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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Recycled Characters

Making an animated series as long as Pocket Monsters is tough.  With a cast of literally thousands of background characters and audience members, it's understandable that the animators would reuse a few character designs every now and then. 

This page is dedicated to those background characters who keep appearing over and over and over again.  This list only begins to scratch the surface...if you have any more examples, then by all means, e-mail me.  I'll want all the screencaps in this section to be from my DVD's since I don't want to deal with grainy .avi files, so if I don't have the DVD with the episode on it, I'll have to wait until I do before adding them to this list. 

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Special Thanks:
The idea for this section came from this thread on Bulbagarden, and the following people had eyes sharp enough to find the characters listed in this section:

Doctor Oak
Blackjack Gabbiani
Joshua Herstein
Roses Ablaze

This page on Pokesho was also a valuable resource for this section.



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