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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Kousaku Anakubo's Pocket Monsters

Below is a brief overview of the characters who appear in Kousaku Anakubo's Pocket Monsters manga.

Red (レッド)

Full Name:  Akai "Red" Isamu
Pokémon on Hand:  Pippi, Pikachu, Balkie


Akai Isamu, whose nickname is Red, is a young Pokémon Trainer from Masara Town. This young Trainer is given a Pokémon Bestiary by Dr. Ookido and is sent on a quest to complete it for him by traveling around and collecting as much data on Pokémon as possible. Red chooses Pippi as his starter Pokémon because he believes it to be a strong fighter, but it doesn't take him long to find out that the Pokémon is really just an oafish prankster. 

Red first appears in Volume One, Chapter One.

Pippi (ピッピ)


Pippi was Red's first Pokémon. Commonly referred to as Noroma no Pippi ("That stupid Pippi"), Pippi is known for being crass and vulgar. Pippi is often seen being lazy, selfish, or cowardly, but he can be coerced into battling well and standing up to danger if given the proper motivation. 

Pippi was captured in Volume One, Chapter One.

Pikachu (ピカチュウ)


Pikachu is the third Pokémon Red ever caught. The electric mouse Pokémon is actually Pippi's cousin who had been captured by the Nibi City Gym Leader, Takeshi. Strangely enough, Pikachu seems to be one of the only Pokémonin the manga who cannot speak human language, instead relying on Pippi to interpret for him.

Pikachu was captured in Volume One, Chapter Three.

Balkie (バルキー)


Balkie is one of the later additions to the team. He is more level-headed than Red's Pippi, and he often finds himself quarreling with the loud Pokémon.

Balkie was captured in Volume Eleven.

Green (グリーン)

Full Name:
  Midorikawa "Green" Kai
Pokémon on Hand:  Hitokage, others


Midorikawa Kai, whose nickname is Green, is a young Trainer from Masara Town and is Red's rival. Green is a much more serious trainer than Red, wasting no time in filling out his Pokémon Bestiary. Green chose Hitokage as his starter, a Pokémon who doesn't mind helping Green attain his sometimes questionable goals.

Green first appears in Volume One, Chapter One.

Dr. Ookido (オーキド博士)

Dr. Ookido

Dr. Ookido is the person who gives Trainers their starter Pokémon in Masara Town. He gives both Red and Green the task of completing his Pokémon Bestiary since he is too old to do it himself and checks in every now and then to evaluate their progress. The professor absolutely hates Red's Pippi and wonders why the young Trainer would choose to train such a stupid Pokémon.

Dr. Ookido first appears in Volume One, Chapter One.

Blue (ブルー)

Name:  Blue
Pokémon on Hand:  Ghost


Blue is a young boy whose parents are very worried about him. They fear that the ghost Pokémon he hangs around with are causing him to become cold and distant, but he doesn't seem to have any problem with them. Blue develops a hatred for Red after his Pokémon destroys his Blue Collection, an assortment of items with a "blue" theme.

Blue first appears in Volume One, Chapter Seven.

Takeshi (タケシ)

Name:  Takeshi
Pokémon on Hand:  Iwark


Takeshi is the leader of the Nibi City Gym. Takeshi has a room filled with Pokémon he's captured over the years, and one of these Pokémon happens to be Pikachu, Pippi's cousin! The desire to save his cousin gives Pippi the determination needed to defeat Takeshi's powerful and ferocious Iwark.

Takeshi first appeared in Volume One, Chapter Three.

Kasumi (カスミ)

Name:  Kasumi
Pokémon on Hand:  Kamex


Kasumi is the leader of the Hanada City Gym. She has possession of the Moon Stone, a mystical item coveted by Red and his Pippi. Red battles Kasumi and her Kamex for the Moon Stone and wins, but he is dismayed when the Moon Stone is stolen from him by the Mythical Pokémon Mew!

Kasumi first appears in Volume One, Chapter Four.

Matisse (マチス)

Name:  Matisse
Pokémon on Hand:  Biriridama, Kingler, others


Matisse is the Gym Leader of the Kuchiba City Gym. The American marine officer resides in his battleship, where he has taken over 500 Pokémon from various Trainers in the area. Red defeats Matisse, and in the process he destroys his battleship!

Matisse first appears in Volume One, Chapter Six.

??? (???)

Mysterious Pokémon

This unknown Bug-Type Pokémon was the first Pokémon, after Pippi, caught by Red. Other than the fact that it's a Bug-Type, the only other thing known about this Pokémon is that it's supposedly very weak.

The Pokémon was captured in Volume One, Chapter Two, and escaped from its Monster Ball in the same chapter.

Hitokage (ヒトカゲ)


Green's Hitokage is a mischievous little Pokémon who happily goes along with whatever his Trainer wants him to do. In essence, Hitokage is Pippi's rival in the same way that Green is Red's rival.

Hitokage was captured in Volume One, Chapter One.

Masaki (マサキ)

Masaki as Leopard Man

Masaki is a scientist who works in the basement of the water mill outside Hanada City. He was working on making the world's strongest Pokémon by combining two Pokémon together, but his research yielded no results. As a desperate last resort, Masaki decided to combine his partner and himself with the genes of a cat. Masaki was turned into a leapard-man in the process, while his assistant was turned into a creature resembling the Mythical Pokémon Mew! Masaki is eventually returned to normal when Red and Pippi bring him the Moon Stone.

Masaki first appeared in Volume One, Chapter Five.

Mew (ミュウ)

Mew (Human Form)

Mew was Masaki's lab assistant (and possible lover?) before his experiments transformed her into the Mythical Pokémon Mew! In order to return her body back to normal, Mew stole the Moon Stone and took it back to Masaki's lab after Red had won it in a battle with Kasumi. Red and Pippi eventually find them and decide to let the couple use the Moon Stone to return their bodies back to normal. 

Mew first appeared in Volume One, Chapter Four.

Blue's Parents (ブルーの両親)

Blue's parents

Blue's parents live with their son, Blue, in a creepy mansion close to Kuchiba City. The two worry about their son, who seems to be gloomy and depressed because of all the ghost Pokémon he surrounds himself with. After seeing Pippi defeat a Ghos in the mansion, Blue's father asks Red to exterminate the ghosts to help their son. They become happy when the ghost Pokémon are eventually taken care of, but it doesn't seem like Blue has gotten any better...

Blue's parents first appeared in Volume One, Chapter Seven.

Dr. Araragi (アララギ博士)

Dr. Araragi is the first person Red, Pippi, and Pikachu come across in the Isshu region. She gives out Pokémon to any Trainer who comes to her laboratory.

Dr. Araragi is very sensitive about her age and will explode if she is ever referred to as an "old woman" (おばさん). Complimenting her will immediately snap her out of her rage, however.

Dr. Araragi first appears in Volume One, Chapter One of Pocket Monsters BW Series

Touya, Bel, & Cheren (トウヤ、ベル、チェレン)

Characters who seem to be based on Touya, Bel, and Cheren appear at Dr. Araragi's laboratory to claim a Pokémon. The three get into a fight when they can't choose which starter Pokémon to get, but they are eventually calmed down by a speech from Pippi, of all people.

The three appeared briefly in Volume One, Chapter One of Pocket Monsters BW Series.

Pod, Corn, & Dent (ポッド、コーン、デント)

Pokémon on Hand:  Baoppu (Pod), Hiyappu (Corn), Yanappu (Dent)

These three brothers run a restaurant that doubles as the Sanyou City Pokémon Gym. All three of them are known for being incredibly good looking and for never getting into arguments with one another. Pippi tries to get the three brothers to fight in an effort to mess up their teamwork, but all of his attempts are in vain.

Pod, Corn, and Dent first appear in Volume One, Chapter Three of Pocket Monsters BW Series.

N (N)

Pokémon on Hand:  Choroneko

N is a young man who's lived with Pokémon ever since he was little. As a result, he's able to communicate with Pokémon, even those who cannot speak human language. Pippi notices N's ability and decides to make some money off of it by secretly recording a conversation he has with his Choroneko.

In the dream sequence that follows, the CD that Pippi makes from N's recording becomes a huge hit and earns him tons of cash. N angrily enters Pippi's office and demands he stop using his name and likeness without permission.

N appears in Volume One, Chapter Four of Pocket Monsters BW Series.




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