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Butler (バトラー) / Butler

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kouichi, American VA:  Wayne Grayson
Pokemon in Hand:  Guraena, Kirlia
, Samayohru, Bormander


Butler (spelled Ba-to-ra-a) is the magician at the amusement park Satoshi-tachi visits.  Once a member of the Magma-Dan, Butler was a scientist assigned to resurrect a Groudon.  He was ostracized from the organization after he failed, but the overzealous Butler refused to give up.  He kidnaps Jirachi and tries to force it to extract the energy from the shooting star so that he can summon the legendary pokemon, but his summoning goes awry when it produces an evil Meta-Groudon.  After realizing the error of his ways, Butler joins forces with Satoshi to stop the evil Groudon.

Diane (ダイアン) / Diane

Japanese VA:  Makise Riho, American VA:  Megan Hollingshead


Diane (spelled Da-i-a-n) is Butler's assistant.  She had known the young magician since they were children and yearns for the days when he simply wanted to perform magic. 

Diane is in charge of taking care of the cocoon that houses a sleeping Jirachi.  Though she helps Butler with his plans, she also befriends Satoshi and his friends when Butler's plans go too far.

Bogii (ボギー) / ???

Japanese VA:  Papaya Suzuki

Bogii is the owner of a trinket shop at the carnival celebrating the Millenium Comet.  He sells Haruka the wishing charm that she uses to make a wish on, telling her that if she makes a wish on all seven nights of the festival, it will come true.

Human Characters | Pokemon Characters




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