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Dogasu's Backpack | Rants | Happy Anniversary! (Year Six)

By Dogasu
Posted 01-31-2006

Ah, year six.  Another year, another essay looking back at the previous year.  Let's get started, shall we?

Looking back at what I've accomplished this past year, I can honestly say that I'm happy with what I did manage to accomplish.  I've went through my old updates archive and have figured out that I've completed a whopping eighty (!) episode comparisons over the last year.  Wow.  I also created an episode list for Pokemon Sunday (which every other English language site completely ignores), and I posted the lyrics to a lot of the major songs in Advanced Generation.  I posted pictures of the video edits done to the Deoxys movie, and I had my most elaborate April Fool's Day prank yet.  But the updates I'm probably the happiest about are the pages devoted to the various manga available in Japan.  I had always felt like the Pokemon fan community had given Pokemon Special an obnoxious amount of attention, acting as if it's the only manga worth reading.  By showcasing manga that other English-language sites can't (or won't) feature, I hope to show everyone the variety of manga one can read featuring everyone's favorite pocket monsters.

<>But, of course, I can't look back at what I've done and be completely happy with it.  After all, complaining is what I'm probably most popular for, isn't it?  I'd have to say that my biggest disappointment is that I didn't complete the goals I had set for myself in last year's anniversary write-up - fixing all the inconsistencies on the site and culling all the sections that I feel are a waste of space (Humans' Bios, I'm looking at you).  I'm not surprised, though, since doing so would take a huge amount of work and would be tedious as heck, but it's still disappointing.  Hopefully I'll make some progress on that in 2006.

Speaking of 2006...it's going to be big.  It'll be the tenth anniversary of the franchise, so I'm sure that Nintendo will give us lots of new things to look at as they celebrate its favorite cash cow's big year.  This will also be the year that all those people worried about the fate of the dub will see that PUSA taking over the merchandising won't effect the voice actors or the dubbing or the edits at all.  OK, so that last part was me just being an ass.  But if what I've been saying all along about PUSA and the dub turn out to be true, I can guarantee that I'll be going around like some obnoxious little brat saying "neener neener" to all the doomsday theorists out there.  Consider yourself warned.

Oh yeah, and Diamond and Pearl are supposed to come out at the end of the year.  And Pokemon Ranger.  So there will be plenty of new things to keep me busy throughout the year.

So I guess I'll end this by doing the same thing I did last year:  say thank you to everyone who's continued to visit this site.  I'll try my best to fix my computer's problems and keep them fixed so that every other update isn't me apologizing for not being able to run the video files necessary to do my episode comparisons.  I'll also try my best to listen to fans' input more, which includes reading my e-mail more often (my response rate has been horrendous this past year) and giving you guys more input than you've had before.  Thank you again, and I hope that Year Seven will be this site's best year yet. 



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