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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | AG Movie 04

Manaphy (マナフィ) / ???

Japanese VA:  ???
Type:  Water


Manaphy (also commonly romanized as Manafi) is the Prince of the Sea referred to in the movie's title.  The fourth generation legendary pokemon hatches from an egg being carried by Jackie, a Pokemon Ranger who's on a top-secret mission to deliver the pokemon to the Water Temple Akuusha.  The pokemon is pursued by Phantom, an evil pirate who wants to use its power to help him obtain a treasure that will help him conquer the world.

A piece of promotional artwork showing Haruka holding Manaphy's egg has surfaced, leading many to believe that the young Coordinator has a special connection to the legendary pokemon.  Could Haruka's relationship with Manaphy be similar to Masato's relationship to Jirachi in the first Advanced Generation movie?

Special attention is brought to the fact that the red orb on its chest is the same red orb seen on its egg.

Tamanta (
タ マンタ) / ???

Japanese VA:  ???
Type:  Water


Tamanta is the pre-evolution of Mantain.  The water-type pokemon is said to be able to swim elegantly and is capable of jumping ten meters over the water.  Its role in the movie is unknown at the moment.

Buoysel (
ブ イゼル) / ???

Japanese VA:  ???
Type:  Water


Buoysel is an otter pokemon.  Its most notable features are the fins on its arms and its split tail, which it spins around like a propeller to increase his swimming speed.

Perap (
ペ ラップ
) / ???

Japanese VA:  Hori
Type:  Flying


Perap is a musical note pokemon.  Similar to the real-world parrot on which it's based, Perap is able to mimic human speech.

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