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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

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Vol. 01 of Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was broadcast on July 1st, 2012 on 76.1 interFM in Tokyo, Japan. It aired between BW 086 ("Pochama vs. Yanapp! The Magnificent Battle!!") and BW 087 ("Survival on the Island of Iwark!").

Release / General Information

On-Air Date
July 1st, 2012
Runtime 28 minutes, 56 seconds
Special Guest
Ikue Otani (大谷育江)

Opening Sketch "Chapter One Opening"

Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth are following Meloetta under the orders of Dr. Seger. As they monitor the pokemon, Kojirou begins to question the trio's serious attitude. He asks Musashi if she's happy being as "cool" and "professional" as they've been being lately and points out that Musashi, who used to be so open about what she liked and disliked, has recently only ever spoken in order to confirm where they are. He then turns to Nyarth and tells him that he's the only Pokémon who's able to speak human language and yet gets the least amount of lines out of the three of them. He goes on to say that he can't tolerate having to say "everything is for Sakaki-sama!" one more time. Musashi finally breaks down and says that she's started to feel the same way but that there's nothing they can do about it.

At this point, Nyarth breaks out a secret weapon he was saving just for such an occasion: plans for a Rocket-Dan radio show! By using this broadcast, the Rocket trio will be able to recruit the entire Earth's population of 7 billion people into the organization and gain the praise of their beloved Sakaki-sama! In addition, the three of them will be able to say whatever they want on-air! Kojirou worries that Dr. Seger will get angry at them and complain, but Nyarth tells him not to worry because this whole operation of theirs will be a secret.

Opening Music / Pre-Show Chat

Each member of the Rocket trio introduces themselves and then start to describe what exactly this radio show is about. Nyarth explains that they'll use this thirty minute show to provide information while adding new followers to the Rocket-Dan. Nyarth says they'll use the social networking site Twitter to help them in their quest, causing Musashi to ask what this "social network" mumbo-jumbo is all about. Nyarth explains that by "Follow"ing the program's official Twitter page, @Pokemon_Radio, listeners can become their comrade. Musashi wonders how they can get 7 billion people to join the Rocket-Dan when some people don't have a computer or a cell phone and others are too young to use it, but Kojirou and Nyarth simply rush on to the next segment.

Commercial -- Pokémon Mate

The Battle Subway brothers Nobori (voiced by Kensuke Satou) and Kudari (voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima) promote the Pocket Monsters movies playing on the cable network Kids Station.

"Welcome, Pokémon Day Care Worker!"

This week's guest is Ms. Ikue Otani!

The voice actor segment started with an introductory rap.

Kojirou:  "Your name is Ikue Otani and your primary job is a voice actor, no doubt?"
Ms. Otani:  "That's mostly right, yo!"
Musashi:  "What month were you born in, where were you born, and, while you're at it, tell us any nicknames yo."
Ms. Otani:  "Hey!  Hey!"
Musashi:  "(Did I get that right?  I guess I followed the script...)"
Ms. Otani:  "...Tokyo, yo!  Born in August!  My nickname's normally "Iku-chan" yo!"
Musashi:  "IKU-CHANNNNN~~~!!!!!!"
Rocket Trio:  "Yay!"
Nyarth:  "What was your debut work?  Also tell us which show you're most well known for nya yo!"
Musashi:  " 'Nya yo?' "
Nyarth:  " 'Nya yo.' "
Ms. Otani:  "Right!  A soccer show named Ganbare Kickers! was my debut. Yay~! My most well known work is...what should I say? That's difficult...Kobo-chan, Hime-chan no Ribbon, Konjiki no Gash, Full House, One Piece..."
Musashi:  "She's kind of overdoing it..."
Nyarth:  "So many!"
Ms. Otani:  "...and I can't forget Pokémon!  Yay~!"

Ikue Otani provided the voice of Hara Kiiyoshi in Ganbare Kickers!, Kobo-chan in Kobo-chan, Himeko
Nonohara in Hime-chan no Ribbon, Gash Bell in Konjiki no Gash Bell (released in the U.S. as Zatch Bell), Stephanie Tanner in the Japanese dub of Full House, Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece, and Pikachu (among others) in Pocket Monsters.

The interview starts with the Rocket trio asking Ms. Otani how she feels being in the studio. She responds by congratulating them on getting the radio show off the ground.

The first Pokémon she introduces is, of course, Pikachu. The Rocket trio freaks out at the Pokémon being in front of them and are worried that it'll attack, but Ms. Otani assures them that it'll be OK. Kojirou then suggests Ms. Otani place Pikachu on Musashi's lap; Musashi protests at first, but once she sees how nicely the Pokémon acts around her she calms down. Ikue Otani says that like every Pokémon, Pikachu has days where it's harder to raise than others but that on the whole it's very easy to take care of.

Next, Tosakinto is brought in. Musashi is happy to learn that Tosakinto don't have arms and legs, probably because that means they can't attack her as easily. She then says there's an old man who sells Tosakinto that they should be careful of. Ms. Otani corrects her (while slipping up and saying "fish" instead of "fish Pokémon") and tells her that the old man that she's thinking of sells Koiking, not Tosakinto. They proceed to tell her about the Koiking salesman and warn that he may seem legit at first but that he' always has some trick up his sleeve.

Next up is Roselia. The Pokémon lets out a loud screech and attacks the Rocket trio, prompting Nyarth to mention that there are a lot of Pokémon who appear cute and pretty who are actually tough and violent.

Jupetta's called out next. Kojirou mentions that there's rust on its Monster Ball, alluding to the fact that it's been a while since Ikue Otani's had to perform the character's voice (its last appearance before this radio episode was broadcast was back in 2008). When the Pokémon is brought out and appears ready to fight, Ms. Otani explains that Jupetta are fired up by the color orange. Kojirou points out that it's strange that she came to the studio wearing orange; unfortunately, the Rocket-Dan's Twitter wasn't uploading photos at this point and so we don't get to see what she's actually wearing. Nyarth says that the color orange seems to be good for your liver, so Musashi pops up and says that Kojirou should wear orange all the time from now on. Everyone else seems to agree with this, so Kojirou says he'll go to Roppongi and buy some orange clothes after the show.

The next Pokémon is one that the Rocket-Dan loves very much, Manene. After fawning over it for a bit, Musashi asks Ms. Otani if she's noticed any tricks to raising Pokémon. She says that Pokémon want to talk with the people raising them and brings up Satoshi's Pikachu as an example of a Pokémon and trainer having good communication skills. She then says that, in Manene's case, it's happy being with its trainer even when it's blasting off with him.

Next, Musashi asks if there are any Pokémon that are easier or harder than others to raise. She replies by saying that the ones who are difficult to talk with are the ones who are difficult to raise.

She then brings up Nazonokusa (who she also brings to the studio) as an example of a Pokémon she likes from the first series.

Finally, Kojirou then asks if there are any other Pokémon who have left a deep impression on her. She says that Nyaruma, a Pokémon who was raised by Nozomi and even participated in a tournament, is one such Pokémon. She says that the way the Pokémon rolls its tongue when it purrs is very difficult for it (and, since Ms. Otani provides its voice, for her) to perform. 

The interview ends with Otani Ikue being asked to promote Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo and the short Meloetta's Dazzling Recital, in theaters July 14th, 2012.

Commercial -- Pokémon Mate

Nobori and Kudari talk about "Pokémon mate," a line of Pokémon toys being sold at Animate stores across Japan.

The Rocket-Dan is Quizzed on Their Knowledge of the Super Short Intros

Nyarth announces that this segment has the Rocket-Dan members listen to the opening and ending themes from the TV show that those brat kids star in and try to guess which ones they are. When they know the answer, they have to say the names of three Pokémon in a row without repeating any and then give their answer. As the game goes on, clothespins will be attached to each contestant as they answer.

01)  Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni
The three Pokémon Musashi lists are Fushigidane, Nyaruma, and Pikachu. She guesses Rocket-Dan no Uta, but that's wrong, obviously, so Nyarth plays the intro again. Kojirou chimes in with Nyoromo, Nyorozo, Nyorobon and (kind of) correctly guesses Rockets-Dan yo Eien ni. Nyarth says the song was the second single ever released for the series and that it went on sale December 10th, 1997 from Pikachu Records.

02)  Maemuki Rocket-Dan
Nyarth plays this song twice because Kojirou is confused by how the only part they get to hear is the sound of the bells being hit at the beginning. Musashi lists Meloetta, Kyurem, and Tsutarja and then correctly identifies the song as Maemuki Rocket-Dan. Nyarth says that this song was the Rocket-Dan's second single. It went on sale June 21st, 2001 and was the 12th ending theme of the original Pocket Monsters series. Nyarth mentions that Sonansu also participated in the song, getting a happy reaction out of Musashi.

03)  Mezase Pokémon Master
Nyarth just plays the part at the beginning when Satoshi says "Pokémon, Getto Da Ze!" Nyarth says this one's a freebie, but Kojirou complains that all they got was a spoken line instead of actual music. The Rocket trio then decides to let their guest Ikue Otani take this one. After Pikachu's voice actress correctly identifies the song, Nyarth tells everyone that the CD single was released in 1997 and sold 1.2 million copies in its first half year.

Nyarth ends the segment by playing one more song and asking us to try to figure it out as homework for next week's show.

Homework Intro Quiz:  Hyaku Gojuu-Ichi
Nyarth announces that the answer will be revealed in next week's show.


Nyarth announces that the song for this week's episode will be Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni. A shortened version (the entire middle portion, as well as the motto, are omitted) of the song plays.

Closing Words

The Rocket trio talk about how fun it was to do their first episode of their first radio show. Nyarth asks everyone to use the Twitter hashtag #Rocketdan to call their attention to any questions they may have. Ikue Otani chimes in and asks if she can become a member of the Rocket-Dan as well, but Musashi points out that Pikachu is too strong and that the show would end really quickly if it joined them.

Kojirou adds that they'll have more segments coming up and that he would personally love to have a segment showing off his precious bottle cap collection, but Nyarth tells him that that wouldn't really make for good radio. Kojirou replies by saying that they can upload pictures to the Rocket-Dan's Twitter account. Nyarth asks everyone to go to Twitter to tell them what segments they'd like to see, which guests they'd like to have brought on the show, and ask them any other questions they may have. 

Until next time, Victory! Ii kanji!!

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