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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | AG Movie 04

Jack "Jackie" Walker (ジャック・ウォーカー(通称ジャッキー)) / ???

Japanese VA:  Kou'ichi Yamadera
Pokemon in Hand:  Manaphy (well, its egg, anyway)
Borrowed Pokemon:  Mantine


Jack Walker (aka Jackie) is the blonde Pokemon Ranger who is the main hero of the film.  Jackie joins our heroes in the middle of a top-secret mission that sees him delivering a pokemon egg to the Water Temple Akuusha.  This egg, which belongs to the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy, is said to unlock the secrets of the water temple's treasure.  Jackie is a particularly skilled Ranger and is said to be a master of disguise.  He is also an all-around nice guy who is able to crack a joke in even the most dire situations.

Like other Pokemon Rangers, Jackie is able to use his Capture Styler to "capture" pokemon by temporarily controlling their abilities.  In the Pokemon Ranger game, Pokemon Rangers use pokemon to perform tasks such as clearing roadblocks, putting out fires, and crossing rivers.  How will Jackie use the pokemon he borrows to help him?

Hiromi (ヒロミ) / ???


Japanese VA: 
Manabe Kaori
Pokemon in Hand:  Unknown

Hiromi is a descendant of the Water People (水の民), a group able to communicate with water pokemon.  These people built the Water Temple Akuusha that houses the Water Crown, the treasure being sought by many different people.

Hiromi is also the star member of the Mariner Troupe, a group of traveling performers who put on a special underwater pokemon show.

Phantom (ファントム) / ???

Japanese VA: 
Fuji'oka Hiroshi
Pokemon in Hand:  Perap

Phantom is a pirate who is after the Water Crown hidden in the Water Temple Akuusha.  He hopes to use its power in his plans to conquer the world, but he'll have to unlock the mystery of Manaphy's power first.  Phantom is the captain of the The Phantom Troupe and pilots a massive submarine that's used to help him navigate the ocean.  He is also incredibly strong, capable of lifting a giant rock with ease.  What is Phantom's true power, and what plans does it have for Manaphy?

Judy (ジュディ) / ???

Japanese VA:  Becky
Pokemon in Hand:  Unknown


Judy works as an operator at the Rangers' Base, giving orders to Pokemon Rangers and supplying them with information.  Judy is also a very cute girl with a strong presence, probably due to her past as an idol.

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