The Sky-Splitting
Visitor, Deoxys

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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | AG Movie 02

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Movie #2

Rekkuu no Houmonsha Deokishisu
("The Sky-Splitting Visitor, Deoxys")

"Pokemon Destiny Deoxys"

Main Film Basic Synopsis

In a large ice field, a scientist named Rondo-Hakase and his son, Toh'i, are leading a group of researchers in an observation of the pokemon living in the area.   Suddenly, a great meteorite falls from space and crashes into the ice field, and the dust from the blast swallows up Rondo-Hakase and his team.  As the dust clears, a shadow of the phantom pokemon Deoxys can be seen.  Then, as Rondo-Hakase looks in the distance, he sees another silouhette, this one belonging to the pokemon Rayquaza!  What is the purpose of their appearances?

<>Four years later, in the high-tech LaRousse City, Satoshi-tachi are spending time in the city's Battle Tower.  Along the way, Satoshi bumps into Toh'i and becomes acquainted with the young boy.  It is revealed that because of the violent battle that occurred four years ago, Toh'i now dislikes pokemon.  Suddenly, the phantom pokemon Deoxys makes a second appearance, as does Rayquaza, and thus their epic battle continues.


Like the fifth Pocket Monsters movie, Yuyama Kunihiko's inspiration for the setting of this movie was inspired by a recent trip.  For this movie, the model for the high-tech LaRousse City came from recent trips to Vancouver, Canada and Las Vegas, California.

This is the first movie not to be accompanied by a Pikachu mini-movie.  Instead, director Yuyama Kunihiko used the extra thirty minutes or so gained by the exclusion of the mini-movie to extend the main feature.  It is assumed that any more movies made in the future won't be packaged with mini-movies.

Between April 17th, 2004 and July 16th, 2004, anyone who buys advanced tickets for the film in Japan will receive special pre-order goodies.  Those who buy a ¥1300 adult ticket, an ¥800 child's ticket, or a ¥2000 parent + child ticket will receive the Aurora Ticket for Pocket Monsters Fire Red and Pocket Monsters Leaf Green.  The ticket can be used in the Kuchiba City Harbor (that would be the Vermillion City Harbor in the American version) to reach the Tanjou no Shima ("The Island of Birth") where players are able to battle with and capture Deoxys.  In addition, those who buy tickets in advance will receive a special "The Sky-Splitting Visitor" poster while supplies last.

Release/General Information

Japanese Premiere Date July 17th, 2004
Japanese Availability
Domestic Premiere Date
Domestic Availability
Insert Song L-O-V-E-L-Y ~Yume Miru Raburii Booi~
("L-O-V-E-L-Y ~To Dream of the Lovely Boy~")
Closing Theme L-O-V-E-L-Y ~Yume Miru Raburii Booi~
("L-O-V-E-L-Y ~To Dream of the Lovely Boy~")
Main Staff
Original Story Tajiri Satoshi 
Production Company Shogakukan Production 
Animation Production Company OLM
Director Yuyama Kunihiko
Producers Mori Takenori and others
Executive Producers Kubo Masakazu, Tsuru Hiroaki
Assistant Producer Yoshikawa Chouji
Superviser Ishihara Tsunekazu
Animation Superviser Kotabe Youichi
Animation Producers Okuno Toshisato, Kanda Syuukichi
Original Character Design Ichi'ishi Sayuri, others
Music Producer Saitou Yuuji, Tanaka Hirokazu
Background Music Miyazaki Shinji
Production Pikachu Project (The Pokemon Company, Media Factory, Tomy, Jr. Kikaku, TV Tokyo, Shogakukan, Shogakukan Production, OLM
Distributor Toho
Principal Cast

Since the English-language version of the movie has not yet been released, all information regarding the American voice actors are merely assumptions.

Satoshi Rika Matsumoto Veronica Taylor
Pikachu Ohtani Ikue Ohtani Ikue
Takeshi Ueda Yuuji Eric Stuart
Haruka Kaori Veronica Taylor
Masato Yamada Fushigi Amy Brinbaum
Musashi Hayashibara Megumi Racheal Lillis
Kojirou Miki Shin'ichirou Eric Stuart
Nyasu Inuyama Inuko Addie Blaustein
Deoxys (I)
Deoxys (II)
Rayquaza Konishi Katsuyuki Konishi Katsuyuki
Gonbe Yamamoto Keiko
Toh'i Hidaka Noriko
Plusle Kawase Shoushi
Minun Higa Kumiko
Agehanto Shiraishi Ryouko
Heigani Konishi Katsuyuki
Kortoise Miki Shin'ichirou
Guruu John Cabila
Rondo-Hakase Yamadera Kou'ichi
Yuuko Uehara Takako  Rachel Lillis
Ryuu Nojima Kenji
Shouta Higo Makoto
Kamex Takahashi Ryoukichi
Catherine Yamamoto Maria
Ametama Itou Miyako 
Audrey Mizuki Nana
Amemoth Yoshihara Natsuki
Hitomi Becky
Junsa Nishimura Chinami Megan Hollinshead
Pochiena Satou Chie
Kaba-chan Kaba-chan
Eraiver Eraiver
Narration Ishizuka Unshou Mike Pollock

Further Information
("The Sky-Splitting Visitor")
The Manga Adaptation
Soundtrack Information
Critics' Thoughts
My Review of the Movie
Japanese Official Site
American Official Site



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