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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters Chamo Chamo Pretty

Artist:  Tsukirino Yumi
Writer:  Tsukirino Yumi
Poketto Monsutaa Chamo Chamo Puritei ("Pocket Monsters Chamo Chamo Pretty"--"Chamo" is the noise an Achamo makes) seems to be a spinoff to Tsukirino-sensei's other Pocket Monsters manga, Pokemon PiPiPi Adventures.  The series, which recently started in Japan, follows the adventures of a group of pokemon--Pikachu and Pippi (returning from their roles in PiPiPi Adventures), Achamo, and Guraena.  Just like in Tsukirino's previous work, all of the pokemon are able to speak human language.

Special thanks to Kaiba no Rabu and The Evil Fruit From Beyond the Stars for getting all the pictures/Chapter Five synopsis for me.  Thanks to ClearTarun for the Chapter Two synopsis.

The manga is currently running in the Ciao (a shoujo manga anthology magazine), and since it just started running in March 2003's issue of the magazine, no manga anthology has been compiled.  I'd give it a few more months before that'll happen.

Summaries for Chapters One-Four are unavailable at the time.  As far as I can tell, the chapters aren't really given any titles, so I'll just list them as Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc.

Chapter One

<synopsis unavailable>

Chapter Two
Thanks to ClearTarun for the synopsis

Achamo is walking around, hoping to find Guraena. She meets up with Pikachu, Pippi, and Pochiena. She notices a girl, Haruka, and a Mizugorou. Haruka gives a angry(?) look toward Achamo. Haruka introduces herself to Pikachu, Pippi, and Pochiena. Haruka is
Achamo's trainer. Achamo explains that Haruka likes to make Pokeblocks. Achamo does not like Haruka's Pokeblocks though. Haruka says that Mizugorou tried her Pokeblocks, and likes them all. Haruka shows them a Pokeblock, which Pochiena tries, and likes! A bit encouraged, Achamo tries it, but does not like it.  Pochiena disagrees, saying it tastes good, where Achamo says the opposite. Haruka figures out the argument, saying that the taste of a Pokeblock depends on a Pokemon's personality, and Achamo and Pochiena have different personalities. So Pippi tries one that he likes, Achamo tries a couple more that he doesn't like, untill he finally finds one he doesn't like.  Haruka's confused, because Mizugorou liked them all, but has a different personality from Achamo. It turns out Mizugorou only PRETENDED to like them all, because he likes Haruka. Unfortunately, Mizugorou had a stomachache for three days.

Chapter Three

<synopsis unavailable>

Chapter Four

<synopsis unavailable>

Chapter Five
Thanks to Kaiba no Rabu and The Evil Fruit From Beyond the Stars for the synopsis

One day, Pikachu, Pippi, Achamo, and Guraena are playing outside when they are approached by a young boy.  He shows them a picture of a Patchiiru and asks if they know where it is, and Guraena replies by telling him that a group of them live in a nearby forest.  The boy, named Yukka, says that he had a fight with his Patchiiru and as a result, the pokemon ran away.  Achamo pipes up and suggests that the pokemon help him find his Patchiiru, and so the pokemon and Yukka set off to find Yukka's pokemon. 

After searching around the forest for a while, Guraena spots a Patchiiru.  All the pokemon chase after the Patchiiru until they reach a large area in the forest inhabited by dozens and dozens of Patchiiru.  Achamo asks which Patchiiru is the one they're looking for, so all the pokemon compare the various Patchiiru to Yukka's photograph.  Unfortunately, all the Patchiiru look too similar to tell apart!  Guraena suggests that he just knock everybody over until they find Yukka's Patchiiru, but Yukka says that that won't work. 

Suddenly, Pippi notices a Patchiiru sneaking away into some bushes, and Yukka identifies it as his pokemon!  As Pikachu-tachi prepare to chase after it, Yukka begins expressing his doubts about the two of them being together anymore.  Achamo tells him that whatever the circumstances of their argument, the pokemon still knows that Yukka is a good person and will forgive him eventually.  Yukka, deciding that he definately wants his pokemon back, stands up and yells for his Patchiiru to return to him.  "Pl...Please come back, Patchiiru! What I did was wrong...I'm sorry! I couldn't tell how you were feeling, so I was a bad trainer, but--but I really want to be friends with you, Patchiiru!"  Yukka's pokemon jumps out of hiding and hugs its trainer as Pikachu-tachi watch on.  Achamo asks Yukka why it ran away in the first place, and he responds by saying "Oh, the reason he ran away? I wanted to name him, 'Takezou', except...I found out he was a she."  Guraena tells Patchiiru that that's a stupid reason to run away as the chapter ends.




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