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Episode 3

Episode Stats:

Pocket Monsters: The Arceus Who is Known as a God" Episode 3: "The Red-Hot Battle of Mt. Tengan!!"
Pokémon TV Special:  "Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles" (The 31:03 - 46:50  mark)
Japanese Air Date:  January 28th, 2022
American Air Date:  September 23rd, 2022

The giant Headran monster continues its march. The Lake Trio uses its psychic powers to show Satoshi and his friends the inside of the beast, revealing that Headran is still in there...along with some kind of plank...? Mars reveals that the plank they're looking at is the Flame Plate, an item said to be connected to Arceus itself! She then explains how their plan is to open the Door of Space and Time in order to be reunited with their boss, Akagi. The rest of the Ginga-Dan executives, not wanting the young Pokémon Trainers to interfere any longer, initiate a Pokémon battle. As our heroes fight against Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter, they are joined by the Sinnoh Champion Shirona. She offers to help Takeshi keep the Ginga-Dan occupied while Satoshi, Gou, and Hikari run on ahead to stop Headran. Satoshi and the others eventually catch up to the monster and set forth a plan to dig a pitfall trap that'll stop Headran's progress and hopefully help put out the flames surrounding its body. They eventually succeed in tripping up the Lava Dome Pokémon but their troubles aren't over yet as Headran fires an energy beam into the still partially open Door of Space and Time. The Ginga-Dan is happy that things seem to be going their way until they see the Mythical Pokémon Arceus emerge from the dimensional gate! The Creation Pokémon looks down on what's happening and begins to shower the field with a Judgment attack! To be continued!

We've arrived at the big action packed battle episode of this little mini-series, and I have to say it's pretty great, actually! We get to see every member of the cast in battle, Takeshi's Pokémon gets some much needed screentime, we learn that Shirona has a Roserade (who we'll see pop up in the Masters Eight Tournament a few months later), and we get to see our heroes team up to take down a giant flame Headran monster. The whole thing's non-stop action, from beginning to end, and it's all really great. All four episodes of this special are written by Atsuhiro Tomioka (someone who has an excellent track record when it comes to Pokémon battles) and animated by the killer duo of Masaaki Iwane (one of the best animators the show has) and Izumi Shimura (a lesser-known animator but someone who, like Iwane, has been around since the beginning) and this episode right here is where they really get to let their talents shine. You couldn't ask for a better team to work on a better episode.

I am also endlessly amused by how this series of episodes, for some reason, continues to delight us by making Takeshi be super, super weird. Takeshi, a literal child, piloted a futuristic jet plane thing in the previous episode and this time around he just kind of...rips off his shirt for absolutely no reason whatsoever! And then he runs around shirtless for half of this episode and the majority of the next! At first I thought this was a sign that maybe he was about to Mega Evolve one of his Pokémon -- him Mega Evolving his Haganeil during his first Sun & Moon appearance was what prompted him to rip his shirt off then -- but nope, he just did it because...reasons! Why is Takeshi acting so bizarre in this mini-series!? And can it be a recurring thing from now on?

Also hilarious to me is how Junsar just kind of arrives on the scene in a helicopter, essentially tells Shirona and the others to deal with this giant kaiju themselves, and then nopes the hell out of there. You'd think the Pokémon equivalent of the police would notice the giant fire monster rampaging throughout the region and immediately mobilize a force to try to put a stop to it instead of sending out a single helicopter to just kind of check things out a bit, but apparently not!

When it comes to the English dub, the biggest problem I have with this whole special, all four episodes of it, is how absolutely dreadful the voice acting is.
I mean it, this is seriously one of the most poorly acted TV productions I have ever heard in my life. Is this what the TV dub sounds like these days? It's just so, so bad. Whenever I watch the English versions of the movies I think "a couple of voices here and there maybe don't sound the greatest but everyone else is pretty solid" so I know TPCi is capable of putting out an OK-sounding dub if they want to. But when it comes to this special? Literally nobody sounds good in this. Everyone's either too shouty, or too screechy, or too monotone, or too hammy, or too just not good. What in the world happened? Does everyone put on their "A game" for the movies but then just (figuratively) phone it in for everything else? I'm sure the English dub actors are perfectly lovely and talented people and could do a fantastic job if given the right tools. But for whatever reason their work in this special is just...it's just shit.

Speaking of voices. Shirona's Roserade does not keep its Japanese voice despite the fact it has the exact same name in both Japanese and English.

Cut -- 40 seconds
The entire opening sequence to the episode is cut, again. It's the exact same opening segment as the last episode, with the only difference being the episode's title screen at the end.

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Music Edit
We're three episodes in and we're only just now getting our first piece of Yuki Hayashi music in the dub.

Here are the two pieces of music we get:
  • "Wild Pokémon Battle 2" ~ TV Anime Ver. ("Pocket Monsters" The Animated Series Original Soundtrack Vol. 2, Track 12) plays during the fight with Team Galactic that takes place right after Mars explains their plans to Ash and his friends.
  • "Wild Pokémon Battle" ~ TV Anime Ver. ("Pocket Monsters" The Animated Series Original Soundtrack, Track 18) plays when Ash, Goh, and Dawn have their Pokémon start using Water attacks to try to stop Heatran.
Every other piece of music in this episode gets replaced by music created just for the English dub.

Dialogue Edit

Team Galactic notice the Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit trying to stop them:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
サターン 「アグノムたちを撃て!ドクロッグヘドロばくだん」
Saturn:  "Fire at Agnome and the others! Dokurog, use Sludge Bomb!"
Saturn:  "The Lake Guardians! Now Toxicroak, use Sludge Bomb!"

Just like in the previous episode, TPCi has the trio referred to as the "Lake Guardians" instead of "Agnome (Azelf) and the others."

Later, Mars explains what Heatran's doing:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
マーズ 「プレートが天に帰ろうとしている。そうぞうポケモンアルセウスのもと に。そのおかげで時空の扉が開く。願ってもないことよ」
Mars:  "The Plate is trying to return back to the heavens, back home to the Creation Pokémon, Arceus. Because of that, the gate of space and time will open. We couldn't ask for anything better!"
Mars:  "This Plate wants to return to its home. Back home to the Original One, Arceus. Because of that, the dimensional gate will open. It's just what we want."

The Plate being returned back "to the heavens" gets changed to "its home," probably for the usual religious reasons. Mars explanation in the Japanese version also uses Arceus' Pokémon category "Creation Pokémon" (そうぞうポケモン), and while that got translated to "Alpha Pokémon" in the English versions of the games TPCi decided to use its "the Original One" moniker here instead.

Later, Cynthia arrives on the scene and tells Brock to join the rest of his friends in stopping Heatran. But before that:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
タケシ 「グレッグル、ハピナス」
Takeshi:  "Gureggru, Happinas."
Brock:  "Croagunk. Blissey."
グレッグル 「グッ」
Gureggru:  "Ggu"
Croagunk:  "Croagunk!"
ハピナス 「ハッピハピ」
Happinas:  "Happi Hapi"
Blissey:  "Blissey!"
タケシ 「ん?お前たちはここに残るって?」
Takeshi:  "Hm? You're saying you're staying behind?"
Brock:  "No. I'm actually telling you to stay here!"
ハピナス 「ハッピ」 Happinas:  "Happi."
Blissey:  "Blissey!"
グレッグル 「ケッ」 Gureggru:  "Keh"
Croagunk:  "Croagunk!"
タケシ 「じゃあシロナさんを頼む!ハガネールあなをほる」
Takeshi:  "In that case I'll leave Shirona up to you! Haganeil, use Dig!"
Brock:  "So you can protect Cynthia! Steelix, now use Dig!"

The script for this "movie" has actually been pretty spectacular so far and so it's weird to come across a change like this, where Takeshi realizing that his Pokémon are volunteering to stay behind is changed to Brock ordering them to stay behind. I have no idea why this change was made!

Goh wonders what's going on after Heatran undergoes a second transformation:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ゴウ 「まさか時空の扉からのエネルギーを?」
Gou:  "You don't think it could be getting power from the Door of Space & Time, do you?"
Goh:  "You don't think it could be getting power from that dimensional gate, do you?"
タケシ 「ああ。おそらくあれを浴びたことで内部圧力が急上昇しているんだ。こ のままだと最悪テンガン山を吹き飛ばすほどの大爆発を起こすかもしれない」
Takeshi:  "Yes. It's possible that getting bathed in that energy has caused the pressure inside Headran's body to increase dramatically. If this continues then there could be an explosion big enough to blow Mt. Tengan away!"
Brock:  "Yes. And due to getting bathed in that power its body is probably under intense pressure. If this continues, there could be an enormous explosion that blows off the top of Mount Coronet!"

Well I certainly didn't have Brock, of all people, on my "character who I think will get rewritten the most" Bingo card!

As you can see, Takeshi explains that the intense pressure is coming from inside Headran while Brock implies it's more of an outward force.

Cut -- 4 seconds
The third episode ends with a shot of Arceus using its Judgment attack that is then frozen and given that standard filter you see used a lot in Japanese animation.

The English dub shortens the six-second shot by four seconds, completely removing the freeze frame at the end to help make the transition to the next episode's footage that much smoother.

Cut -- 62 seconds
The ending credit sequence is removed, again! The fifth and sixth images here will show up in the English dub at the end of the next episode (more on that later) but the other four are removed entirely.

You can see a full translation of those credits here.

The Next Episode Preview tease is also removed.

Previous Episode

This page was last updated on October 17th, 2022



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