano gives in this radio episode.
  7. ^ Mr. Miyano never got to use his audition Zenigame in the actual show itself, probably due to the Best Wishes! TV series only using Pokémon who debuted in the Black & White video games for the majority of its run. In fact, the only Zenigame to ever appear during Dent's time on the show wouldn't show up until BW 116 "Get Fired Up!  Lizardon vs. Kairyu!"; in that episode Zenigame was played by Rikako Aikawa.
  8. ^ The CD Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire Volume Three - Nyarth Version contains a CD-original sketch about Nyarth going on a scavenger hunt set up by Double-Q to find data that's been stolen by the Plasma-Dan. The sketch is broken up into small snippets and placed as the intros / outros to each track on the CD.
    • In the intro to "Crime Prevention Merchandise & Let's Get Rocket-Dan Merchandise!" Nyarth starts by thanking the listener for changing over to Disc Two of this two-disc set. The story then continues as Nyarth comes across an Iwark fast asleep. Nyarth says he has to be careful; if it wakes up it'll be sure to start thrashing about! As Nyarth tries to tiptoe past he notices another piece of stolen data attached to Iwark's...forehead!? Nyarth can't leave it behind so he ever so carefully reaches over and plucks it from the sleeping giant. Now that he's got the data he'll check it right away.
    • After this intro, the track plays two segments; the Double-Q segment from this episode and the telephone call segment from the opening of Episode 10 of the radio show.
    • After both segments play, we cut back to Nyarth and the sleeping Iwark. Nyarth applauds Mr. Ikuta from the telephone segment before saying he needs to get away from the sleeping Iwark before it wakes up. But what's this!? There seem to be a note attached to its tail!? Is this the next clue? Nyarth takes the note and finds that his next stop will be Disc One, Track Six. As Nyarth announces this the Iwark wakes up and smacks Nyarth with its tail.
  9. ^ Unfortunately, this will end up being Shoko Nakagawa's only appearance on the radio show.

    "To everyone in the Rocket-Dan. It's Dent~!"

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