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Kei Yamadaka's Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター) was a manga based on the Pocket Monsters (2023) animated series that adapted the first episode and a bit of the second episode of the 2023 TV series.

The manga was first teased in the March 2023 issue of CoroCoro Comics with a single line of text on Page 32 that reads "A manga about the adventures of these new characters will be appearing in advance" (一足先に新主人公がまんがで冒険することが決定). A six page preview was printed in the April 2023 issue (on sale March 15th, 2023), with the actual adaptation itself appearing in the May 2023 issue.

The manga was written / drawn by Kei Yamadaka.

Title Pocket Monsters
Author / Artist Kei Yamadaka (山鷹 景)
Publication CoroCoro Comics
(official site)
Publication Date CoroCoro Comics May 2023 Issue
(released April 14th, 2023)
Number of Chapters 2 (one preview, one regular)

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