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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Kousaku Anakubo's Pocket Monsters

Table of Contents
Chapter One
A Midsummer Night's Mystery

Chapter Two
We're Shooting for Ratings of 100%!!
CoroCoro Comics
August 2004

Chapter Three
The Visitor from Space!?
CoroCoro Comics
September 2004
Chapter Four
Pippi the Cop!?

Chapter Five
Roll Out! The Pokémon Security Guards!
CoroCoro Comics
October 2004
Chapter Six
The Chosen Trainer!?
CoroCoro Comics
November 2004
Chapter Seven
Pippi's the Savior of the World!?

Chapter Eight
Get Whatever You Want!
CoroCoro Comics
December 2004
Chapter Nine
The Great New Year's Cleaning Plan!
CoroCoro Comics
January 2005
Chapter Ten
Rampage! The Pokémon New Year's

Special: Pokémon Skits
特別編 ポケモンショートコント
Graphic Novel exclusive

Chapter One "A Midsummer Night's Mystery"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Two "We're Shooting for Ratings of 100%!!"
CoroCoro Comics August 2004 Issue

Release Date:  July 15th, 2004

Pippi's going to be in the Pocket Monsters animated series!? Nobody shows up to the big press conference Pippi throws for the event so Red and the others wonder if the rumors of this TV debut are true. The team marches over to the animation studio to find out what happened and eventually discovers that the Kairiky who's working at the studio forgot to actually animate the episode! And so, Kairiky uses his four arms to start frantically drawing the episode. At one point Kairiky gets hungry so he asks Pippi to fetch him some bean cakes. Pippi ends up eating the entire box on his way back to the studio so he refills the box with some similar looking animal turds he spots in some nearby grass... Pippi returns and feeds Kairky the warm "cakes," causing the Fighting-Type animator to faint as soon as he takes the first bite! Left with no other option Pippi decides he'll just have to animate the show himself, eventually realizing that using a photocopier is the best way to get the job done. With precious few minutes remaining before showtime Red and the gang rush over to the television station, braving a powerful typhoon in the process. However, it turns out that same typhoon has cut power to the TV station, canceling Pippi's big television debut! Pippi refuses to let this all their hard work go to waste so he hits the streets to perform the episode himself, one crowd at a time.

This chapter of the manga corresponds to Pippi's debut in 
Episode 086 of Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation, "The Movie Rides on Bakuuda." The manga chapter came out  on July 15th, 2004, one week before the Advanced Generation episode aired.

The title of Pippi's TV episode is "The Gluttonous Visitor Pippi" (大食いの訪問者 ピッピ), a clear reference to the title of that year's Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation movie "The Sky-Splitting Visitor Deoxys" (裂空の訪問者 デオキシス). The movie came out July 17th, two days after this chapter came out.

The flyers Pippi passes out to advertise his debut mentions a July 22nd airdate. This is the same day "The Movie Rides on Bakuuda" debuted on TV-Tokyo.

Chapter Three "The Visitor from Space!?"
CoroCoro Comics September 2004 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Four "Pippi the Cop!?"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Five "Roll Out! The Pokémon Security Guards!"
CoroCoro Comics October 2004 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Six "The Chosen Trainer!?"
CoroCoro Comics November 2004 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Seven "Pippi's the Savior of the World!?"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Eight "Get Whatever You Want!"
CoroCoro Comics December 2004 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Nine "The Great New Year's Cleaning Plan!"
CoroCoro Comics January 2005 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Ten "Rampage! The Pokémon New Year's"

Summary coming later!

Special "Special: Pokémon Skits"
Graphic Novel exclusive

Summary coming later!




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