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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Twilight Wings

Below are translations of the character bios posted on the official website for the animated series Twilight Wings.

John (ジョン)

Japanese VA:  Aoi Yuuki (悠木 碧)


A boy whose spent his childhood in the hospital. He's a huge fan of Dande and dreams of one day watching a real Pokémon battle from inside a stadium.

Tommy (トミー)

Japanese VA:  Kei Shindou (真堂 圭)


Tommy is a patient in the same hospital as John and the two of them always get worked up talking about Pokémon. He likes taking care of others and is like an older brother to the wide-eyed John.

Dande (ダンデ)

Japanese VA:  Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)


Dande is the current Champion of the Galar Region and has an undefeated record in his public exhibition Pokémon matches. With his winning personality and enormous popularity, Dande is the Galar Region's strongest Pokémon Trainer both in name and in practice.

Hop (ホップ)

Japanese VA: Yuko Sanpei (三瓶由布子)


A Pokémon Trainer who's also Dande's younger brother. He's working together with his partner Wooloo to become the strongest Champion just like the older brother to whom he looks up so much.

Sonia (ソニア)

Japanese VA: Lynn


Sonia is Dande's childhood friend. She's also a young researcher who works as the assistant to her grandmother, Dr. Magnolia. She was once a Pokémon Trainer and it was during this time that she became good friends with Rurina. The two remain friends to this day.

Rose (ローズ)

Japanese VA:  Kazuhiro Yamaji (山路和弘)


Rose is both the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League and the president of a giant corporation. One of his great accomplishments is making the Galar Region's Pokémon League world famous. He also sponsored Dande entering the Gym Challenge back in the day and is known for having an eye for talent.

Olive (オリーヴ)

Japanese VA:  Ayumi Nagao (長尾歩)


Olive is Rose's secretary with a calm demeanor. The skilled businesswoman works as the vice president at Rose's company and has a significant role in running it.

Yarrow (ヤロー)

Japanese VA:  Tarusuke Shingaki (新垣樽助)


Yarrow is one of the Gym Leaders. His pleasant personality makes him popular among his Gym Trainers. With the phrase "enjoy battles" as his motto, Yarrow delivers tough Pokémon battles with his Grass-Type Pokémon.

Rurina (ルリナ)

Japanese VA:  Sora Amamiya (雨宮 天)


Rurina is active as both a model and as a Gym Leader. She has an indomitable nature, and while she may look calm and gentle at first glance she has a real fighting spirit hidden behind those eyes. She uses Water-Type Pokémon.

Saitou (サイトウ)

Japanese VA:  Eri Kitamura (喜多村英梨)


Saitou is a Fighting-Type Pokémon Trainer who is also a child of the 100-year old practice of Galar Karate. She has an incredibly stoic personality and rarely shows her emotions. She won't budge even when she's in trouble and so is able to deliver battles unlike any other.

Onion (オニオン)

Japanese VA:  Ryo Hirohashi (広橋 涼)


Onion is a fantastic Trainer whose mastered the use of Ghost-Type Pokémon. He's also been a Gym Leader from a very young age. He has an extremely shy and timid personality so he tries to avoid people and hides his face behind a mask. He doesn't normally go out in public and instead seems to spend his time in ancient ruins or graveyards.

Taxi Driver (タクシーの運転手)

Japanese VA:  Seirou Ogino (荻野 晴朗)

Taxi Driver

He's the drive of the Galar Transport's Flying Taxi. His Armorgaw speed is the pride of Galar.




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