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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

| Story | Characters | About the Author |
Below is a brief overview of the characters who appear in Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~.

Liko (リコ)


Liko is the main character of the Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ manga. She is a young girl from the Paldea Region who is setting out on a new adventure. She also has a mysterious pendant that she brings with her on her journey.

Puppimocchi (パピモッチ)


Puppimocchi is a Pokémon at Liko's house in the special preview chapter. It does not appear in the actual story itself.

Liko's family's Puppimocchi made its debut in the Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ manga in the special preview chapter that came out April 3rd, 2023. It wouldn't make its debut in the animated series until Pocket Monsters (2023) Episode 009, "We've Arrived in Paldea!," which aired a few months later on June 2nd, 2023.

Liko's Grandmother (リコのおばあちゃん)

Liko's Grandmother

Liko's grandmother is the one who gave Liko the mysterious pendant that protects her on her journey.

Mysterious Pokémon (不思議なポケモン)

A mysterious turtle-like Pokémon who suddenly appeared from Liko's pendant, apparently to protect her. Very little is known about this egnimatic Pokémon.

Friede (フリード)


Friede is a member of a group known as the Rising Volteccers who is searching for Liko. His partner Pokémon is Lizardon.

Captain Pikachu (キャプテンピカチュウ)

The captain of the Brave Asagi and one of Friede's partner Pokémon.

Murdock (マードック)


The chef of the Rising Volteccers. His Iwanko helps Liko track down her Nyaoha after it had been kidnapped by the Explorers.

Orio (オリオ)


The mechanic of the Rising Volteccers. She handles maintenance for the Brave Asagi and is always on the lookout for thunderstorms or other phenomenon that may damage the ship.

Landau (ランダウ)


An old man associated with the Rising Volteccers. Landau appears in a single panel in the Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ manga.

Amegeo (アメジオ)


Amegeo is a member of the Explorers who is after Liko and, more specifically, her pendant. His partner Pokémon is Soublades.

Zir (ジル)


Zir works for Amegeo as a member of the Explorers.

Conia (コニア)


Conia also works for Amegeo as a member of the Explorers. She develops a fondness for Liko's Nyaoha after it's kidnapped by the Explorers.

| Story | Characters | About the Author |




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