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  Whenver a website posts an FAQ section, it's usually because the webmaster feels that there is enough reason to do so.  Perhaps he gets a lot of e-mails with the same questions over and over.  Or maybe people constantly make assumptions that just aren't true. 

Well, all of those reasons are why I'm doing an FAQ section.  Hopefully, it'll set some things straight about Pocket Monsters, myself, and any other questions you may have.  I realize that a lot of people don't really read these things (I never read them whenver I go to other people's websites) so I want to thank everyone who takes the time out to read this. 

Tell us about yourself!
Well...where do I start?  I'm a 25-year old college graduate with a B.A. in Linguistics (with minors in French and Anthropology).  I currently work as an English teacher in Japan, and I plan to be here for a few years.

Aside from Pocket Monsters, I'm a big fan of animation from both Japan and the U.S.  I also love video games, but I have a really bad habit of buying new games even though I have a stack of about a half a dozen games that I should probably get around to finishing first.  My favorite genre of game is RPGs, and I also love the games in the Mario and Resident Evil series.

Other hobbies?  Well, I've also studied French, so I like to practice that every now and then.  I listen to a lot of hiphop and R&B and other top 40 stuff, in addition to some Japanese music.  I guess my favorite Japanese group would be m-flo even if their lyrics are absolute garbage...I guess I'm a sucker for cool beats and off-the-wall music videos.  I also tend to spend too much time on Facebook.

Do you live in Japan?  Are you fluent in Japanese?
I do live in Japan now, but I'm not originally from here.  The reason I know Japanese is that I had tried to teach myself the language while in high school (my high school didn't offer only had Spanish and French to choose from).  I taught myself hiragana and katakana, which is why I could translate some little stuff for the site, and it really makes my Japanese classes in college.  After taking all the classes my school had to offer, I studied for a year in Japan, and that's where I learned the majority of my Japanese from.

Now, I'm back in Japan, trying to become better at the language so I can become a professional translator some day.

Where do you get your Japanese episodes from?
Years ago, this would have been a tough question.  Before the days of #pocket_monsters and #cartoon_world, we fans only had a random selection of 3rd generation VHS tapes to choose from.  I would meet a random fan online, find out he or she had some episodes I didn't have, and I'd try to work out some sort of arrangement to get a copy.

Nowadays, though, you can find pretty much every episode of Pokemon online, both Japanese and English.  I generally don't support downloading episodes from the Internet, but I'd like to think that the fact I buy the DVD's being released by Viz and 4Kids sort of cancels out the harm I do by downloading episodes to my computer.

Why do you say that Pokemon is evil!?  Pokemon is not racist or morally bad or any of that stuff!!!
I get this a lot more than I should.  Basically, these e-mails are usually written in a size-36 font with horrible grammar and spelling, so I believe that they're coming from little kids who don't know any better.  Basically, they're looking at the Pokemon Bashing page and taking everything as being my opinion, that I'm the one calling Pokemon racist and evil and the work of Lucifer.  I'm not.  These are the opinions of other people, whether they're parents, ministers, teachers, or whatever.  I thought that everything was spelled out clearly...such as the fact that what they're saying is in written in a smaller font placed in a yellow box that's centered on each page.  But I guess it isn't clear enough.  So let me spell it out for those of you who are confused:  in the Pokemon Bashing Section, everything that's written like this:
Pokemon is evil.  It is the work of the devil.  It teaches your children to be anti-social and bloodthirsty killers.  You should join us in burning all pokemon merchandise so that we can cleanse the earth of these demons.  Bla bla bla bla bla bla... the opinion of somebody else.  So don't go e-mailing me about how wrong I am about pokemon being evil or whatnot.

Can you tell me how to get [this pokemon] in [this game]?
Sorry, but I don't know everything about the games, nor do I have the time to answer questions about it.  If you really need help, head on over to Game FAQ's to have your questions answered.

Read my fanfic!  Look at the pokemon I created!
Sorry, but I don't read fanfics.  I was just never big into reading stories done by fans that are, more often than not, absolutely nothing like the show they're trying to emulate.  "But mine's different, mine's really good!"  I don't care; I still won't read it.  I know that this sounds really mean and harsh, but I have enough official stuff to go through (in addition to work and the rest of my life) to spend the time reading some story about Ash and Misty finally proclaiming their love for one another.




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