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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Johto Region

Japanese Episode 209
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 209:  "Tanba Gym! The Head-to-Head Fighting Showdown!!"
American Episode 452:  "Machoke, Machoke Man!"
Pokémon Dare Da?  Goriky (Japanese), Ampharos (English)
Dr. Ookido's Pokémon Course: 
Japanese Air Date:  August 2nd, 2001
American Air Date:  September 7th, 2002
Important Characters:  Shijima (Chuck), Shijima's Wife (Chuck's Wife)
Important Places:  Whirlpool Islands (Whirl Islands)

Immediately after arriving in Tanba City, Satoshi and his friends head directly to the pharmacy to pick up Akari-chan's medicine. Once their errand is finished Konatsu gets on a ferry back to Asagi City while our heroes stay behind to seek out the city's Gym Leader, Shijima. Once they find the combination Pokémon Gym / dojo, Satoshi convinces Shijima to accept his challenge of a two-on-two battle. The first match sees Satoshi's Pikachu go up against Shijima's Nyorobon. Pikachu's able to get in a few good hits but Nyorobon's incredible strength and stamina end up overwhelming the Mouse Pokémon. Next up is Bayleaf, who uses a combination of Vine Whip and Body Slam to finally bring Shijima's Water-Type down for the count. The Gym Leader responds by calling on his Goriky to finish out the battle. The two Trainers decide to make the match all about pure strength and so the two Pokémon launch into an intense face-to-face showdown. Eventually, Bayleaf uses the inertia generated from one of Goriky's Jigoku Guruma attacks to power up its Body Slam, knocking out its opponent and earning its Trainer a Shock Badge! That night, Satoshi receives news that his battle with Mikan is going to have to wait just a little bit longer and so Shijima suggests they head to the Whirl Islands, a nearby archipelago where a legendary Pokémon is said to live. Satoshi falls in love with the idea and so the young Trainers leave Tanba City behind for their next adventure. 

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the show's producers were planning out the Johto portion of the original series. What were those writers' room conversations like? How did they decide which new Pokémon our heroes would catch, which elements from the games to adapt, and how long each story arc should be? I'm also interested in how they mapped out the Gym Battles; how did they decide which Pokémon would be used by the Gym Leaders, and which Pokémon Satoshi would choose to go up against them?

For the Gym Leaders you'd think it'd be super easy; just take their teams from the games and use those as-is. But the show likes to switch things up every now and then and so sometimes they swap one Pokémon out for another. Which, OK, fine. But in this episode's case, why go to the trouble of replacing Shijima's Okorizaru with an old Generation 1 Pokémon (Goriky) instead of something more current and exciting? I mean, he has a Kapoerer right freaking there! The Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver video games were pretty shit when it came to promoting its 100 new Pokémon (half the Gym Leaders don't have a single Generation 2 Pokémon on their teams, for crying out loud!) so this is an area the show could have improved upon. But it just...chooses not to.

Satoshi's choice is also a bit of a head scratcher. Shijima is a Fighting-Type Gym Leader and so, looking at the Pokémon Satoshi had at the time, the obvious choice is for him to use the Generation 2 Flying-Type he has who also happens to know Psychic-Type moves. Just call up the professor and get him to take your Kabigon back! But, the show already featured Yorunozuku in the previous Gym Battle, and I guess they probably didn't want to use it two times in a row (nevermind the fact that Pikachu battles in literally every Gym Battle in Johto) and so they thought they couldn't use it again, maybe?

I guess the show was like "well, we haven't featured Satoshi's Bayleaf yet" and saw that one of Shijima's Pokémon is part Water-Type and so voila! Bayleaf gets the starring role in a Fighting-Type Gym.

This episode also marks one of the last times the show will try to cram both a Gym Leader's introduction and their Gym Battle into a single episode. From this point onward every Gym Leader will get at least two episodes per series, a change that I think we can all agree was the right one. The Gym Leaders act as sort of goal posts for this franchise, after all, and so they deserve more than one single episode! This episode also wraps up the "Akari-chan is sick" storyline and sets up the upcoming Whirlpool Islands arc and yet somehow nothing about these 22 minutes seem rushed. Screenplay writer Shinzo Fujita did a fantastic job of jam packing this episode with a million events and I think he should get major props for that.

The English version's fourth season, "Johto League Champions," ends with this episode. It actually works out to be a perfect season finale, if you think about it; you get the wrap up of the whole "Amphy Sparkle is sick" storyline, a battle in which Ash earns his fifth Johto League badge, and a tease for the little mini arc that's about to come up. The Season 5 premiere would end up airing on Kids' WB! the very next weekend so it wasn't really much of a cliffhanger at all, but still!

Anyway, the dub script and amount of editing in this episode is absolutely horrible, LOL

Music Edit
In this week's episode, only 28% of the background music (5 out of 18 pieces) from the Japanese version was kept. The entire second half of the episode - from the Bayleaf vs. Goriky battle onwards - is all 4Kids replacement music.

Making things worse is that annoying thing the English dub does where it replaces one longer piece of music from the Japanese version with a bunch of different, shorter pieces of music for the English dub.  In this episode, for example, this unreleased track from Revelation Lugia gets replaced by three shorter pieces of 4Kids dub music; I Got a Victory Badge! (1997 ~ 1998-M62) gets replaced by five shorter pieces of 4Kids music; and ...Such Sweet Sorrow (1999~2001-M27) gets replaced by a whopping seven pieces of 4Kids dub music. I guess the dubbers think kids will get bored if the background music doesn't change every 10 seconds or so?

This "replace one longer piece of music with a bunch of short little ditties" thing is a problem the dub's had since forever but it was really pronounced in this particular episode.

Cut - 2 seconds
The very first shot of the episode lasts about 6 seconds in the Japanese version but only 4 seconds in the English version.

This, like all the other cuts in this episode, were probably done to make more room for Kids' WB!'s commercials.

Dialogue Edit
Our heroes bid farewell to Janina:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
カスミ 「じゃ、ここでお別れね」
Kasumi:  "Well, I guess this is where we part ways."
Misty:  "Have a safe trip, Janina."
トゲピー 「チョゲチョゲ」
Togepy:  "Choge Choge!"
Togepi:  "Choge Choge!"
タケシ 「ミカンさんによろしく!」
Takeshi:  "Say hi to Ms. Mikan!"
Brock:  "Give my love to Jasmine."

This isn't a huge change or anything, but Brock's line in the English dub is putting it on a little thick, no? Like, you don't know her like that, Brock! Cool your jets there buddy!

Side Note
4Kids decided to name this episode, which is called
"Tanba Gym! The Head-to-Head Fighting Showdown!!" in Japan, after the chorus of the Village People's 1978 song "Macho Man."

Title Screen

Which like, sure, whatever. It's an episode starring Machoke and so 4Kids saw the chance to use a dumb "Macho Man" pun and just went for it. It's eye-rollingly bad, but it did get me to look up the original music video for Macho Man for the first time ever. And it's actually kind of amazing...?

The "head-to-head" part of the Japanese title, meanwhile, is something that will be brought up by both Satoshi and Shijima over and over again and so it's a least a bit more relevant to the content of the episode than a song with lyrics like "I've got to be a macho! (dig the hair on my chest)" and "Work outs in the health spa, muscles glow."

Side Note
For some reason, the Japanese staff of Pocket Monsters decided to throw a bunch of money at this episode to get a celebrity come in and voice the fifth Johto Gym Leader!

The Fighting-Type Gym Leader Shijima is voiced by martial artist, MMA fighter, kickboxer and just overall badass
Nobuaki Kakuda (角田伸朗). Mr. Kakuda was a big deal back when this episode came out; he represented Japan in multiple international competitions, often beating opponents much larger than he is with a fighting style that focused on high defense and surprise counterattacks. I encourage you to read through his Wikipedia entry whenever you have the chance; he's a pretty fascinating guy!

Here he is, with the red gloves and white pants, in a January 30th, 2001 K-1 match against Ryushi Yanagizawa (柳澤龍志)

I mean, just look at him! He could play Shijima in a live action Pocket Monsters movie easy.

I suppose you can consider casting a real life martial artist as a Fighting-Type Gym Leader a bit of stunt casting, and, well, maybe it is. Mr. Kakuda's not a voice actor, after all. But despite that lack of experience I think Mr. Kakuda did a fantastic job of taking what could have been a forgettable throwaway character into someone truly memorable. What I love about the voice is that it has the power and authority to convey to us that yes, this man is the sensei of a fighting dojo, but then also when it's time for his character to be a complete goofball that same voice somehow doesn't seem out-of-place. It's not deadpan comedy; it's more like "I believe 100% in everything I say, no matter how absurd it is." That level of commitment to a role is not something you see everyday, even among professional voice actors.

Shijima will get recast when he returns in Pocket Monsters (2019) a good two decades later which is a shame because he gave such a solid performance this first time around. If you have the means to watch this episode in Japanese then I highly recommend you look it up; Shijima's voice acting alone is worth it.

Side Note
Let's talk about the move the English version refers to as "Submission."

So a submission, in wresting or other combat sports, is a type of grappling hold aimed at making an opponent submit and / or tap out of the match. Y'know, choke holds, suffocation locks, joint locks...things like that. But if you look at the animation in this episode the attack they keep calling "Submission" isn't really anything like that at all. They're just kind of...rolling around on the floor. What gives?

Well, the reason for the mismatch is because the attack is actually based on a (made-up) judo move, not a wrestling move. In Japan the attack is known as Jigoku Guruma (じごくぐるま), or "Hell Car," and it's an attack that was lifted straight from the late-1960s martial arts manga Judo Icchokusen (柔道一直線). The series was about a judo practitioner named Naoya Ichijou who develops a bunch of original moves - with a technique called Jigoku Guruma being one of them - to defeat the rivals that keep popping up. In-series, Jigoku Guruma is described as such:

There it is! It's Jigoku Guruma...you make it so your opponent is on the outer side of the ball while you put yourself on the inside and then you use your opponent's power against him to make a wheel! The opponent on the outer side will bash the crown of his head and his tailbone with every rotation while you come out of it with having experienced very little shock yourself....it's basically like being in a car headed to Hell, hence the name...

出た! 地獄車だ… 相手を外側の球とし、自分 は内側の球になり、相手の力を利用して車を作る!外側の相手は一回転ごとに脳天と尾てい骨を強く打つが、自分にはほとんどショックがない…正に、地獄行き の車だ…

An animated series was never made but a 92-episode live action series produced by Toei did air from 1969 - 1971. Filming the scenes where the actors had to perform the Jigoku Guruma technique was apparently very difficult; according to the series' Wikipedia entry, the actors had to climb up to the top of a ramp, get in position, and then use the power of gravity to help propel them across the stage. The camera was titled at the exact same angle as the ramp to make it look like the characters are rolling around on a flat surface in the finished product.

Judo Ikkokusen

Jigoku Guruma would go on to appear in other popular Japanese series like Kamen Rider X, Kunio-kun, - and this will be the one you all are probably most familiar with - the Street Fighter series.

The English version localized the attack name as "Submission" probably because 1) Western kids wouldn't get the reference to a 40-year-old manga so who cares, right? 2) you can't have an attack with the word "Hell" in it in a kids' video game, in the West, in the late 1990s, and 3) the animations in the Game Boy games didn't really give NOA much to work in the first place so why not go with a wrestling motif instead? The name change was understandable, I guess, but it does have the unfortunate side effect of causing a bit of a mismatch whenever the move shows up in the animated series.

Dialogue Edit
After Chuck and his Machoke hug it out:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマ 「ほれ!そこの帽子の少年!」
Shijima:  "Hey! You in the hat!"
Chuck:  "Hey, sport! You in the hat!"
サトシ 「は?」
Satoshi:  "Huh?"
Ash:  "Me?"
シジマ 「お主名は何という?」
Shijima:  "What do you call yourself?"
Chuck:  "What's your name, son?"
サトシ 「サトシ…ですけど」
Satoshi:  "Well, I'm Satoshi..."
Ash:  "Um...I'm Ash."
シジマ 「サトシか?わしほどではないがなかなか良い名じゃ。」
Shijima:  "Satoshi, huh? It's not as nice a name as mine but it's a fine one nonetheless."
Chuck:  "Ash, huh? OK, what brings you to town, sport?"
サトシ 「あぁ、ありがとうございます」
Satoshi:  "Oh, um, thank you very much."
Ash:  "Uh...it's "Ash"..."
シジマ 「ポケモンを連れているところ見るとトレーナーのようじゃが。もうしか して、タンバジムへ行くところではないか?」
Shijima:  "Since you're walking around with a Pokémon I'm guessing you must be a Trainer. Could it be!? Are you headed for the Tanba Gym?"
Chuck:  "Don't tell me, I can guess. You're a Pokémon Trainer, right? You wouldn't be looking for the Cianwood City Gym, would ya? "
サトシ 「はい!そうです!」
Satoshi:  "Yes! That's right!"
Ash:  "Yes, I am!"
シジマ 「そうか。よし!駆け足、サトシ!」
Shijima:  "I see. Alright! Start running, on the double!"
Chuck:  "Alright, let's go! March! Double time!"

The English dub tries to do this little skit where Chuck calls Ash "sport" (y'know, for the laffs!) but then drop it right away.

Also, Shijima guesses that Satoshi is a Pokémon Trainer thanks to Pikachu's presence but we don't really get that same information in the dub.

Brock and Misty join in:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
タケシ 「おい、サトシ!」
Takeshi:  "Hey, Satoshi!"
Brock and Misty:  "Hup Two Three Four..."
カスミ 「ちょっと待ってよ!」
Kasumi:  "Hey, wait up!"
Misty:  "I dunno about this..."

Kasumi's not as cynical about all this as Misty is, I guess?

Our heroes arrive at the Cianwood Gym:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
タケシ 「しかっりしてくださいよ」
Takeshi:  "OK, just take it easy..."
Brock:  "Are you gonna be OK, pal?"
サトシ 「大体どうして俺たちが走らなきゃならないんです?」
Satoshi:  "Hey, why did we have to run all the way here anyway?"
Ash:  "Uh, how much further are you gonna be taking us?"
ピカチュウ 「ピカ?」
Pikachu:  "Pika?"
Pikachu:  "Pika?"
シジマ 「その理由は、これじゃ」
Shijima:  "Because of them."
Chuck:  "We're here...this is it."
タケシ、サトシ 「は?」
Takeshi, Satoshi:  "Them?"
Brock and Ash:  "Huh?"
カスミ 「ん?」
Kasumi:  "Hmm?"
Misty:  "..."
弟子たち 「おかえりなさい、先生!」
Pupils:  "Welcome back, sensei!"
Pupils:  "(cheers) Welcome back, master!"

So in the Japanese version Satoshi's all like "Why did you make us run?" and Shijima answers that they did it for his students. Which...is kind of vague and not at all clear? I imagine he's saying that he made them run because he didn't want to keep his pupils waiting, or maybe he did it because he wanted to show off his physical prowess, but the dialogue makes it hard for me to be 100% sure.

4Kids probably felt the same way and so to get around that they just changed the question. Which, sure, I get it. But at the same time the dub never gets around to addressing why this Gym Leader made these children run in the first place so it just becomes this random, unexplained part of the episode *shrugs*.

Chuck introduces himself:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
サトシ 「それじゃ、あなたが…」
Satoshi:  "Then that means..."
Ash:  "Hey...then you must be..."
シジマ 「ようこそ、あがタンバジムへ!」
Shijima:  "Welcome to my gym, the Tanba Gym!"
Chuck:  "The Cianwood Gym Leader!"
シジマ 「ワシこそがかくとうポケモン王にしてタンバジムのジムリーダー、シジ マじゃ!」
Shijima  "And I'm the King of Fighting Pokémon, the Gym Leader of the Tanba Gym: Shijima!"
Chuck:  "I'm the meanest, leanest, toughest, roughest, Fighting Pokémon master in all the land!"
サトシ、カスミ、タケシ 「え!?」
Satoshi, Kasumi, Takeshi:  "Eh!?"
Chuck:  "But you can call me Chuck."
ピカチュウ 「ピカ!?」
Pikachu:  "Pika!?"
Pikachu:  "Pika!?"

The part that sticks out to me is Chuck's "Fighting Pokémon master" (I'm guessing it's lowercase?). Like, this is Pokémon, you can't just put the words "Pokémon" and "Master" together all haphazardly like that! Think of all the pedants out there!

Dan Green gives us his best Cookie Monster impersonation:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマ 「それじゃ!食べて、動いて。動いて、食べて。バトルに必要な体力と記 憶をつけるのじゃ!」
Shijima:  "Alright! Eat, and move. Move, and eat. Let's get the stamina and memory we need for our battle!"
Chuck:  "That's it, eat! Nom nom nom. And chew! And eat some more! Nom nom nom. And chew some more! And eat!
ゴーリキー 「ゴ…ゴ…」
Goriky:  "Go...go..."
Chuck:  "You need lots of nourishment to keep your strength up!"

4Kids adds a ton of filler dialogue here, so much so that they have Chuck's babbling spill over into the next shot!

We meet Chuck's nameless wife:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマの奥さん 「あなたが今度の挑戦者さんね?」
Shijima's Wife:  "You're the challenger this time around, right?"
Chuck's Wife:  "So, you're here to battle for a Storm Badge?"
サトシ 「ん?」
Satoshi:  "Hmm?"
Ash:  "Uh...yeah"
シジマの奥さん 「頑張ってね。うちの旦那なんかやっつけちゃいなさい!」
Shijima's Wife:  "Well, good luck! And please defeat my husband!"
Chuck's Wife:  "Well you shouldn't have any trouble beating that flabby old husband of mine."
サトシ 「へ?」
Satoshi:  "Huh?"
Ash:  "Oh, uh..."
ピカチュウ 「ピカ?」
Pikachu:  "Pika?"
Pikachu:  "Pika?"
シジマ 「ほら!何を言うじゃ?」
Shijima:  "Hey! What are you saying that for!?"
Chuck:  "Hey! Who are ya callin' flabby?"
シジマの奥さん 「うふ。お代わりはまだまだあるから、しっかり食べてちょうだ いね」
Shijima's Wife:  "(giggles) There's still a lot of food left so please eat to your heart's content."
Chuck's Wife:  "(giggles) I have plenty more in the kitchen if anybody wants a second helping."

Chuck's wife will get a chance to call her husband "flabby" at the end of the episode but I guess 4Kids wanted to sneak in another jab at him here, for some reason?

Team Rocket appears:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ムサシ  「イカリにしがみついて海を渡ったというのに、肝心のジャリボーイを見失うなんてまったくどうなってんのよ~」
Musashi:  "We crossed the ocean while clinging onto an anchor but we still lost track of the twerps...what in the world are we going to do now?"
Jessie:  "I'm exhausted. I can't believe we crossed that entire bay clinging for dear life onto that anchor, just inches above the water."
コジロウ 「あぁ~腹減ったなー」
Kojirou:  "Ah...I'm so hungry..."
James:  "Yeah...and no see food."
ニャース 「思い起こせば昨日からニャにも食べてないニャ」
Nyarth:  "Now that I think about it we haven't eaten anything since yesterday Nya."
Meowth:  "No eat food, either. I ain't eatin' nothin' in days."
ソーナンス 「ソーナンース!」
Sonansu:  "So-nan-su!"
(= "That's right!")
Wobbuffet: "Wob~buf~fet!"
ムサシ 「また勝手に出る!」
Musashi:  "Get back in there!"
Jessie:  "That's enough out of you."
ニャース 「(ため息) ん?ニャンかうまそうな匂いがするニャ」
Nyarth:  "(sighs) Something smells delicious Nya"
Meowth:  "(sighs) Hold on a second, I think I smell food!"
コジロウ 「本当だ!」
Kojirou:  "It does!"
James:  "Is it seafood?"
ムサシ 「あん。生きてる感じ!」
Musashi:  "Ah~ I feel alive again."
Jessie:  "It's some kind of food, James."

The dub loses Musashi's "we lost sight of the twerps" line which kind of helps explains why the Rocket trio doesn't even try to go after Ash and his Pikachu in this episode; they have no idea where they are!

There's also a "sea/see food" joke that the dub forces in there for some reason.

Brock talks food:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
サトシ  「は~うまかったな」
Satoshi:  "Ah~, that was delicious."
Ash:  "Oh man, I'm stuffed!"
ピカチュウ 「ピカ~」
Pikachu:  "Pika~"
Pikachu:  "Pika~"
カスミ 「確かに味は満点だわ。ね、トゲピー?」
Kasumi:  "Now that you mention it the taste is worthy of a perfect score. Right, Togepy?"
Misty:  "Yeah, that was delicious. Right, Togepi?"
トゲピー 「チョゲプイ~」
Togepy:  "Choge~pi~"
Togepi:  "Choge~pi~"
タケシ 「いや、味だけじゃないぞ」
Takeshi:  "It's not just the taste that was good."
Brock:  "And so much more."
カスミ 「え?」
Kasumi:  "Eh?"
Misty:  "Huh?"
サトシ 「どいうことだよ、タケシ?」
Satoshi:  "What do you mean, Takeshi?"
Ash:  "Uh, what do ya mean, Brock?"
タケシ 「低脂肪、高たんぱく、おまけに消化吸収が抜群に。トレーナーやポケモ ンの体力づくりには持ってこいの料理だ。このジムは合理的で科学的なのかもしれない」
Takeshi:  "Low in fat, high in protein, and good for digestion. That food was designed to boost the stamina of both the Trainers and the Pokémon. This Gym might be surprisingly thoughtful and scientific."
Brock:  "It wasn't just a meal. It's called Pokémon Power Food. A nutritious meal meant designed to strengthen Trainers and Pokémon. Everything the students do at this Gym is about their training."
カスミ 「見た目や雰囲気とは違うってことね」
Kasumi:  "So you're saying the way it appears and the way it actually is are different, right?"
Misty:  "They sure seem very dedicated."

I kind of the love Eric Stuart's delivery of "And so much more" here. Why does he make it sound so life-or-death? He's just supposed to be talking about food!

The 4Kids dub also has this thing against mentioning the word "protein," apparently, and so Takeshi's explanation of the nutritional benefits of the Tanba Gym's meal also gets replaced with some nonsense about "Pokémon Power Food."

Paint Edit
The scroll behind Chuck gets its "text" (it's just scribbles, really) erased.


Click on each image to view a larger version.

Curiously, this scroll shows up later in the episode (here) without a drop of digital paint. Only this shot was singled out, for some reason!

Sound Edit
The sound of Nyorobon using Double Slap is all but muted from the English dub. It's still there but it's so faint that you'd think it was muted altogether.

The sound is much easier to hear in the Japanese version.

Dialogue Edit
After Poliwrath slaps the shit out of Pikachu:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
カスミ 「あ!5回も当たったわ!」
Kasumi:  "Oh no! It hit five times!"
Misty:  "Ah! That was a lot of direct hits!"
タケシ 「ニョロボンの体力はピカチュウのそれを上回っていただ!」
Takeshi:  "Nyorobon's physical strength is just greater than Pikachu's!"
Brock:  "Poliwrath just has more strength, physically, than Pikachu does."

Kasumi's line is a nice little reference to how, in the video games, Double Slap has a chance of hitting its target between two and five times. If you look at the animation of Pikachu being slapped you'll see that they do indeed show it getting hit five times.

It's a cool little detail that the English dub could have very easily left in if they had simply translated the scripts instead of rewriting everything.

Sound Edit
In the original version of the scene where Satoshi's thinking about which Pokémon to use next, we can hear a bunch of birds chirping away in the background. Thanks to the lack of background music here we're able to hear them loud and clear.

The English dub adds in filler music to this scene, unfortunately, effectively drowning out the sounds the birds are making. Like with the Pikachu slapping scene from earlier, the sound is still there, technically, but you wouldn't know it if you weren't listening for it.

Dialogue Edit
Ash reveals his choice:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
カスミ  「へ?どうして?」
Kasumi:  "Eh? Why?"
Misty:  "Huh? Bayleef?"
タケシ 「みずタイプに強いのはくさタイプのベイリーフ。サトシのやつ、ニョロ ボンとのバトルに狙いを絞ったんだ」
Takeshi:  "His Grass-Type Bayleaf is the one who's strong against Water-Types. Satoshi's putting all his focus on his battle with Nyorobon!"
Brock:  "Bayleef's a Grass-Type so it's strong against Water Pokémon. Ash has to concentrate on beating Poliwrath or this match is over."
サトシ 「ニョロボンを倒せなきゃジム戦には勝てない。とにかくベイリーフで ニョロボンに勝つんだ!」
Satoshi:  "I won't be able to win this Gym Battle if I can't take care of Nyorobon. At any rate I'll use Bayleaf to win against Nyorobon!"
Ash:  "I hope Bayleef can go the distance with Poliwrath...and still have enough strength left over to battle Machoke."
シジマ 「まっこうしょうぶか?気に入ったぞ。じゃが勝利するのはこのワシ じゃ」
Shijima:  "A head-to-head fighting showdown, huh? Ha, I like the way you think! But I'm the one who's going to win!"
Chuck:  "Ha ha ha I like the way ya think, Ash! You're a real strong competitor!"

Satoshi's line about not being able to win the Gym Match if he can't even beat Nyorobon is given to Brock, for some reason. Ash also has a bit there about Machoke that's not in the original script.

Also, Shijima's line is a neat little reference to the episode's Japanese title,
"Tanba Gym! The Head-to-Head Fighting Showdown!!" Can you imagine how absurd it'd sound if the dub tried to do the same thing? "Ha ha ha I like the way ya think, Ash! You're a real Machoke, Machoke Man!"

Team Rocket finishes eating:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ムサシ 「満腹、満腹」
Musashi:  "I'm stuffed!"
Jessie:  "I'm so fully satisfied~"
コジロウ 「ざっと2週間分も食ったな」
Kojirou:  "We probably ate about two weeks' worth of food~"
James:  "I'm so full I don't think I can move."
ニャース 「これで当分食事の心配なしだニャ」
Nyarth:  "We won't have to worry about our next meal for a while now."
Meowth:  "I don't wanna move. I'm startin' to cozy up to this place."
ソーナンス 「ソーナンス」
Sonansu:  "Sonansu!"
(= "That's right!")
Wobbuffet:  "Wobbuffet!"
シジマの奥さん 「あら?何なの、あなたたち?」
Shijima's Wife:  "Oh? What's going on here, you four?"
Chuck's Wife:  "Uh, excuse me. Can I help you?"
ムサシ 「『何なの、あなたたち?』 と聞かれたら」
Musashi:  "If we're asked "What's going on here, you four?"..."
Jessie:  "Well you can start by preparing for trouble."

We get the standard "4Kids rewrites the Rocket trio's dialogue but what they're saying sorta-kinda has a similar taste to the original" here, so that's nothing new, but dub viewers also miss out on Musashi imitating Shijima's wife.

It's snack time:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマの奥さん 「今日のメニューはタンバシティ名物のおまんじゅうよ」
Shijima's Wife:  "Today's snacks will be the famous Tanba City steamed buns."
Chuck's Wife:  "Today we're serving steamed dumplings."
ロケット団 「おまんじゅう!?」
Rocket-Dan:  "Steamed buns!?"
Team Rocket:  "Dumplings!?"

The English dub usually has a pretty tricky relationship with the Japanese food in this show but this time 4Kids actually did a pretty good job...? Omanjuu (おまんじゅう) is the word for buns stuffed with a bean-jam filling and while the dumplings 4Kids replaced them with tend to be stuffed with meat and vegetables it's still kind of close-ish? It's a lot better than if they had just said, I dunno, chili fries or whatever.

Shijima's wife also refers to the omanjuu as the "famous Tanba City steamed buns," which doesn't seem to be based on any in-game items (Chouji Town has the Ikari Manjuu (いかりまんじゅう) but nothing for Tanba City) so I'm thinking this is mean to be a more real-world reference. Tanba City is assumed to be modeled after Naruto City in Tokushima, and one of the treats they're famous for is their Kincho Manjuu (金長まんじゅう).

So maybe whatever Shijima's wife is talking about here is like the Pokémon World equivalent of these Kincho Manjuu?

Cut - 22 seconds
The commercial break in the English version occurs right before the scene where the Rocket trio meets Chuck's wife. In the Japanese version, however, it doesn't happen until after this set of scenes:

The Japanese version plays the shots screenshotted above, goes to commercial break, and then plays (a slightly shorter version of) those same scenes a second time around. It'd be redundant for the English dub to do the same thing, especially without a commercial break in the middle there to break things up, and so 4Kids just cut out the first instance.

That last image, by the way, is the only shot to not get replayed after the commercial break and so it ends up not appearing in the English dub at all.

Dare Da
The final Johto League Champions eyectach is...Ampharos?


Goriky is the more obvious choice but I suppose you could make the argument that the episode is bookended by the whole Akari-chan storyline and so using the Electric-Type here at least makes some amount of sense.

Dialogue Edit
The battle between Machoke and Bayleef begins:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマ 「ゴーリキー!カラテチョップ!」
Shijima:  "Goriky! Karate Chop!"
Chuck:  "Focus your energy, Machoke!"
ゴーリキー 「ゴーリー」
Goriky:  "Go-ri-"
Machoke:  "Machoke Ma!"
サトシ  「ベイリーフ!よけるんだ!」
Satoshi:  "Bayleaf! Dodge it!"
Ash:  "You too, Bayleef! Focus!"

Normally I wouldn't bother commenting on such petty changes like these but I'm only bothering to do so now because I know a lot of fans get super hyper-focused on documenting whenever characters call out attack names in this show.

Misty and Brock comment on the way the battle's going:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
カスミ 「ベイリーフ、防戦一本じゃない」
Kasumi:  "Bayleaf isn't being given any room to fight back."
Misty:  "Bayleef isn't getting off to a very good start."
ピカチュウ 「ピカ」
Pikachu:  "Pika"
Pikachu:  "Pika"
タケシ  「まずいな。ゴーリキーには破壊力抜群のじごくぐるまもある」
Takeshi:  "This is bad. And Goriky still has its destructively powerful Jigoku Guruma up its sleeve."
Brock:  "You're right. Machoke still hasn't used Submission, and that's its strongest attack."

Machoke's Cross Chop is stronger, according to the games (Cross Chop's Base Power is 100 while Submissions's is only at 80) so what Brock's saying here isn't actually true...? Takeshi's line is more game-accurate.

Brock and Misty offer Ash some advice:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
タケシ 「あ…つるのムチを緩めるんだ!」
Takeshi:  "(gasps) Put some slack into your Vine Whip!"
Brock:  "Put some slack in your Vine Whip."
サトシ 「え?」
Satoshi:  "Huh?"
Ash:  "Huh?"
タケシ 「ゴーリキーのバランスを崩してチャンスを作るんだ!」
Takeshi:  "It'll throw Goriky's balance off and give you a chance!"
Brock:  "It just might make Machoke lose its footing and fall down."
カスミ 「力勝負だけでバトルじゃないわ!冷静に作戦を立てて戦うのよ」
Kasumi:  "You can't battle on just strength alone! You need to think calmly and come up with a strategy."
Misty:  "It's gonna take more than just strength to win this. You're going to have to use a little strategy too Ash."
サトシ 「そんなの…そんなの嫌だ!」
Satoshi:  "No...No way!"
Ash:  "No way! Bayleef can do it!"
タケシ、カスミ 「え?」
Takeshi & Kasumi:  "Huh?"
Brock & Misty:  "Huh?"
サトシ 「シジマさんはまっこうしょうぶしてきてるだ!挑戦者の俺が逃げる訳は いけない!」
Satoshi:  "This is a head-to-head battle with Mr. Shijima! A challenger like me can't back down now!"
Ash:  "I gotta battle face-to-face against Chuck's Machoke! It's the only way I stand a chance of beating him!"

The dub was actually really, really close until we get to Ash's line at the end there! Originally Satoshi wants to honor the head-to-head battle that Shijima challenged him to while dub Ash thinks taking his friends' advice will make him lose, somehow?

Chuck's wife talks about the battle Ash just had:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマの奥さん 「はい、これ定期船の周遊券。ジム戦勝利のご褒美よ。」
Shijima's Wife:  "Here, take this round-trip ticket for the ocean liner. It's a reward for your Gym Battle victory."
Chuck's Wife:  "Here, this card will pay for your passage on the ferry. A gift from us for a great battle."
サトシ 「はぁ。。」
Satoshi:  "Ah..."
Ash:  "Uh, oh, thanks."
シジマの奥さん 「うちの旦那ったらほら、先お腹もたるんできちゃって。あなた に負けたから明日からきっと特訓だわ」
Shijima's Wife:  "As you can see, my husband's stomach is sticking out a bit. Since he lost to you he'll definitely start training again from tomorrow."
Chuck's Wife:  "I mean after all, you must have done something right to beat my husband. Even if he is getting a little flabby."
シジマ 「その通り!24時間ぶっ続けて特訓なのじゃ!」
Shijima:  "That's right! It'll be a training that goes on for 24 hours!"
Chuck:  "You may be right. Hey, that reminds me, I'd better start training!"

The change I want to highlight here is with the Gym Leader's wife; in the original she's basically saying that Satoshi beating her husband will motivate him to start training again while in the dub she's more or less undercutting Ash's victory by pointing out that that the guy he just beat isn't even in his prime right now. The dub's just a little more shady, but it's not really that big a difference at the end of the day.

Chuck wishes our heroes good luck:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
シジマ 「少年少女、大志を抱け!うずまき列島を旅して、立派なポケモントレーナーにポケモン ブリーダーになるのじゃ!」
Shijima:  "Boys and girls, be ambitious! Go forth to the Whirl Islands and become fine Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon Breeders!"
Chuck:  "Lots of luck in the Whirl Islands, Ash. Train hard, eat well, keep your eyes on the prize. And remember, it's aaaall about the focus.
サトシ 「はい、シジマさん」
Satoshi:  "Yes sir!"
Ash:   "You said it, Chuck."
ピカチュウ 「ピカピカ!」
Pikachu:  "Pika Pika!"
Pikachu:  "Pika Pika!"

The big difference here is that Shijima's farewell includes both Kasumi and Takeshi while in the English dub Chuck only has eyes for Ash.

Cut - 2 seconds
About two seconds are trimmed from this shot of the liner headed for the Whirl Islands right after the commercial break.

After that the only other real change left is that "Road to Johto" line of the narrator's that we see in just about every episode.

And that's a wrap on Season Four! Season Five has a lot of rewrites, cut footage, paint edits, music changes, and just overall tomfoolery going on so there will be plenty to talk about on the site!

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