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Doctor Yung (ドクターユング) / Dr. Yung

Japanese VA: 
Ki'uchi Hidenobu
Pokemon in Hand:  none

Dr. Yung

Dr. Yung is a professor who has spent his career working on a "Mirage System."  This computer program enables him to create pokemon using raw data and enables him to tweak that data however he pleases.  This way, he can create pokemon with attacks and characteristics they wouldn't be able to acquire in nature, making battles against his creations unpredictable.  Ash and Misty are invited to test out Dr. Yung's invention, but the test is cut short by the intrusion of the Mirage Master.

Mister Mirage (ミスターミラージュ) / Mirage Master

Japanese VA: 
Ki'uchi Hidenobu
Pokemon in Hand:  none

Mirage Master

The Mirage Master is a mysterious cloaked figure who appears during Ash's first battle against Dr. Yung's Mirage Pokemon.  He abhors the fact that every pokemon has a weakness against something and aims to correct this by creating a perfect pokemon devoid of these "flaws."  He kidnaps Professor Oak and forces him to give him the password to his vast network of computer systems, allowing him to make his dream come true. 

Myuu (ミュウ) / Mew

Japanese VA:  Ko'ogori Satomi
English VA: 
Ko'ogori Satomi

Mirage Mew

The Mirage Mew is said to be a "flawed specimen" by the Mirage Master, probably due to the fact that it isn't a mindless drone like all the other Mirage Pokemon.  This playful pokemon helps our heroes out and even shows hints of containing a soul...

Myuutwo (ミュウツー) / Mewtwo

Japanese VA:  Ichimura Masachika (unconfirmed)

Mirage Mewtwo

The Mirage Mewtwo was created to be the ultimate pokemon.  This creation of the Mirage Master is capable of performing every pokemon attack and has no peer in battle.  How can Ash and his friends stop such a beast?




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