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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Tenth Anniversary TV Special

Pokémon Tenth Anniversary Special
The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon
戦 慄のミラージュポケモン

"The Terrifying Mirage Pokemon"

Basic Synopsis

Ash and his friends are invited to Dr. Yung's laboratory to witness his newest invention, the Mirage Pok
émon system.  This system enables Dr. Yung to create any pokemon he wishes, and he is able to customize these creatures to use any technique imaginable.  Ash and Misty are asked to battle Dr. Yung's new creations, but the test battle is interrupted when a mysterious stranger appears!  This cloaked figure, who calls himself the Mirage Master, kidnaps Dr. Yung and Professor Oak!  Can Ash and his friends save the Professor and prevent the Mirage Master from creating the most powerful pokemon ever?


This is the first animated Pokémon production to debut in the U.S. before it did in Japan.

This is also the first Pok
émon product to feature Pokémon USA's new voice cast.

The Japanese version will premiere exclusively online.  The special will air from 5:00pm JST (October 13, 4:00am EST) on October 13th until 12:00am JST (October 30, 10:00am EST) on the Ani-Tele website.
  To view the episode:
  • Go to the Ani-Tele site here.
  • Click on the big red button that says 動画をする
  • After this, a screen will pop up asking you some questions. The first question asks you which area of Japan you live in...just use the drop-down menu to pick any prefecture. The next question asks your age, so enter that number into the box. The final question asks you if you're a male or female...the choice on the left means male (男性), and the choice on the right means female (女性). After answering these three questions, click on the button at the bottom and, after a few commercials, the special will start in whatever media player you have set up as the default.

Release/General Information

Japanese Premiere Date October 13th until October 31st, 2006
Japanese Availability N/A
Domestic Premiere Date April 29th, 2006
Domestic Availability DVD (English Dubbed, Redub; Packaged with Lucario and the Mysery of Mew)
Opening Theme (unconfirmed)
Pokémon Go!
Closing Theme Unknown
Main Staff
Original Story Tajiri Satoshi 
Production Company Shogakukan Production 
Animation Production Company OLM
Director Hidaka Masamitsu

For a detailed list of the entire staff of the TV special, go here.

Principal Cast

Ash Kayze Rogers (1st  dub)
Sarah Natochenny (redub)
Rika Matsumoto
Pikachu Ohtani Ikue Ohtani Ikue
??? Iizuka Mayumi
Brock Bill Rogers
Ueda Yuuji
??? Kaori
Max ???
Yamada Fushigi
Jessie ??? Hayashibara Megumi
James ??? Miki Shin'ichirou
Meowth Billy Beach Inuyama Inuko
Professor Oak
??? Ishizuka Unshou
Dr. Yung
Ki'uchi Hidenobu
Mirage Master
??? Ki'uchi Hidenobu
Ko'ogori Satomi Ko'ogori Satomi
Narration ???
Ishizuka Unshou
The following voice actors are confirmed to have roles in the film, but their roles are unknown at the moment.  It is very possible that they could be playing some of the characters in the list above.

??? Michelle Knotz ???
??? Rodger Parsons ???
??? Billy Regan ???
??? Jamie Peacock ???
??? Diane Stillwell ???

Further Information
("The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon")

My Review of the Special

Character Bios
Where did this special come from, anyway?




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