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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | DP Movie 03

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl
Movie #3
Arceus - To the Conquering of Spacetime
アルセウス 超克の時空へ

(Arceus - To the Conquering of Time and Space)

"Arceus and the Jewel of Life"

Click on the posters to view the full-sized version.

Main Film Basic Synopsis

Satoshi and his friends have come to a beautiful town by the river named Michiina.  The town has a shrine built thousands of years before at the top of a giant mountain, and Satoshi-tachi decide to visit it.  When they reach the summit, they find that the shrine is built by a beautiful lake!  Suddenly, waves appear in the water before a fierce whirlpool comes and carries our heroes away!  As Satoshi and his friends are blown away, the voice of the young girl who protects the shrine, Sheena, can be heard saying "Please, Dialga...!"  At that moment, Dialga appears through a rift in space! 

Sheena invites our heroes to the shrine to take refuge and then explains all about Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.  She also tells them about an old legend in Michiina that states that a legendary pokemon named Arceus created life as we know it by stopping a meteor from crashing into the planet.  This brought Arceus to the brink of death and caused it, as if by reflex, to release sixteen pieces of itself into the world.  A man named Damos finds these sixteen pieces and returns them to Arceus, saving the pokemon's life and earning its gratitude.  To show its thanks, Arceus merges five of the returned pieces - Water, Grass, Ground, Thunder, and Dragon (Splash, Meadow, Earth, Zap, and Draco) - to create an item called
"The Jewel of Life" (命の宝玉).  It gave this item to Damos to use to turn Michiina, which was a barren wasteland at the time, into a beautful place filled with life.  Arceus tells Damos to return the jewel "by the next day when the sun disappears" and leaves.  Damos uses the jewel to turn Michiina into a beautiful paradise and, before long, the day of the solar eclipse comes.

However, Damos refuses to return the jewel to Arceus and instead orders a group of pokemon to attack it!  After being betrayed by Damos, Arceus falls into a deep sleep for thousands of years.  When it awakens, it declares that the time for judgment has come!  It starts to attack the Michiina of Satoshi-tachi's time, so Sheena, being Damos' ancestor, presents the "Jewel of Life" to it!  However, it appears that the jewel that Sheena has is a fake!  Arceus has had enough of humans' deceitful ways and launches an attack toward Sheena, but it is intercepted by Dialga and Palkia at the last second!  The stakes have been raised as a battle among the god pokemon commences!


For the third Diamond & Pearl film, director Yuyama Kunihiko went location hunting in Metéora, Greece in August 2008.

One of the major elements of the film is the solar eclipse.  Coincidentally (or not?), the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century passed over Asia on July 22nd, 2009, a mere four days after the movie's release.

Fans who bought an advanced ticket to the movie (sold between April 18th and July 17th) received a "Pikachu-colored Pichu," a different-colored (or "shiny") Pichu whose fur and cheeks are the same color as its evolved counterpart.

Release/General Information

Japanese Premiere Date July 18th, 2009
Japanese Availability DVD (Japanese, main feature)
Domestic Premiere Date November 20th, 2009 (Cartoon Network)
Spring 2010 (DVD)
Domestic Availability N/A
Opening Theme
ハ イタッチ!2009
(High Five! 2009)

Closing Theme 心 のアンテナ -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-
(Antenna of the Heart - Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-)
Performed by Nakagawa Shouko

Main Staff
Original Story Tajiri Satoshi 
Production Company Shogakukan Production 
Animation Production Company OLM
Ishihara Tsunekazu
Animation Supervisor
Kotabe Youichi
Executive Producer
Kubo Masakazu, Itou Kenjirou
Director Yuyama Kunihiko
Screenplay Writer
Sonoda Hideki
Yuyama Kunihiko
Character Design
Mouri Kazuaki, Yamada Toshiya
Music Producer
Mima Masafumi
Miyazaki Shinji

Principal Cast

The following is presented in the order they were listed in the movie's ending credits.

Satoshi Rika Matsumoto Sarah Natochenny
Pikachu Ohtani Ikue Ohtani Ikue
Takeshi Ueda Yuuji Bill Rogers
Hikari Toyoguchi Megumi Emily Jenness
Kozakura Etsuko

Musashi Hayashibara Megumi Michelle Knotz
Kojirou Miki Shin'ichirou Billy Beach
Nyasu Inuyama Inuko Billy Beach

Hikari's Pachirisu Nishimura Chinami Nishimura Chinami
Hikari's Mimirol Kawakami Tomoko ???
Takeshi's Gureggru Konishi Katsuyuki ???
Takeshi's Usokki Sakaguchi Daisuke ???
Takeshi's Pinpuku Itou Miyako ???
Satoshi's Buoysel Furushima Kiyotaka Furushima Kiyotaka

Fujimoto Yuzuru
Kishi Yuuji
Kumai Motoko
Shindou Kei
Gishin's Headran
Miyake Kenta
Ousaka Chikara
Nidoran Nakanishi Hideki
Kawakami Takafumi
Densaka Tsutomu
Teratani Mika
Nidoran Yonezawa Madoka

Narration Ishizuka Unshou ???

Arceus Miwa Akihiro ???

Takashima Masahiro
Yamadera Kou'ichi
Notch-Eared Pichu Nakagawa Shouko ???
Sheena Kitano Kii ???

Soldier B
Akiyama Ryuumi (Robert)
Soldier D
Baba Hiroyuki (Robert)
Yamamoto Hiroshi (Robert)

Japanese Box Office Performance

Gross-to-date:  45.24 billion yen

The film opened in second place, being beaten by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  The sixth Harry Potter film had a number of advantages, however, such as being released a few days earlier and being shown in more than twice as many theaters.  The third place movie that weekend was Amalfi - Megami no Houshuu

Interestingly, the top three movies in Japan did not change at all the following two weeks; Harry Potter remained in the number one spot, Pocket Monsters in the number two spot, and Amalfi in the number three spot.

Yahoo! Movies (Japan) (opening weekend performance)
TV-Tokyo's monthly report (September 2009) (gross-to-date information)

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