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Pocket Monsters (2023)

| Story | Characters | About the Author |

Table of Contents
Special Full-Color Preview
CoroCoro Comics
April 2023 Issue
Chapter One
New Animated Series Special Long Version
CoroCoro Comics
May 2023 Issue

Special Preview
CoroCoro Comics April 2023 Issue

Release Date:  March 15th, 2023

CoroCoro Comics April 2023

6 pages
This sneak peak of the manga is set up like one of the "World of Pokémon" segments from the animated movies.

"Pocket Monsters, or "Pokémon" for short. They are these strange and mysterious creatures on this planet. In the skies, in the sea, in towns and in the can find them living just about anywhere. This is the story of Liko, a girl led by fate, and Roy, a boy chasing his dreams. The curtain is about to rise on this great adventure that will take them all over this big wide world together with Pokémon!"

The preview ends with a shot of a black Rayquaza flying amongst stormy clouds.

Chapter One
CoroCoro Comics May 2023 Issue

Release Date:  April 14th, 2023

CoroCoro Comics May 2023

48 pages
The story starts off in the Kanto Region at a place called Sekiei Academy. A young girl from the Paldea Region named Liko rolls her suitcase up to the campus' entrance gate. "It'll be great if I can find out what I want to do here" she tells herself. A random Onidrill passing by startles her, causing other students in the area to wonder what this new girl's deal is. As Liko continues to make her way through the school's campus she thinks about how everyone's always telling her they don't understand what she's saying.

As Liko enters the academy, two different groups of shady looking characters have apparently set their sights on her...

Liko has settled in and now appears to be in her first class of the day. The first order of business? Distribute starter Pokémon to all the new students! Liko watches as a young girl named Anne celebrates getting assigned a Mijumaru before she hears her own name being called out. The teacher had set out a number of Monster Balls on a tray and gestures to the one Liko is to pick up. As Liko takes the Monster Ball in her hand, she remembers being told that her starter Pokémon will be chosen for her based on the interview that was conducted when she applied to go to the academy. Liko tosses the Monster Ball, closes her eyes for a moment, and then peeks them open to see...a Nyahoja sitting on a desk! Liko goes over to greet her new Pokémon but is batted away by a swipe of its claw. Nyahoja then leaps off the desk and makes a break for it, running into the hallway. Liko chases after it.

The next day, Liko and Anne are standing outside on a battlefield, ready to begin a practice battle between Liko's Nyahoja and Anne's Mijumaru. Liko is worried, with this being her first battle and all, but is determined not to give up. She's about to command Nyahoja to use a Leafage attack but her Pokémon springs forward on its own instead, apparently intending to use some kind of claw-based attack. Anne has Mijumaru respond by jumping forward and using Water Gun to stop its opponent before it can get anywhere near them. The single attack knocks Nyahoja out, costing Liko the battle. Anne tells Liko she needs to trust her Pokémon more or else she'll never be able to use it in battle. Nyahoja, meanwhile, gets up, shakes the water off its body, and then runs off again. Liko let's out a sigh.

Liko is a big jealous of how great Anne and Mijumaru work together. She tells her classmate she has no idea what's going through Nyahoja's mind, but Anne says she doesn't doesn't know because she's trying too hard. "Nyahoja must be the same, right? So you just need to tell it more about yourself!"

Insider her dorm room, Liko sits on her bed with a large box in her hand. Nyahoja's sitting on the bed beside her. Liko opens the box and shows her Pokémon that it contains a pendant that had been given to her by her grandmother that is said to be able to protect her somehow, though Liko isn't quite sure what her grandmother actually meant by that. Liko then thinks to what Anne had just told her and so she turns to her Pokémon to ask it a question. "Hey, Nyahoja...I haven't been able to find what I want to do with my life yet. So, um, could you tell me what you want to do instead?"  Nyahoja lets out a cry.

Over the next few...hours? days? Liko tries to learn more about her new Pokémon. For example, her Rotom tablet tells her that Nyahoja releases a sweet fragrance that mesmerizes those around it when it bashes things with its front paws. She follows her Pokémon around and sees it likes to take walks by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. It likes to take naps in sunny areas. Etc., etc.

After school, a young man named Friede is walking around campus, frustrated he's unable to find Liko. He wonders if he should try searching from the sky instead...

Later, Liko has returned to her dorm room. Suddenly there's a knock on the door...someone's come to visit? A young man Liko does not know enters her room, claiming to have been sent by her grandmother to hand over a letter. The man is named Amegeo, though he doesn't ever identify himself to the young student. Amegeo tells Liko to come with him, adding she shouldn't keep her grandmother waiting. Oh, he adds, don't forget to bring that very important pendant of yours. Liko smiles politely as Amegeo steps out to let Liko get ready.

Liko slams the door behind her. Who the heck was that guy!? There's no way his grandmother sent someone so creepy, right!? And why was he so interested in her pendant, of all things? As questions continue to swirl through Liko's mind her Nyahoja sits perched at an open window, gesturing for its Trainer to make a run for it. Amegeo knocks on the door, wondering if Liko's finished getting ready yet, but when he gets no answer he opens it to see the room's been deserted. Amegeo takes out his Rotom phone and tells his teammates to search the area.

Liko and Nyahoja are making a run for it outside. They're suddenly stopped by a young man named Zir and his Saidon. It looks like she has no choice but to defeat this guy in battle...? Liko thinks back to what she had studied earlier about Nyahoja's fragrance and orders it to use Leafage on the Ground/Rock-Type Pokémon blocking their way. Nyahoja's paws imbue the leaves used for the attack with its fragrance, causing the super effective attack to also dazzle its target with a relaxing aroma. Saidon is dazed, allowing Liko to continue making a run for it.

The young Pokémon Trainer climbs onto the roof of a nearby building to continue her escape on higher ground. As soon as she gets onto the roof, however, she sees Amegeo standing there, waiting for her! Amegeo, predictably, demands Liko hands over the pendant. Both Liko and Amegeo are distracted, however, when Friede rides in on the back of his Lizardon and shouts out that he's finally found her! Friede has his Pokémon land right in front of Liko. Amegeo wonders who this guy's supposed to be, but Friede says that's his line. The two men soon discover they both need Liko for their own purposes and so Amegeo sends out his Soublades to take care of his competition. Friede accepts the challenge.

The battle starts with Soublades being ordered to use Bitter Blade. The attack sends shock waves racing toward Lizardon and so it uses Flamethrower to stop them in their tracks. After a rather large explosion Amegeo orders Soublades to use Night Slash while Friede has Lizardon use Dragon Claw. Soublades' blade and Lizardon's claw clash against each other, and for a brief moment it seems as if the two Pokémon are evenly matched, power-wise. Soublades, however, is just a little bit stronger and is able to overpower Lizardon to bat its claw away. The Fire-Type responds by leaping into the air, narrowly dodging a swipe of Soublades' blade, before firing off a fire attack on its own. Soublades uses its blade arms to protect itself from the fire.

During all this, Liko watches on nervously. She notices the battle is starting to cause damage to the building they're all on and is worried it'll collapse and so she tiptoes around to the other side of a clock tower, hoping to slip away to the next building. She reaches the edge of the building and is soon hit with the fact that it'll be a long way down if she tries to jump across and doesn't make it. Nyahoja doesn't seem scared, however, giving Liko the nerve needed to attempt the jump. As she psyches herself up to make the leap Friede turns around and wonders what in the world she's doing. Liko gives herself a running start...and then makes a leap forward!

Amegeo, meanwhile, is still focused on his battle with Friede. He has Soublades use Psycho Cut and so Lizardon swats it away with its tail. The energy blade is sent ricocheting past Friede and...toward Liko and Nyahoja! The attack is about to hit Liko mid-jump when, all of a sudden, her pendant starts to shine brightly...!? Both Liko and Nyahoja are enveloped in a crystal-like orb that both shields them from the attack and allows them to float gently for a moment. Liko is amazed; her grandmother's pendant literally did protect her!

The protection is temporary, however. The orb soon vanishes, sending Liko and Nyahoja plummeting downward. It seems like the two are goners until Lizardon swoops down and catches our falling heroes in its arms. As Liko tries to grasp what just happened Friede tells her he really likes how gutsy she and her Pokémon are. Friede turns toward Amegeo, calls off the battle, and flies off with Liko. As our heroes fly off into the distance Amegeo is now determined more than ever to get that pendant.

Amegeo is soon joined by his two underlings, Zir and Conia. They ask him what he'd like to do next, and he responds by telling them to tail the girl with the pendant.

Liko, still cradled in Lizardon's arms, looks down at her pendant and wonders what just happened. She then looks up at the man riding Lizardon, Friede. Just who in the world is this guy, anyway? Before she's able to get any answers an airship that Friede identifies as the Brave Asagi appears in the distance. Lizardon lands on the ship's deck where they're greeted by Friede's friends, the Rising Volteccers. Liko wonders who these people are and what's going to happen next.

Liko has no idea what the future holds in store for her but she does know that it seems like this is just the beginning of a grand new adventure.

To be continued in the Pocket Monsters (2023) animated series!




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