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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

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Vol. 13 of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was broadcast on September 23rd, 2012 on 76.1 interFM in Tokyo, Japan. It came out in between the airings of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Episodes 095 ("The Big Uproar at the Pokémon Daycare!  Washibon and Vulchai!") and 096 ("Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!"). Portions of the episode were later released on CD in 2013. [1]

A big thanks to Team Rocket Cheer Squad on Twitter for providing me with the images and other backups from the old @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account.

Release / General Information

On-Air Date
September 23rd, 2012
Runtime 28 minutes, 56 seconds
Special Guests
Masako Katsuki (勝生真沙子)
Takehito Koyasu (子安武人)
Kenta Miyake (三宅健太)
Rica Matsumoto (松本梨香)

Opening Sketch "Yamato and Kosaburou"

Masako Katsuki
Takehito Koyasu

The opening sketch is a remake of the Little Red Riding Hood opening sketch "The Sweet Child Jessie" from Vol. 02.

"Grandma" Nyarth is starving; he hasn't eaten anything in days! But waitaminute. Today's Sunday, isn't it? That means today's the day Jessie (ジェシー)'s supposed to come visit! Nyarth failed to eat her last time she came over but he'll be sure to succeed this time around, he says to himself.

Just then the doorbell rings. "Grandma, are you here? I've come to visit!" calls out a familiar, yet also slightly different voice from before. As the Red Riding Hood character walks into the room Nyarth tells her that he's still getting over a nasty cold. "Oh, that's too bad" the little girl says. "Here, if you eat this rice ball covered with bean paste ("ohagi") I bought and you'll be better in no time!" Nyarth is shocked. "Ohagi!?"

A familiar sounding narrator cuts in. "Cassidy
(カシディー) is a sweet child."

Nyarth tells "Cassidy" that he's sure he told her that he didn't like bean paste the last time she came to visit. "Oh, I know!" she responds cheerfully.

"Cassidy is a really, really sweet child."

Cassidy says that bean paste is supposed to be really good for you.

Cassidy does her homework. She listened to Episode 2 verrrrr-ry carefully."

Nyarth finally puts two and two together. "'re not Jessie Nya!" Cassidy replies by asking if her grandma has really forgotten who she is.

The narrator concludes:  "Nyarth has had the wool pulled over his Cassidy!"

You guessed it! The voices we just heard belong to none other than Yamato and Kosaburou! "What's going on Nya!?" exclaims a surprised Nyarth. The Rocket duo instantly jumps into their original motto:

Yamato:  "If we're asked 'What's going on Nya!?'..."
Kosaburou:  " would be normal not to answer you."
Both:  "Well, we'll make an exception this time."
Yamato:  "To prevent the Earth from being destroyed."
Kosaburou:  "To protect the peace of the Earth."
Yamato:  "To carry out the evils of love and honesty."
Kosaburou:  "We, the cute and stylish villains."
Yamato:  "Yamato!"
Kosaburou:  "Kosaburou!"
Yamato:  "We are the two members of the Rocket-Dan who holds up the cosmos..."
Kosaburou:  "Shocking Pink! A peach colored tomorrow is waiting for us!"

Nyarth is shocked. "Yamato and Kosanji!?!" Kosaburou is upset; he literally just said that his name's Kosaburou just a few seconds ago!

The show's opening theme, Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni, begins to play.

Opening Music / Pre-Show Chat

Yamato and Kosaburou open the show as if they're the actual hosts of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire. Yamato asks everyone how they're doing while Kosaburou thanks all the Yamato and Kosaburou fans out there for patiently waiting for their return. Nyarth can't believe what's going on; their show's been hijacked by these two!? Yamato tells Nyarth he shouldn't be so rude; after all, they've come all the way there today to help them out since the three of them have apparently only managed to recruit about 30,000 members of the Rocket-Dan so far.
But where are Musashi and Kojirou, asks Nyarth. Kosaburou replies that Sakaki-sama probably sent them somewhere to go shopping or something basic like that. Yamato adds that being errand boys is about all those two are good for.

Nyarth doesn't know what to do; the radio broadcast has already started! "What's wrong Nyarth-chan" Yamato mockingly asks. "You can take a break if you're not feeling well~." "The show's in good hands" adds Kosaburou. But Nyarth can't allow this to continue. After all, the goal of this program is to fulfill Sakaki-sama's dream of recruiting all 7 billion people on this planet into the Rocket-Dan! Yamato and Kosaburou nod in agreement and conclude that it is therefore best if they all just get along and work together. Nyarth doesn't know what to do...

It's now time for the first segment, "Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!" But before that...a commercial!

Commercial -- Kids Station

Nobori and Kudari talk about the Pokémon programming on the cable network Kids Station. The cable network is (as of 2012, at least) the only place you can see a different Pokémon movie every week! This "Pikachu the Movie" special series airs every Sunday! And starting in September / October the network will premiere last year's movie, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie "Victini and the Black Hero Zekrom" & "Victini and the White Hero Reshiram."

But the movies aren't all that Kids Station is showing! Every Saturday night from 6:00 pm they'll be showing episodes of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! But that's not all! Starting in October they're going to start airing Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation from the very first episode! For more information search the Internet for the keyword "Kids Station!"

"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!" / Opening Rap

This week's Pokémon Day Care Professionals are Megumi Hayashibara and Shin-ichiro Miki!

Megumi Hayashibara
Shin-ichiro Miki

The voice actor segment starts with an introductory rap.

Kosaburou:  "Your name is Megumi Hayashibara..."
Ms. Hayashibara:
  "Oh, so that's what we're doing...?"
"...and your primary job is a voice actor, no doubt?"
Ms. Hayashibara:  "Huh? What should I...huh? Um...what?"
Yamato:  "Your name is Shin-ichiro Miki and your primary job is a voice actor, no doubt?"
Mr. Miki:  "Um..I mean...what was that again?"
Kosaburou:  "Yo, tell us as many of the Pokémon that you raise as you can."
Ms. Hayashibara: 
"Um, as many as we can remember...? Um, Fushigidane, Tsutarja, Yorunozuku, Mizugorou, and..."
"And you~!"
Ms. Hayashibara: 
"Eh, that's it? ...and Eneko...Kongpang...Pigeon"
Mr. Miki: 
"Um, Hitokage, Lizardo, Lizardon, Yadon, Yadoran, Ishitsubute..."
Ms. Hayashibara:  "What's going on...?"
Mr. Miki:  "Nyorotono, Ishizumai, Iwapalace, Hitodeman..."
Yamato and Kosaburou:
  "Yay~! Win-dy!"

The two guests are utterly confused by what just happened. And what is that "Win-dy" thing they said at the end...? [2] Ms. Hayashibara and Mr. Miki start to call out to Nyarth, their voices echoing as they repeat his name.

Nyarth appears to be waking up, and...Musashi and Kojirou are right there in front of him!? What just happened? Where are Yamato and Kosanji? Musashi and Kojirou wonder what Nyarth's blabbering on about before reminding him that the show's already started.

"Oh well..." Nyarth concludes. "I guess it was just a dream Nya..."

An e-mail from Double-Q

A chime alerts the trio that a mail has arrived from Double-Q. Nyarth is asked to read it out loud.

"The Draw, Cry, Marumine Segment you did last week was a lot of fun. So we'd like to see you do it again!"

Another mail comes right after it.

"You do realize that this week is the 13th episode, right?"

Musashi is confused...the 13th? Is today Friday the 13th? Kojirou says that's not what Double-Q's saying; for starters today is Sunday, not Friday. But Nyarth steps in with the answer. In this business, the 13th episode of a show marks the a clear division in the broadcasting season, the point where new shows begin and old shows end. In other words, the decision on whether or not their radio show will continue will be!?!

Musashi and Kojirou start to panic. Musashi says they can't get canceled just yet; after all, they still haven't managed to recruit all 7 billion people into the Rocket-Dan! Kojirou, on the other hand, wonders if the fact that they've only managed to recruit around 30,000 people [3] could be grounds for them getting canceled!? The other two start to moan in protest.

In any case, Nyarth says, all they can do now is try their best! Musashi and Kojirou agree and get themselves ready to give it their all. So let's just jump right into How Well Do You Know Pokémon! The Drawing and Crying Marumine Segment!

How Well Do You Know Pokémon! The Drawing and Crying Marumine Segment

The segment starts with its theme song, Can You Draw All the Pokémon?, as the Rocket trio explains the rules. The trio has an envelope filled with little pieces of paper that have the names of various Pokémon written on them. They each have to take one of the pieces of paper, draw the Pokémon written on it from memory, and then take turns guessing what Pokémon their teammates have drawn. Their time limit is 30 seconds; once the music stops they'll have to stop drawing and put down their pens. The three pick their first Pokémon and begin Round One.

A thirty second edit of
Can You Draw All the Pokémon? plays as the trio draws.

After they finish the three play rock, paper, scissors to determine who will show their drawings first. Well, with Nyarth that might be difficult...but whatever! Rock...paper...scissors...shoot! Kojirou is the loser so he has to show his off first..."Who's That Pokémon?"

(all of the pictures you see here were eventually posted on the @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account)

Nyarth gasps with recognition; he's seen this Pokémon before! Musashi seems to know it too..."It's the one before Lizardon. Um, what's its name? The one after Hitokage..."  But the name won't come to her. Nyarth comments that the face here is really scary. He then goes through the evolution line...Hitokage, Lizardo, Lizardon...before figuring out that it's a drawing of Lizardo! And that's the right answer! Kojirou says he was worried they wouldn't know who it is while Musashi comments that it must have been difficult since this Pokémon doesn't have a nose. Nyarth adds that Lizardo originally just looks like a a Hitokage with sharper edges, making it even more difficult.

Next up is Nyarth's drawing.
"Who's That Pokémon Nya?"

Musashi knows this instantly; it's Dangoro! Nyarth tells her that she's correct. Musashi applauds Nyarth for being able to draw it so well, but Nyarth replies that that's only because it's one of the easier Pokémon to draw.

Last up is Musashi. She says her teammates will definitely know who it is:

"You all know who this is, right?" asks Musashi. Kojirou responds with a weak "Um...Is that Takeshi...?" Nyarth is put off by its human-like face; is this really a Pokémon? Musashi yells that they've just gotta know who it is, right!? She knows it's not very good but they've still gotta know what she was going for! But Kojirou and Nyarth are too caught up in its human face to even attempt a guess. Musashi says that if she had a red pen she'd be able to show them that it has red fur. But that's not what's throwing them off! Finally, Kojirou supposes it's some kind of monkey, maybe? So he guesses it's supposed to be Hikozaru. Musashi announces that he's right as both Kojirou and Nyarth continue to laugh. "Oh, so it was supposed to be Hikozaru Nya?" Nyarth asks. "You don't have to say 'supposed to'" responds Musashi with a laugh.

It's now time for Round Two! The trio picks their Pokémon names and start drawing.

When the 30 seconds are up Nyarth talks about how fast the time went by while Musashi expresses her confidence that the others will be able to figure out what she drew this time around. The trio decides to reveal their drawings in the opposite order that they went last time and so Musashi goes up first:

"You know what it is, right?" asks Musashi. Nyarth says it looks like it's maybe a Water-Type...? And that he thinks he's seen it before...? Kojirou feels like he knows the answer but the name's not coming to him. Musashi adds that they've seen this species a lot up until now. But the name's still not coming to Kojirou. "Can I give you a hint?" asks Musashi. "It's a Water Pokémon." After the other two say they had already figured that part out she adds another clue: "It's not Upah." Kojirou jokingly guesses "Upii" [4] but that's obviously not the answer either. Musashi gives a third hint:  "Satoshi...maybe? Satoshi had one." [5]

The other two still don't know what it is so Musashi gives one final hint: Up until just a few generations ago, it was fairly common for people in Japan to give their sons certain names depending on the order in which they were born. "Taro" was the typical name for first-born sons, "Jiro" for the second eldest, "Saburo" for the third, and "Shiro" for the fourth. So what's the fifth? Both Kojirou and Nyarth seem to instantly know the answer. The tradition was to name the fifth eldest son "Goro," so if this Pokémon Musashi's drawn is supposed to be a "Mizu" ("Water") Type Pokémon...then that makes this Pokémon Mizugorou! [6] Musashi announces that they're correct! Kojirou and Nyarth laugh at them figuring it out based on such an absurd hint. Musashi complains that she'd have an easier time if she had colored pens ("this part should be orange, and this part...") and so Kojirou says that fine, the next time they do this segment they'll make sure to supply her with colored pens. Just be careful not to waste too much time removing the pen caps, he adds!

Next up is Nyarth's drawing:

Everyone gets it right away; it's Nyarth! Musashi compliments Nyarth's drawing, saying he's as good as any manga artist. "It looks like it's having fun" she adds. Nyarth doesn't think it's that good, since they only had 30 seconds to draw it and all, but Musashi assures him that it really is quite good. Kojirou, meanwhile, is still laughing over the "Goro" hint Musashi gave them earlier...

The final piece of artwork is from Kojirou! He doesn't think it's any good but he'll show it anyway:

Nyarth wonders if that's really a Pokémon and Kojirou confirms that it is not. "No fair!" says Musashi. She then asks if she can go ahead and say the answer and, when Kojirou says yes, blurts it out: "It's Kojirou~!" Correct! But since Kojirou signed his name on the drawing then it looks like it's clearly labeled, doesn't it?

Musashi sees that she got Mizugorou, and Kojirou got Kojirou......ah, so that's what happened? she realizes. Kojirou says that, for example, all the ones he got today are friends of that Shin-ichiro guy. [7]

Nyarth then reveals that the little papers they have with the Pokémon names written on them also include stats about each Pokémon such as "Pokémon Cry" and "Type." The paper with Kojirou's name on it, meanwhile, says "ya na kanji!" Kojirou then reads the rest of what's written on his paper: "Rocket-Dan. Special features: blue hair." But since he didn't have a blue pen, he explains, he couldn't show off that part of the description properly. Musashi nods in agreement and concludes that they'll definitely need to arrange to have colored pens the next time they do this.

It seems like everyone got all their questions right! Well, with a little help of course! With this, Nyarth concludes the How Well Do You Know Pokémon! The Drawing and Crying Marumine Segment. [8]

Commercial -- Pokémon Mate

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) talk about "Pokémon mate," a line of merchandise featuring chibi-fied versions of the characters from the video games Pocket Monsters Black & White.

Pokémon Mate

The Pokémon mate line is introducing a series of rubber straps! There are going to be eight versions altogether, including straps featuring the two Battle Subway brothers. Personal accessories and tin badges are also on sale!

Follow the traffic rules and head safely to your nearest Animate! Alllllllllllllll aboard!

How Well Do You Know Pokémon! The Sound Change Intro Quiz!

Nyarth announces the next segment, the How Well Do You Know Pokémon! The Sound Change Intro Quiz! Musashi and Kojirou are surprised that they're doing yet another segment, but Nyarth says that since this is the 13th (and possibly final...?) episode that they've gotta play all the hits to increase their chances of staying on the air.

Nyarth explains that in this segment, they're checking to see just how well in tune the members of the Rocket-Dan are in their knowledge of Pokémon. The rules are simple. Nyarth will play three songs, and Musashi and Kojirou will have to guess which of the three songs are the one that Nyarth sings. Musashi remembers this segment being really difficult the last time they did this. Nyarth continues by saying that Double-Q has used the Mean Machine (いじわるマシン) he created to warp each of the songs we'll be hearing today. Kojirou asks if this means they'll have to pick the song that Nyarth sings out of the three songs and Nyarth confirms that this is correct.

Nyarth continues, saying that when they know the answer they'll need to hit the buzzer in front of them, say the names of three random Pokémon (making sure not to repeat any of the ones they've said before), and then give their answer. And what happens to the person that doesn't get the right answer, you ask? Well, today Nyarth's managed to get ahold of Purin's magic marker and so whoever gets the right answer will get to draw on the face of the person who didn't! Musashi starts to protest but Nyarth pushes on ahead.

First, he plays the first minute and ten seconds of today's song, Big Nyarth Day, the ending theme to the Pokémon 3D short
Pikachu's Big Deep Sea Adventure.

It's now time to start the game! Round 1: Super Backwards Playback! Of the three songs Nyarth is about to play backwards, which one of them is Big Nyarth Day? Nyarth plays about three seconds from each song, backwards, before asking the other two to guess which one of the three is Big Nyarth Day. You can listen to mp3s of the three snippets below:

Question 1

Musashi buzzes in: "Purin, Pukurin, Lucky. The answer is C!" Nyarth reveals that she's correct! She guesses this is her chance to make up for her abysmal performance in the drawing game they just played, huh? Since Musashi got the right answer she gets to draw on Kojirou's face with the Purin magic marker:

(all of the pictures you see here were eventually posted on the @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account)

Musashi and Nyarth reason that the graffiti she's added looks not unlike some of the disguises Kojirou wears when trying to trick Pokémon Trainers. Kojirou decides he's OK with this.

It's now time for Round 2: Super Fast Playback!

Question 2

Kojirou buzzes in this time. "Barrierd, Pigeon, Pigeot. The answer is maybe...B?" Correct! Nyarth says they're doing a great job and wonders if the questions have gotten a little too easy. Kojirou chimes in and wonders if Double-Q is getting tired and is just phoning it in LOL? Anyway, since Musashi wasn't the one to give the correct answer Kojirou gets to be the one to draw on her face with the Purin magic marker. Musashi is pretty calm about the whole thing but does ask him to make her cute. This is the graffiti he comes up with:

Musashi, surprisingly, doesn't seem too upset...? Nyarth assures her that she looks even more beautiful than normal in an effort to keep her calm.

Round 3:  Super Slow Playback!

Question 3
This is a tough one! Musashi wonders if she should just go for it before buzzing in. "Yorunozuku, Mizugorou, Lucario. The answer's A!" And Musashi is...correct! Musashi is surprised since that was a complete shot in the dark for her! Since Musashi got the right answer she gets to draw on Kojirou's face again. Nyarth suggests she draw in the space between his bangs.

Musashi says this makes him look stronger, like he can just push people away with his mind or something like that. Nyarth adds that they'll be uploading these pictures to the radio show's official Twitter so be on the lookout for them.

By the way, Nyarth adds, do you know what the other two songs were? Musashi and Kojirou admit that they do not. So, Nyarth plays a bit from each song. The first one is Tankentai o Tsukurou (たんけんたいをつくろう), or "Let's Form an Exploration Party!" the opening theme to 1999's Pocket Monsters The Movie "Pikachu's Exploration Party." The song is performed by the Pokémon Kids.

The second song is Hajimari no Uta (はじまりのうた), the ending theme to 2005's Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation The Movie "Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario." The song is performed by Puffy.

Musashi and Kojirou look back on the game they just played and conclude that the round where the songs were played at super slow speed were definitely the toughest. Now that their game is over, Nyarth says he'll give all the listeners at home three Double-Q Mean Machine songs to try to figure out for homework.

Closing Words

The first song is...! Hotaru no Hikari!? That Auld Lang Syne-sounding song they play in Japanese department stores to let customers know that the store's about to close for the day? Nyarth says this wasn't supposed to happen...

Suddenly, an alarm goes off. "Nyarth, Musashi, Kojirou" says a familiar voice. Could it be...Sakaki-sama!?

We hear Kenta Miyake, the voice of Sakaki, speak to the trio. "You three have done well. For now, I'll be taking care of the 30,000 members of the Rocket-Dan that you've recruited. This show will end after today's episode. I want you to focus your energy on your activities on TV instead. Do I make myself clear?" Musashi asks if this means they'll start appearing in the TV show more often, and Kojirou asks if this means they'll get to go back to being the goofy villains who go after Pikachu like in the good old days. Sakaki simply lets out a small "hmph" before hanging up on them.

The three Rocket-Dan members are dumbfounded. This was their last episode!? Then what was all their hard work for?! But Nyarth isn't letting this get him down; their efforts today will definitely lead to greater things tomorrow, right!? Musashi and Kojirou stop their crying and stand in solidarity with Nyarth. After all, they are the Rocket-Dan! The forward-thinking Rocket-Dan!

Now that the show's over, the three members of the Rocket-Dan sign off.

Nyarth:  "This show has been brought to you by Nyarth!"
Musashi:  "Musashi!"
Kojirou:  "And Kojirou!"
Nyarth:  "And the three of us will, someday..."
Rocket Trio:  "Come back!!!!!"

The episode ends with a few verses from Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni.

At the very end, the usual "This radio program was brought to you by Kids Station and Movic" sign-off is said not by Nyarth, but by...Satoshi...!?!? Waitaminute...

To be continued...

About the show "ending"
The radio show was originally only planned run 13 episodes, meaning this episode would have indeed been the final one of the series. However, the show ended up being popular enough to get picked up for a "second season." The show's director, Masafumi Mima, explains what all happened in a series of tweets back in 2014:

December 2nd, 3:24am JST

"...the green light to go ahead with production.  We got an order for thirteen episodes, in stereo from InterFM. So the first thing we had to do was to actually come up with thirteen episodes' worth of content! We didn't really know what we were doing but we worked our butts off and started recording after finishing about six episodes. Since we couldn't coordinate the actors' schedules and since that first drama had already had music and sound effects added to it"

ゴーサインが出たのであ る。13本の限定で、ステレオと言う事でインターFMさんが参加して下さり、枠も決定。まずは、本を13本あげなければ!と慣れな い事に必死になり、6本くらい書いたところで収録スタート。あの3人だったのでスケジュールが噛み合わないのと最初のミニドラマは効果や音楽も→

The story continues, but the next few tweets aren't really relevant here so I'll skip ahead to the part where he talks about "Season 2."

"And then something happened! We got picked up for an additional thirteen episodes! At first I declined. This was because, in addition to me never being able to get the hang of writing the show even after thirteen episodes and having hellish memories of the whole thing, I also had to do the writing, editing, music selection, and the sound effects for the mini-dramas all by myself (we didn't have the budget to ask anyone else to do that, you see)"

そして事件が!なんと13 本だった放送が延長される事に…。まずはお断りをした。13本のシナリオを書くのさえ、慣れなくて地獄の思いだったし、最初のミ ニドラマは、シナリオ、編集、選曲、そして効果音も全て、私一人でやっていたのだからw(効果さん等をお願いする予算が無かったのだ)→

"However, P (the producer) wouldn't give up. They tried to bargain by saying things like "what if we got rid of the mini-dramas?" But I still wouldn't budge... And that's when they came up with the idea of a "Secret Live!" (I'm finally getting around to talking about the reason I started tweeting about all this in the first place). I got interested in writing scripts with the goal being the final episode leading up to a live show...that is, a public recording."

しかし、P(プロデュー サー)は譲らず。だったらミニドラマは無しなら?の条件を出したが、受け入れられず…。そこで飛び出したのが「シークレット LIVE」だったのだ!(やっと本題に辿り着いたw)最終回をLIVE、つまりは公開録音にして、そこに向けてのシナリオなら書ける気がしたからだ→

The tweets do not make it clear when this second batch of 13 episodes were eventually greenlit.

All of the promotional material leading up to the release of this episode, however, still advertised Vol. 13 as being the final episode of the radio series.
The September 23rd episode of the Sunday morning live action program Pokémon Smash!, for example, mentioned that "tonight's episode" of the radio show was going to be the final one.

Special thanks to for the screenshot.

Numerous tweets made after the episode ended also ran with the idea that this was indeed the final episode of the series. In the tweet pictured below, for example, Nyarth tells us that they're in the process of negotiating (well, "Nyagotiating") releasing CDs of the radio content they've put out so far so that they can use that money to help fund a second season.

And here, Nyarth says that it'll be about time for them to leave and thanks everyone for supporting them. He does mention wondering about hearing that brat boy's voice at the every end of the episode, though.

It's worth nothing that the first part of the Project Tempest two-parter -- the one that the show was advertising as being the end of the Rocket trio altogether -- was set to air the Thursday after this radio episode came out.

So if you step back and look at what all was going on at the time, it's pretty clear what they were trying to do. Here's what the TV / radio schedule looked like:

September 23rd, 2012 The 13th (and "final") episode of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire airs on 76.1 interFM
September 27th, 2012 Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Episode 096 "Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!" first airs on TV-Tokyo
September 30th, 2012 The 14th episode of the radio show, "retitled" Pokémon Radio Show! Satoshi Gets Pokémon!, airs on interFM, with Satoshi and Kasumi hosting the show instead of the Rocket trio.
October 4th, 2012 Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Episode 097 "The Reijuu Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!!" first airs on TV-Tokyo

Of course the whole thing ended up being one big fake out and Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth would continue to appear in both their radio show the animated series long after this. But for a while there they really did try to get everyone to believe that the Rocket trio was done for.

Show Notes
  1. ^ As with every episode, the contents of Episode 13 were broken up into segments and placed on different CDs.
  2. ^ The "win-dy!" part at the end of the Pokémon Day Care Worker introductory rap is probably meant to be Yamato's and Kosaburou's version of the "Victory!" phrase (the word "win" + a sound like "dy" to make it rhyme with "victory," maybe?) that Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth use to sign off at the end of each radio episode.
  3. ^ As of September 22nd, 2012 the @Pokemon_Radio Twitter account had 33,373 followers.
  4. ^ The "Upii" guess that Kojirou makes is most likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to how the Rocket-Dan would use the word upii (うぴー) as shorthand for the word "upload" on their Twitter.

  5. ^ One of the hints Musashi gives for her Mizugorou drawing is that "Satoshi had one" but this is not correct; the Mizugorou who was on the main cast actually belonged to Takeshi, not Satoshi.
  6. ^ The Japanese naming system Musashi brings up to help her teammates figure out Mizugorou's name was also used in Takeshi's family; Takeshi's oldest brother (and the second oldest sibling overall, after Takeshi) is named Jiro, the third oldest is Saburo, the fourth oldest is a girl so she has a different name, and the fifth oldest child is named Goro.

From right to left: Jiro, Saburo, Yomoko, Goro, and Mutsuko.
  1. ^ The Pokémon the trio "randomly" chooses out of the envelope for the drawing segment all just happen to be Pokémon voiced by the voice actors drawing them. Megumi Hayashibara (Musashi) provided the voices of Satoshi's Hikozaru and Takeshi's Mizugorou, Shin-ichiro Miki voices Satoshi's Lizardo and Kojirou, and Inuko Inuyama voices Satoshi's Dangoro and Nyarth.
  2. ^ The CD version of the drawing segment ends with a newly added 30 bit where Shin-ichiro Miki, as Kojirou, goes back over the "Ichiro...Jiro...Saburo..." clue Musashi gave her teammates to help them figure out her Mizugorou drawing before commenting on how that's such an iconic part of the show. He also reveals that, thanks to the comments they made in this episode, that they were able to convince the higher ups to provide them with multi-colored pens in future installments of the segment.
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