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Previous Episode

Episode 001

Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 001:  "The Pendant of Origins - Part One"
English Episode 2601:  "The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One"
Japanese Air Date:  April 14th, 2023
American Air Date:  March 7th, 2024
Important Characters:  Liko (Liko), Gurumin (Nidothing), Ann (Ann), Hiro (Hiro), Aya (Aya), Murdock (Murdock), Orio (Orla), Mollie (Mollie), Landau (Ludlow), Amegeo (Amethio), Conia (Onia), Zir (Zirc), Friede (Friede)
Important Places:  Kanto Region (Kanto Region), Paldea Region (Paldea Region), Tokiwa City (Viridian City), Sekiei Academy (Indigo Academy)

Liko, a girl from the Paldea Region, has come to the Sekiei Academy in the Kanto Region to search for what it is she wants to do. One of the first tasks is getting her very own Partner Pokémon, a capricious Grass-Type named Nyahoja. The two get off to a rocky start but Liko is determined to make it work somehow, opening up and sharing her feelings with Nyahoja until her Pokémon starts to realize she has a good heart. One night, a mysterious man named Amegeo appears at Liko's dorm, claiming to have been sent to take her to some undisclosed location. He adds that she should make sure to bring the mysterious pendant her grandmother gave to her as well. Liko finds the whole thing way too suspicious and so she takes the pendant, climbs out the window, and makes a run for it. After a quick scuffle with one of Amegeo's henchmen, Zir, Liko comes face-to-face again with Amegeo and his partner Pokémon Soublades. It seems like Liko has nowhere to run when, all of a sudden, a man named Friede rides in on his Lizardon to save the day...? Friede and Amegeo start to battle it out while Liko attempts to use the commotion to sneak off. A poorly timed jump puts Liko right in the crosshairs of a stray Psycho Cut attack but the young girl is saved when her pendant produces an orb of light that shields her from the attack!? To be continued!

The first episode of any new series has the task of setting the tone for what's to come, and that has never been more important than it was for this one. Pocket Monsters (2023) is the first new series to come out after Satoshi's retirement and so expectations were, understandably, quite high. On the one hand, you can't make the show too similar to its predecessors because if you do that then what was even the point of having a fresh start in the first place? But on the other hand, if you make the show too different from what's come before you risk making the show not feel like Pokémon anymore.

I think this episode does a pretty decent job of getting that balance right. The show doesn't just gender swap Satoshi and call it a day, it actually make Liko her own character with her own quirks and her own hang-ups. And the fact that we get so much of this personality in the first episode is actually kind of remarkable.
"The Pendant of Origins - Part One" is a bit slow and exposition heavy, sure, but if we're being very honest here Satoshi's first episode wasn't the most fast paced either. We get a lot of character introductions in a very short amount of time (eleven reoccurring named characters in one episode!) and yet it somehow never feels overwhelming or rushed.

On top of that the animation's top notch, the new musical score by Conisch is absolutely breathtaking, the voice acting is on point as always (with Minori Suzuki and Shun Horie being the standouts here), and the overall tone and world building are all expertly done. This is a very, very solid first episode.

For the first time since TPCi started doing this show themselves there isn't a single character in the new Pokémon season leftover from when 4Kids still called the shots. Which means that hey, TPCi can finally free themselves from the shackles of that old 90s made-for-TV anime dub and join the rest of us in the 21st century. Did they take advantage of this opportunity? Well...kind of. The character names are (mostly) the same between versions, the script is mostly very faithful (the odd changes below notwithstanding), the voice acting has improved greatly (Nidothing's the only one I'm not feeling right now), and the episode titles are actually translations of the Japanese originals instead of forced puns. There's a lot of good stuff here! Unfortunately there's still one major issue with the dub TPCi could have (very easily) fixed but didn't, and that one major issue ends up dragging the whole production down.

Music Edit
The opening credits of this episode claim that its music was provided by Conisch, whose work you might remember hearing in other Pokémon projects like Pokémon: Twilight Wings and Pokémon: Hisuian Snow. And yet despite this claim, and despite the fact that TPCi kept Conisch's soundtrack untouched in all those other projects, this episode of Pokémon Horizons (and most of the others as well) replaces 100% of the Japanese score with a wall-to-wall score made just for the English dub.

This is a flat-out lie.

This is nothing new, of course. 4Kids and TPCi replaced Shinji Miyazaki's and Yuki Hayashi's music all the time. But if there was ever a series where it makes sense for the dub to finally, finally rid themselves of this outdated practice of replacing a show's instrumental background music then this would be the one. TPCi had the opportunity to finally get the show's fans to shut up about the music for a change but instead they decided that nope, we actually love having our social media posts hijacked by people talking about how bad the background music in this show is.

Also not appearing in this show...

The replacement background music is absolutely the biggest problem with the English dub right now. The voice acting is finally up to modern standards, and the writing is phenomenal is well. So it really is just the music that's a problem at this point. All TPCi would have to do to make their version a hundred times more watchable is to just not replace the music for a change, and yet their refusal to do this one extremely simple thing is both extremely disappointing and also, sadly, very predictable.

Visual Edit
The Pocket Monsters: Liko's and Roy Set Off logo gets replaced with the English Pokémon Horizons logo.


Click on each image to view a larger version.

Dialogue Edit
Of the first six episodes of Pokémon Horizons this episode probably has the most number of rewrites, though in the grand scheme of things even that isn't all that much. Anyway, the narrator gets us started:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ナレーション 「君たちに見つけてほしい、この世界の美しさを。君たちに見つけ てほしい、この世界で共に生きるポケモンたちとの冒険の日々を。そして未来を」
Narrator:  "We'd like you to discover...the beauty of this world. We'd like you to discover...the adventures you can have with the Pokémon with whom we share this world. And we'd like you to discover...your futures."
Narrator:  "Adventure is calling. Just waiting for you to go out and find it. This world has so much beauty, joy, and excitement to offer. And you will discover, this world is filled with Pokémon."

Starting a brand new chapter with a rewrite right out the gate is a bit concerning, but while the actual words spoken in both versions are quite different the overall feeling of the speech is at least somewhat intact...?

Liko's encounter with two other students sparks an inner monologue:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
生徒 「知り合い?」
Student:  "You know her?"
Student:  "Do you know her?"
生徒 「分かんない」
Student:  "No idea."
Student:  "No idea."
リコ 「あ…失敗。気まず。」
Liko:  "Ah, that was awkward."
Liko:  "D'oh~. Liko, what was that?"
The rat Pokémon starts eating a Berry
リコ 「”分かんない”か…そういえば前も”何考えてるか分かんない”って言わ れたな」
Liko:  " 'No idea,' huh...? I've heard that one before. I've been told people have 'no idea' what I'm trying to say."
Liko:  " 'No idea'...I guess I am kind of a stranger. I mean...it's not like a lot of people know me.
コラッタ 「コラーッタ」
Koratta:  "Korat~ta!"
Rattata:  "Rat~ta!"
リコ 「わっ!そんなこと自分だって分かんないんだから分かんないよ。でも」
Liko:  "Gasp! But that's because even I have no idea what I'm trying to say either. So how could they? But..."
Liko:  "Oh! I don't even know that I really know me. How would I know? But..."
ワンリキー 「リキ」
Wanriky:  "Riky."
Machop:  "Machop!"
リコ 「あ…ありがとうございます。自分でも分かんない何かを知りたいからきっ とここまで来たんだ…と思う」
Liko:  "Ah...thank you. That's the reason I came all the way out here. To learn something I don't know yet. At least I think that's why."
Liko:  "Thanks so much Machop. I feel like there's something I'm supposed to know that I don't know right now. But I just don't know what."

In the original version Liko has been told in the past that she's hard to read, prompting her to assert that this is because she herself doesn't know what she's trying to say. The English dub includes the latter part about her not knowing what she wants to say but omits the former part about being criticized by other people.

Liko in the Japanese version also tells us she came all the way to the Kanto Region to find out about herself, something Liko in the English version doesn't make as clear.

Liko's bus comes out of the tunnel:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
リコ 「始めてのカントー地方。見たことのないポケモンたち!感動!」
Liko:  "My first time in the Kanto Region! There are so many Pokémon I've never seen before. This is incredible!"
Liko:  "Wow! The Kanto Region! So many Pokémon I've never seen before! It's so exciting!"

Liko tells us this is her very first time in the Kanto Region, something she neglects to bring up in the dubbed version of this scene. We'll eventually get this information later in the episode when Liko's talking to Ann so it's not that big a deal, I guess, but why remove it here? With this being an inner monologue and all it's not like TPCi had mouth flaps to worry about or anything so what gives?

Side Note
The episode's title
is translated into English:


This is actually a pretty decent edit...? The blue and red color scheme from the original is kept in tact in the English version, and the episode title itself is actually a direct translation of the Japanese original!

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Dialogue Edit
Liko approaches the front gate of the school:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
リコ 「ここで見つかるといいな」
Liko:  "I hope I find what I'm looking for here."
Liko:  "Well, here goes nothing."

Japanese Liko continues from that inner monologue she was having on the bus by bringing up the "something" she's searching for here while English Liko has a more generic way of pepping herself up.

Later, Liko meets her roommate Ann. TPCi has Ann say she's looking for her hairbrush instead of her toothbrush but other than that their conversation in the dub is pretty faithful to what was in the original. The next real change happens when Liko tells Ann about her entrance interview(s):

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
アン 「リコ、面談とかどうだった?」
Ann:  "Liko, how did your interviews go?"
Ann:  "Liko, so how did your school interview go?"
リコ 「えっ?面談…入学が決まったと同時に何度かオンラインで面談があって先 生とかポケモンたちといろいろと話してきっと自分にとってステキな相棒が現れるって信じて。でも”何考えてるか分からない”って言われてる私がちゃんと伝 えられたのかめちゃくちゃ不安。」
Liko:  "Huh? Oh right, the interviews. After it was decided I'd be going here I had a bunch of online interviews where we went over things like teachers and Pokémon, and they assured me I'd get paired up with a partner who's just right for me. But I'm so used to others telling me they have 'no idea what I'm trying to say' that I'm worried they couldn't get what I wanted to say."
Liko:  "Huh? Right, the interview. When I first decided to come to this school I had a long online interview. I talked with the teachers and even met some Pokémon. I just hoped I made a good enough impression to get myself a wonderful partner. But because I don't always know how to say what I'm thinking I was really stressed out."

I'm not really sure why TPCi is removing the "other people said this about me" part of Liko's backstory. Is there some reason why depicting a young girl being affected by what others have to say about her is apparently not OK? This has to be a deliberate change, right?

In any case, the English dub will eventually get around to talking about other people not really "getting" her a bit later in this very episode when she's talking to Ann about her Sprigatito not doing what she says. But for some reason this build up to that realization doesn't make the cut.

Also, Liko in the Japanese version had to sit through multiple interviews (a standard practice in Japan) while Liko in the English version apparently was able to knock everything out all out in one go.

The principal of the school welcomes students to the academy:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
校長 「ポケットモンスター、縮めてポケモン。この星の不思議な不思議な生き 物。ポケモンたちは海、空、森、街の中至る所にいます。人とポケモンはさまざまな絆を結びこの世界で暮らしています。ということで、ここセキエイ学園で絆 を結んだポケモンと一緒に夢を見つけてください」
Principal:  "Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon for short. Pokémon are strange and mysterious creatures who live in this world. They can be found everywhere, from the seas, the skies, forests, and in towns. People and Pokémon form all sorts of bonds as they live together on this planet. And so with that, please go out and find your dreams with the Pokémon you'll form those bonds with here at the Sekiei Academy."
Principal:  "Welcome to Indigo Academy. And welcome to the exciting, wonderful world of Pokémon, a group of creatures most unusual, teeming with mystery. Pokémon make their homes in the sea, on the sky, in forests and in towns. In fact, you can find them everywhere. The bonds between people and Pokémon are unique, and with your Pokémon you will discover your dreams."

The English dub apparently isn't allowed to say the words "Pocket Monsters" and so the principal's opening line gets removed and replaced with her welcoming her students to the academy instead. Because of this, the line at the end of the speech also gets tweaked to remove what would now be a redundant mention of the academy's name.

Nidothing begins their first full broadcast of the series:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ぐるみん 「よっす ポケモントレーナーのみんな!ぐる~びんしてる?ぐるみんの動画だぜい」
Gurumin:  "Hey all you Pokémon Trainers out there! Feeling Gu-roovy? It's time for another Gurumin video!"
Nidothing:  "Hey there Pokémon Trainers! What's up? Welcome to another awesome Nidothing video!"

The middle part of Gurumin's intro (guru~bin shiteru?) is a pun on how Gurumin's name sounds sorta-kinda like the word guruubii (グルービー), or "groovy." The same play on words doesn't work with Gurumin's dub name so TPCi just has Nidothing go "what's up?" instead.

In a later video, Nidothing's talking about Type match-ups:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ぐるみん 「例えばほのおタイプはくさタイプに強く、くさタイプはみずタイプに 強いという感じ。18あるタイプを理解してバトルに臨むのが勝負のカギだぜい!」
Gurumin:  "So, for example, Fire-Types are strong against Grass-Types, and Grass-Types are strong against Water-Types. Understanding the 18 different Types when you challenge someone to battle is the key to victory!"
Nidothing:  "For example, Fire Type's strong against Grass Type. Water Type's strong against Fire Type. Stuff like that! That's just one of many tips and tricks that'll help you and your Pokémon win battles!

Nidothing's examples are a bit different from Gurumin's. The former doesn't mention how many Pokémon Types there are either.

Ann and Liko talk about getting to understand Sprigatito:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
アン 「ニャオハのこと?自由でいいじゃん」
Ann:  "It's about Nyahoja, hmm? I like how carefree it is."
Ann:  "It's Sprigatito hmm? But it's so cool and chill!"
リコ 「そうかな」
Liko:  "I don't know about that..."
Liko:  "You really think so?"
アン 「自分のこと知ってもらうのって難しいじゃん?ニャオハも同じかも!もっ とリコが自分のことを伝えなきゃ」
Ann:  "You have a tough time getting other people to understand you, right? Well, maybe Nyahoja's the same way! So you should start by opening up to it first."
Ann:  "You've been really focused on trying to understand Sprigatito. But you know what I think? You should let it know what Liko is all about!"

The dialogue here is mostly the same but TPCi squirms its way out of having Ann point out Liko's tendency to care too much about what other people think, for some reason.

Video Edit
The show's logo during the scenes that serve as the episode's eyecatches gets removed for the dub.


Click on each image to view a larger version.

Video Edit
The text "To Be Continued" gets removed from the dub:


Click on each image to view a larger version.

Music Edit
For this first episode the Japanese version features an abbreviated end credit sequence, most likely due to this first episode being longer than usual. Instead of playing RVR ~ Rising Volteccers Rap, the song that will eventually be used as this show's ending theme, the Japanese version plays a quick instrumental of the video games' title screen music while they cram as many credits onto a single screen as humanly possible. The entire sequence lasts only fifteen seconds.

For the English dub, TPCi plays its regular ending theme, an instrumental of the season's yet-to-be-used opening theme Becoming Me. The company uses a version of the footage from RVR ~Rising Volteccers Rap (Friede Version) that has all its text removed and then re-edits that to fit the song's shorter runtime.


The Rising Volteccers Rap ending is 90 seconds long while the Becoming Me ending is only 30 seconds.

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