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Volume 01

Table of Contents
Chapter One
The Pokémon Pippi Takes the Stage!
CoroCoro Special
April 1996 Issue
Chapter Two
The Big Battle in Tokiwa Forest!!
CoroCoro Special
June 1996 Issue
Chapter Three
Defeat the Strong Iwark!!
CoroCoro Special
August 1996 Issue
Chapter Four
Get the Moon Stone!!
CoroCoro Comics
September 1996 Issue
Chapter Five
Search for the Mythical Pokémon Mew!!
CoroCoro Comics
October 1996 Issue
Chapter Six
Doing a Lot Even in the Mountains and the Sea!?
CoroCoro Comics
November 1996 Issue
Chapter Seven
Get Rid of the Ghost Pokémon!!
CoroCoro Comics
December 1996 Issue

Chapter One "The Pokémon Pippi Takes the Stage!"
CoroCoro Special April 1996 Issue

The manga begins in Masara Town, where two young boys are running in the street. The two youngsters are rounding the corner of the same building when they bump into each other, causing them to stop in their tracks. As the boys get up, they recognize one another; one is Isamu Akai, aka "Red," and the other is Kai Midorikawa, aka "Green." Green asks Red where he's running to in such a hurry, and Red proudly replies by saying that he was summoned to Dr. Ookido's laboratory. Green bursts Red's bubble by telling his rival that he was also called to Ookido's lab, prompting a race to see who can get there first. 

Red decides to go off the path to take a shortcut, which leads him to a grassy field filled with wild Pokémon. A group of these Pokémon, led by a male Nidoran, approaches Red and tells him that they're monsters, making Red laugh. Nidoran responds by hitting Red with a fire breath attack, setting the wannabe Trainer on fire. After Red runs to the nearest body of water, coconuts begin to fall from the sky, hitting Red's attackers. When Red looks up, he sees that the coconuts are being thrown from a tree by the fairy Pokémon, Pippi. Nidoran immediately orders the strange Pokémon to climb down, but when Pippi tries to obey Nidoran's orders, it slips and falls, landing on Nidoran's head! Nidoran is knocked out, so Red thanks the mysterious Pokémon for saving him. He asks Pippi if it's also a monster, and Pippi responds by saying that it doesn't know. Red says that he didn't know that there were so many different kinds of Pokémon, and Pippi nods in agreement. Suddenly, Red remembers that he's supposed to be heading toward Dr. Ookido's place, so he bids his savior farewell as he resumes his mad dash to Ookido's lab.

When Red shows up at the laboratory, he is dismayed to find that Green had already arrived. As Red catches his breath, Dr. Ookido arrives on the scene and tells the kids that he has an important announcement to make:  he's bald! After he's told to get serious, Dr. Ookido tells the two youngsters that he wants them to complete his Pokémon Bestiary for him. Dr. Ookido is getting too old to do fieldwork, so he wants these two young Trainers-in-the-making to do the work for him. Red asks him how they can complete such a task, and Dr. Ookido approaches a strange object covered in a blanket. He uncovers the blanket to reveal: umeboshi (pickled plum)! Dr. Ookido says that he uncovered the wrong table, and then tries the next table. This time, he lifts the cover to reveal three Monster Balls, each containing one of the Kanto starter Pokémon! Dr. Ookido gives a brief explanation of what they are before Green steps up and chooses Hitokage as his starter . Dr. Ookido tells Green that Hitokage is a strong Pokémon, after which Green heads out the lab's exit in order to start his journey.

However, before Green is able to get outside, the door swings open! Suddenly, the Pippi from outside bounces into the room, jumping off Green's head before landing on the ground. Dr. Ookido yells at the Pokémon, telling it that he told it not to come to his lab. Pippi begins to massage Dr. Ookido's shoulders, and for a while the Pokémon succeeds in making Dr. Ookido forget what he was yelling about. The Pokémon professor soon comes back to his senses and begins yelling again. Red steps up and tells the professor that he wants to make Pippi his starter Pokémon, much to Dr. Ookido's surprise. Pippi is ecstatic at the prospect of having a trainer, so the little Pokémon begins licking Red's face. Dr. Ookido tells Red that Pippi is a dumb Pokémon, so Pippi jumps up and steals Dr. Ookido's toupee in retaliation. Dr. Ookido begins yelling at the Pokémon as Red laughs hysterically at his Pokémon's antics. Green wonders if Red can win with such a Pokémon, and Red responds by saying that he doesn't know. However, he boasts that his new Pokémon once beat five Pokémon single-handedly. Just then, Green's Hitokage goes over to Pippi and burns the Pokémon with its tail! Green laughs at the Pokémon as Red tries to find a fire extinguisher to put out his Pokémon. As Pippi runs around frantically, he starts wrecking Dr. Ookido's lab, causing the Pokémon professor to become angrier and angrier! The chapter ends with Pippi sitting outside Dr. Ookido's lab, still on fire, while Dr. Ookido yells at the Pokémon from the ruins of his lab.

Chapter Two "The Big Battle in Tokiwa Forest!!"
CoroCoro Special June 1996 Issue

Red is in a grassy field, headed for his next destination: the Tokiwa Forest. Red proclaims that he will complete his Pokémon Bestiary in the forest, but his declaration is cut short by Pippi's complaints that he's hungry. Red tells his Pokémon that he should be more concerned with fighting, but the Pokémon says that he doesn't like to fight; he wants to lead a peaceful life instead! Red becomes upset, saying that he chose to travel with Pippi because he thought the Pokémon was the best choice. Pippi walks off without a word, so Red follows Pippi, asking if it heard what he said. But Pippi hadn't walked off in anger; he walked off so that he could pee! Red becomes angry and yells at his Pokémon some more.

Later, Red and Pippi are walking through the aforementioned Tokiwa Forest. Red says that he's hungry while Pippi runs to sit under a tree, saying that he can't walk another step. Red runs off and comes back with a coconut, but Pippi dismisses it as being too small. The Pokémon says that he can't fight unless he has a full stomach, so Red fetches a bigger coconut. The Pokémon happily eats the food up and says that he's now fighting fit. 

Red and Pippi continue to make their way through the Forest, and Red asks Pippi if lots of wild Pokémon really do live there. Suddenly, Pippi runs off and starts digging a pitfall trap to capture Pokémon! Red scolds Pippi, telling him that he has to actually fight the Pokémon they encounter. Suddenly, the two hear a group of Pokémon laughing at them. One of the Pokémon, a Mewtwo-lookalike, asks Red if he's the main character of this manga. Red turns to Pippi and tells him that this is his chance to battle, but Pippi doesn't seem to be too interested. The Mewtwo-lookalike then asks if Red's Pippi is "that stupid Pippi," and Pippi is delighted to know that he's famous. Red, of course, gets angry.

And with that, Pippi's first real Pokémon battle begins! Pippi starts to charge toward the Mewtwo-lookalike, but he inadvertently rushes right past his target and starts beating up on a smaller, much weaker Pokémon. Red scolds Pippi for attacking the wrong target as the other Pokémon just sit and laugh. However, Pippi tells Red that it's his chance to capture the weak Pokémon with a Monster Ball, but Red doesn't seem to know what they are. Red starts to look around in the bushes for one, and Pippi tells him that they should be on his waist. Suddenly, Red pulls down his pants, clutches his own "balls," and ask if those the "Monster Balls" Pippi was referring to! Pippi runs up to Red and shows him the Monster Balls he has on his belt, prompting the young trainer to throw one at the Pokémon Pippi just beat up. Without any trouble at all, the unidentified Pokémon is captured!

The Mewtwo-lookalike laughs at Red and proclaims that weak bug-type Pokémon are useless, but Red says that he'll capture him next. Pippi steps up and says that he has a technique that can help them win; suddenly, Pippi vanishes in a poof of smoke! Everybody looks around to see where the Pokémon had disappeared to, but it turns out that Pippi only shrank himself with his Minimize attack! Pippi claims that he can enter the Pokémon's body and attack them from the inside out, and so without hesitation the Pokémon jumps toward the Mewtwo-lookalike's gaping mouth. However, before Pippi can enter the Mewtwo-lookalike's body, a bird swoops down and scoops up Red's Pokémon! The Pokémon yells for help, but all the wild Pokémon just sit there and laugh. The bird flies off into the distance, and soon Pippi returns looking all battered and bruised! Pippi doesn't give up, however, and says that his next attack is sure to be great. Pippi uses a Barrier attack, and Red tells his Pokémon that the Barrier technique is for defense, not attack! 

Suddenly, the wild Pokémon start to charge, so Red desperately throws a Monster Ball at the Mewtwo-lookalike. The Ball bounces off with no effect! The Mewtwo-lookalike tells Red how stupid he is for throwing a Monster Ball without weakening the Pokémon first, but the trainer from Masara Town just ignores him as he keeps throwing Monster Ball after Monster Ball. The Pokémon keeps charging around, chasing Pippi, until the Mewtwo-looalike kicks Pippi off a cliff! Red runs after his Pokémon while the wild Pokémon turn around and leave. Red carries Pippi to the Pokémon Center, thinking how he'll get those guys back someday.

At the entrance to the Pokémon Center, Red bumps into Green and his Hitokage. Green comments on how Red only has one Pokémon, but Red corrects him by saying that he has TWO Pokémon. Green laughs, saying that he already has ten Pokémon himself! Green tells Red that he should just give up on his quest and return home, and Pippi nods in agreement. Red scolds Pippi for thinking that way before running into the Pokémon Center to treat his Pokémon's wounds.

Inside, Pippi is put into a giant tank, where electricity is used to help heal the Pokémon. Green watches from a nearby window and decides to play a trick, so he has his Hitokage release a fly into the room. The insect lands on the Pokémon Center worker's head, causing the worker to swat at the insect. The fly then lands on a button on the worker's control panel. The worker smacks the fly, but he accidentally hits the 10,000 volt button in the process! 10,000 volts of electricity are sent to Pippi's tank, electrocuting the Pokémon.

Pippi manages to break out of the glass tube, startling Red into dropping the Monster Ball with his Bug-Type Pokémon. The Monster Ball breaks open, and Red's newest Pokémon runs away! The chapter ends with Pippi yelling at the worker for trying to kill him as Red chases after his runaway Pokémon.

Chapter Three "Defeat the Strong Iwark!!"
CoroCoro Special August 1996 Issue

It's a hot day in Nibi City, where we see Red running toward Pippi with some good news. The young Trainer looks for his Pokémon in the spot he had last seen him, but Pippi is nowhere to be found. Red looks around and finally spots his Pokémon eating parfait at an outdoor ice cream shop! Pippi tells his Trainer that he's full now, so Red proclaims that he can fight now. However, instead of jumping up to fight, Pippi decides to take a nap instead! Red angrily wakes his Pokémon up, who thinks that he has no chance of ever winning a Pokémon battle. Red then informs Pippi of his good news; the city that they're in is called Nibi City, and it has a Trainer named Takeshi who runs a Pokémon Gym! Red tells Pippi that if he fights this Trainer and earns the Gym's Badge, he can become stronger. Pippi starts to get excited as the two head for the Gym.

The gang arrives shortly, ready to battle. Pippi decides to do some training first, so he starts to lift weights, do sit-ups, run, and jump rope. After Pippi's workout is finished, Red thinks his Pokémon is ready to battle, but the only thing the now-tired Pippi wants to do is take a nap! Suddenly, a loud noise is heard coming from the gym, followed by Green being thrown through one of the gym's window! As Green tries to recover from the shock, he tells Red that Takeshi and his Pokémon are too strong to battle. Green's Hitokage is also worn out, causing Pippi to try to run away. Red notices a little bit too late as Pippi manages to duck into an alley. Red chases after, but when he arrives at the alley, he's greeted by an old man instead! The old man is obviously Pippi in disguise, so Red wastes no time in scolding his Pokémon for trying such a stupid trick. As Red recaptures his Pokémon, Green starts to walk away, warning Red to be careful.

Just then, Takeshi appears at the door of his gym with his Iwaku wrapped around him like a scarf! Pippi is intimidated by Takeshi's Pokémon, who recognizes Pippi as "that stupid Pippi." Takeshi simply snubs the young challenger, saying that he can defeat him in five minutes. Red tells Pippi that they have to fight, but Red's Pokémon is still apprehensive about battling. Eventually, Red coerces Pippi to enter the gym.

Inside, Red and Pippi are amazed to see all the Monster Balls that belong to Takeshi. As Red and Pippi look around, Pippi hears a cry that belongs to his cousin, Pikachu! Takeshi had caught Pippi's cousin somewhere along the way, and this fills Pippi with anger. The fairy Pokémon charges toward Iwark, but the attack has no effect! Iwark tells his opponent that his body is made out of rock, and that an attack like that is like useless. Pippi doesn't quit yet; he gets out a jackhammer and a hard hat and starts using it on the Rock Pokémon! However, the assault seems to be like a massage to the large Pokémon, not causing any damage at all! Next, the tenacious Pippi throws a stick of dynamite at Takeshi's Pokémon! Iwark is worried for a second before he successfully swats it back with his tail. The TNT explodes in front of Pippi, sending him hurtling toward the ceiling! Takeshi laughs at Pippi's efforts as Red's Pokémon proclaims that it's only getting started.

All of a sudden, Pippi shouts out "Transform!" (Henshin!) and vanishes in a puff of smoke! Red is happy since Iwark can't attack what he can't see. However, Red's Pippi didn't really vanish; it just used Minimize to shrink itself before hiding itself under a desk! After Iwark discovers Pippi's ruse, the fairy Pokémon returns to normal size. Red then bends over to Pippi and tells him that Iwark is weak against water, so Pippi runs off and fetches a bucket full of water. Iwark becomes nervous, but his fears are laid to rest when Pippi accidentally slips and falls, pouring all the water on himself. 

Takeshi has had enough, so he orders his Pokémon to finish the battle. As soon as the command to attack is given, both Red and Pippi start to retreat. Iwark chases after them, unaware that Pippi is leading it around one of the columns supporting the ceiling. Suddenly, Pippi stops to laugh at Iwark, who has inadvertently coiled itself to look like poo!

Takeshi calls his Pokémon stupid for being made a fool of, causing Iwark to hurry up and resume the battle. The Rock-Type Pokémon wraps its body around Pippi and begins to crush the Pokémon as it tells Pippi to die. Suddenly, Pippi gets an idea! The fairy Pokémon grabs a marker and starts to draw a picture of himself on the end of Iwark's tail. Iwark looks down and mistakes the drawing for the real Pippi, so he releases Red's Pokémon and starts chasing after his own tail! Takeshi yells at his Pokémon to stop, but it's too late; Iwark has managed to make himself dizzy! Now's Pippi's chance! Pippi grabs one of the gym's pillars and whacks Iwark over the head with it, knocking Takeshi's Pokémon out. Pippi wins the battle! Red is awarded the Grey Badge as Pippi approaches Pikachu's Monster Ball to let it out. Red offers Pikachu to join the group, and the Pokémon shows its acceptance by hugging Red and electrocuting him! Pippi takes the opportunity to mention that Pikachu will sometimes shock people when it's happy. The chapter ends with Red chasing Pippi and Pikachu, demanding to know why he wasn't told this in the first place.

Chapter Four "Get the Moon Stone!!"
CoroCoro Comics September 1996 Issue

Red, Pippi, and Pikachu have stopped to camp for the night. Red complains that they haven't eaten anything for two days, but stops when he notices that Pippi has gorged himself out on fish! And he has another fish with him! Red tries to take the fish away from Pippi, but the Pokémon argues that he has to save it for tomorrow. As the two struggle, Pippi's fish falls from their grasp and right into Pikachu's mouth! The mouse Pokémon swallows the fish in one gulp, much to Pippi's dismay! Since his meal is now gone, Pippi feels that it's Pikachu's responsibility to catch him another fish. So, he takes Pikachu over to the nearby river and plans to use his tail as a fishing lure! Red warns Pippi, saying that Pikachu's body conducts electricity when placed in water, but Pippi ignores Red's warning as Pikachu poops into the river! After being scolded by Pippi, Pikachu's tail is dipped into the water, causing all the fish in the water to become electrocuted! Now the trio has all the fish they can eat! The gang gathers around a campfire and start pigging out on all the meat Pikachu got for them.

That night, the gang is still eating when a Zubat swoops down and takes one of Pippi's fish. Pippi tells him to give it back, but the Zubat won't return the fish to "that stupid Pippi." Pippi responds by tackling Zubat, sending it spiraling down toward the earth. When it lands, a glow of light is seen; Zubat has evolved into Golbat! And he's pissed off! Golbat starts to chase after Pippi, threatening to drink his blood, until a Monster Ball is thrown at the bat Pokémon. Golbat is caught in the Monster Ball, and before long the Trainer who threw the Monster Ball is revealed to be Green! Green taunts the trio for a little while before telling him that he doesn't bother with small fry like them. He's on a mission to find all 151 Pokémon, including the Mythical Pokémon Mew! Green turns around and walks off, wishing Red good luck. Red is now determined to surpass his rival, so he thinks of ways of getting new Pokémon. Red reasons that Pikachu should be able to evolve, and Pippi pipes up and says that he can evolve too! Red asks him how, and he responds by saying that he needs a lot of delicious food before he can evolve! Red runs off to fetch some, thinking that Pippi won't be able to evolve until then. Red returns shortly after with a buffet of fruit! After the fairy Pokémon is done eating, he says that the next step is to have a hot bath. And after that, Pippi takes a nap! Red yells at Pippi, telling him to be serious for once. 

After Red's beaten up Pippi, the fairy Pokémon tells his Trainer that here at the Moon-Viewing Mountain there is a mysterious stone called the Moon Stone that will enable Pippi to become stronger. This motivates Red to start a search for this stone, so Red, Pippi, and Pikachu start to look through the grass. Red asks his Pokémon what the stone looks like, but Pippi doesn't have any idea because he'd never seen one himself! Red starts to yell at his Pokémon until he is told to be quiet by a Kabigon sleeping in a nearby tree! Red, who had never seen a Pokémon like that before, is told that the Kabigon has been living in the forest near the Moon-Viewing Mountain for 100 years. Pippi becomes excited and asks the Pokémon if he knows anything about the Moon Stone, and he responds by telling him that a leader in Hanada City named Kasumi has one of these stones. Red and Pippi become excited, so they instantly head toward Hanada City.

When the trio arrives in Hanada City, they are shocked to learn that the Gym is situated in the middle of a river!  As they try to figure out a way to get to the Gym, Red and the gang are approached by the Gym Leader, Kasumi! Pippi notices that Kasumi is wearing a Moon Stone around her neck, and Kasumi guesses that the stone is the gang's objective. She tells them that if they want it, they'll have to defeat her in a Pokémon battle first! Pippi is fired up until he sees Kasumi's Pokémon rise from the river around her Gym; it's a Kamex! Pippi starts to run away, but Red pulls him back, saying that he has to battle. Meanwhile, Kamex starts to taunt the "cowardly Pokémon," a comment which insults Red's Pokémon. Pippi jumps up and moves in to kick Kamex, but the turtle Pokémon withdraws its head into its shell to avoid the attack! Pippi goes crashing into the Gym's wall, but he won't give up yet! Pippi returns to the battle, this time holding a large stick. Pippi approaches Kamex and starts trying to flip Kamex over on its shell, but it's no use! Kamex simply slaps the Pokémon away, confusing it for a while. 

Kasumi decides to get serious, so she orders her Kamex to give their opponent an example of their power. Kamex's cannons appear on its shell as two tubes slide out of its back and into the river behind it. Water comes rushing up the tubes and are fired out of the cannons on Kamex's back, producing a Hydro Pump-like attack! The attack hits Pippi dead-on, pushing it further against the wall! Luckily, Pippi is able to muster enough energy to create a Barrier attack which repels Kamex's stream of water. Red laughs at how easily Pippi deflected the attack, but it's Kasumi who has the last laugh when debris such as seashells and leaves start pouring out the Hydro Pump! The shells hit Pippi, knocking him into the water! Pippi is unable to swim, so Red can only sit by helplessly as he watches his Pokémon sink below the water's surface.  

Suddenly, Kasumi notices that the water around her Gym has started to recede. Before too long, everyone is able to see the cause; Pippi has been sucking up all the water in the river! The fairy Pokémon has ballooned out to a huge size, and soon he releases all the water onto Kamex! The large amount of water sends Kamex blasting off, earning a victory for Red and Pippi! As Red and Pikachu congratulate their comrade, Kasumi concedes defeat. She approaches Red to give him the Moon Stone as his reward, but a mysterious figure whizzes by and snatches it from her hand!

As everyone wonders what happened, Green and his Hitokage approach our heroes and asks them if the legendary Pokémon Mew just came by as everyone realizes who it was who stole Pippi's Moon Stone! Red wonders what the Pokémon could want with an item like that, but there's no time to ponder that now; they have to find Mew and retrieve Pippi's Moon Stone!

Chapter Five "Search for the Mythical Pokémon Mew!!"
CoroCoro Comics October 1996 Issue

In a forest, Red and Pippi are searching for the elusive Pokémon, Mew. As Red wonders where the Pokémon could have disappeared to, Pippi is heard, from a distance, making a discovery! When Red rushes to see what it was, he is disappointed to see that the "discovery" is nothing more than a berry lying in the middle of the forest floor. Red reminds his Pokémon that they're searching for the Moon Stone that Mew took so that he can evolve, but Pippi says that he forgot. Just then, Pippi sees a bunch of footprints on the ground that could belong to Mew! As Red and Pippi follow the trail, they see a shadowy figure in the distance that looks like Mew! When the two arrive, they find that the figure belongs to Pikachu, whose busy taking a poop! After Pippi yells at Pikachu for fooling them (while kicking his face into his own turd), the fairy Pokémon complains about how tiring all this searching is and how he can't go another step. Just then, Green and Hitokage rush past, with Hitokage telling his trainer that he saw Mew run off in the direction they're running toward. Red, Pippi, and Pikachu develop huge grins on their faces as they secretly follow Green and his Pokémon to a nearby water mill. There, Green is determined to capture Mew without fail!

Green enters the water mill and closes the door behind him, so Red and his Pokémon follow. When they enter the building, they are surprised to see that both Green and Mew are nowhere to be seen! Red breaks out a flashlight to help them search the dark building, where he soon finds Green searching in the dark! After the two Trainers scold each other for scaring one another, Green tells Red that he found no trace of the Pokémon in the mill. Suddenly, Pikachu starts to go crazy, jumping up and down and speaking in its Pokémon language. Pippi interprets for his cousin, saying that Pikachu thinks that there's a secret room hidden underneath the floorboards. When Red lifts up the floorboard, he is shocked to see that there's a huge, underground laboratory filled with computers! Green wonders why such a room would be built underground as Pippi runs from computer to computer, ecstatic that there are video games at each terminal. Suddenly, Green lets out a gasp, prompting Red to run to Green's side to see what the fuss is about. He sees four new Pokémon (all of which were made up for the manga) standing in front of them! Pippi wonders where such Pokémon could be caught, and Green responds by saying that the Pokémon weren't caught; they were created!

Suddenly, the creator of the Pokémon, a humanoid leopard creature, appears out of nowhere! The unidentified creature assures our heroes that he means them no harm, much to everyone's relief. Green asks him why he created those Pokémon, and he responds by saying that he's performing an experiment to create the strongest Pokémon by combining two Pokémon together. Green guesses the the computers in the room allow him to combine the two Pokémon, and the leopard creature confirms this for him. However, he hasn't had any successful experiments yet! Red them wonders what the Pokémon they saw were, and the leopard responds by saying that they're merely plush animals! 

Suddenly, the leopard man starts to go wild and bares his fangs, ready to attack! He starts chasing after Pippi, planning to use him as an ingredient in his next experiment! As Pippi is being chased, a voice is heard, telling them to stop; it's Mew! Pippi tells the Mythical Pokémon, whose wearing the Moon Stone around her neck, to return the Moon Stone. Mew then tells the leopard man, Masaki, to stop attacking these innocent creatures. Mew tells our heroes that both Masaki and herself were once humans who were trying to create the strongest Pokémon ever. Masaki had struggled with failed attempt after failed attempt until he decided, one day, to try combining a human with an animal to create the strongest Pokémon. The couple decided to be the human guinea pigs, but the experiment ended in failure when Masaki was turned into a leopard man while his partner was turned into a Mew! They hadn't been able to find a way to return to normal before, but Mew says that they found that if they set the Moon Stone into one of their machines, they'll be able to return back to normal! Pippi argues that he needs the Moon Stone to become stronger, but the little Pokémon agrees to share the Moon Stone with them for the time being. 

Suddenly, without warning, Green throws a Monster Ball at Mew! Masaki jumps in the way in time to block the Monster Ball, preventing the capture. Everyone is shocked at Green's actions as Red wonders how far Green will go to complete his Pokémon Bestiary. Pippi becomes especially angry, so he decides to fight Green's Hitokage.

The first thing Pippi does is run off and grab a firefighter's truck, uniform and all. Pippi threatens to spray the fire hose on Hitokage, extinguishing his flame, but the fire-type Pokémon simply laughs as it disappears in a poof of smoke. When it reappears, everyone is shocked to see that it has skipped the Lizardo stage and evolved directly into Lizardon! Lizardon begins chasing Pippi right away, attacking it with a Flamethrower-like attack.

Red wonders how Pippi can defeat such a huge Pokémon while Masaki, who's being ignored by the battling Trainers, runs over to his computer. He plans to use his computers to make Lizardon smaller, enabling Pippi to defeat him. When Masaki finishes his preparations, he tells Pippi to lure Lizardon onto a capsule in the middle of the room. But how is he supposed to do that!? Pippi tries anyway, taunting Lizardon while running away from him. Pippi leaps into the capsule, followed by Lizardon. However, Pippi is unable to get out in time! Masaki ends up shrinking both the Pokémon, causing Red and Pikachu to laugh at Pippi while Green decides to give up on his quest for Mew at the moment.

Soon after, Red takes the Moon Stone over to Masaki's machine in order to return both Masaki and Mew back to normal. After the machine does its thing, Mew is turned into a beautiful woman while Masaki it turned into an ugly man! The chapter ends with both Red and Green running away from the scary monster that Masaki had become.

Chapter Six "Doing a Lot Even in the Mountains and the Sea!?"
CoroCoro Comics November 1996 Issue

One day, Red is eating a rice ball on the top of a grassy hill. Pippi approaches Red and asks Red if he can share, but the Pokémon's Trainer responds by saying that Pippi already ate. Pippi doesn't give up, asking for half a rice ball as he tries to wrestle it from Red's hands. The food falls out of Red's hand during the struggle and lands inside a cave. Red and his Pokémon follow, noting how the cave is too dark to see anything. Suddenly, Pippi accidentally steps on a Digda's head! The Pokémon becomes furious and starts causing an earthquake that shakes the entire cave. Red and his Pokémon all attempt to leave before they're trapped, but it's too late; rocks have fallen in front of the entrance, preventing them from leaving! As everyone wonders what they'll do, Pikachu starts to use some of its electrical powers to illuminate itself like a light bulb. Now they can see to navigate themselves around the cave! Pippi picks up Pikachu and starts to light the way, stating that they can now continue their search for the lost rice ball! After Red scolds Pippi for being stupid, the gang starts their search for a way out. 

Suddenly, the trio hears a voice telling them to wait. The voice ends up belonging to a Digda, who's still angry at Pippi for stepping on his head. Digda retreats underground before reappearing underneath Pippi, hitting him in the balls! As Pippi writhes around in pain, the mole Pokémon tells our heroes that there's only one exit left, but they'll never find it since the cave is filled with a countless amount of holes and tunnels! Suddenly, Pippi runs off and comes back with a mallet. He's ready to play a Whack-a-Mole game with the Digda! Pippi tells the Pokémon that if they don't tell him where the exit is, he'll hit them with the mallet. The Digda laugh at his threats as it effortlessly dodges all of Pippi's attempts. After a short while, Pikachu approaches Pippi and whispers in his ear, prompting Pippi to run off. When he comes back, he has a mallet with five hammers on it! Since there are so many hammers, Pippi is able to cover five different holes with each hit, enabling him to quickly find and whack the Digda. The mole Pokémon concedes defeat, so he tells our heroes that the exit is the hole that has air flowing out of it. Red licks his finger and raises it into the air, and soon he is able to detect a flow of air.  However, he notes that it has a strange odor to it and wonders why that is until he notices Pikachu sitting in the corner, farting! 

Red and his friends eventually find their way out and wander their way to the Kuchiba City Pokémon Center. After Red drops his Pippi and Pippi off with the receptionist, he notices that Green and his Hitokage (!) are sitting by a computer nearby. Red notices that Dr. Ookido is on the computer screen, and Green tells him that he's having his Pokémon Bestiary evaluated by the professor. The results are that Green has captured 50 Pokémon while Red has only captured three! Dr. Ookido becomes angry at Red's lack of progress, so a boxing glove appears from the computer and punches Red in the face!

Green departs to continue his journey, leaving Red left to wonder why Dr. Ookido was so angry at him. He then looks around and notices that Pikachu is sitting in the lobby, but that Pippi is nowhere to be found. Much to his surprise, Red finds out that Pippi is busy getting a massage in the center's massage room! Red pulls his Pokémon out of the room and leaves the Pokémon Center, ignoring the employees who ask him to pay his bill.

Outside, Red is determined to work harder to complete his Pokémon Bestiary. Pippi looks around and sees a luxury cruise ship called the St. Anne. This ship has an amusement park on the deck, and the fairy Pokémon desperately wants to go. However, Red tells him that they came to that area to check out the fishing spot, much to Pippi's dismay. Red approaches the stand and looks over the selection of fishing rods before choosing the Old Fishing Rod that costs 350 yen. After choosing a spot to fish, Pippi sits down with the rod in his hand, but soon he becomes bored when he doesn't catch anything. Suddenly, he feels a heavy tug, so he pulls and pulls until he fishes out...a tea kettle! Red questions whether or not there really are fish Pokémon in the area while Pippi sneaks off and grabs a Super Rod from the fisherman's stand. The salesman notices, but Pippi feels a tug on the line before the salesman is able to stop him. Pippi pulls on the fishing line and fishes out a large Kingler! The crab Pokémon quickly clasps onto Pippi's nose, causing Pippi to flail about helplessly!

Just then, the gang hears the voice with a foreign accent telling the Kingler to return. Red wonders who this man on the ship is, and a few of the people on the street tell Red that the man is an American naval officer named Matisse! Matisse tells Red that he wanted to capture some Japanese Pokémon, but the townspeople start throwing rocks at him, saying that he's already captured 500 of their creatures! Red climbs the walkway leading to the ship's deck, thinking of how they can use Matisse's Pokémon to complete his Pokémon Bestiary. However, Matisse says that he'll take Red's Pokémon to add to his collection! With that, a Pokémon battle starts!

Matisse begins by throwing a Monster Ball at Red's Pippi. Pippi puts up a barrier, preventing the Monster Ball from capturing him! However, the Ball is stuck to Pippi's barrier, and he soon finds out why; the Ball that was thrown wasn't a Monster Ball--it was a Biriridama! The sphere-shaped Pokémon lets out an electrical attack that shocks Pippi, so he asks his cousin to come to his rescue. Pikachu appears and jumps onto Biriridama's body, attacking it with an electrical attack of its own! Biriridama seems to be losing, so Matisse tells it to hurry up and evolve. The Pokémon evolves, disappearing in a poof of smoke and reappearing as a Marumine! 

Matisse's Pokémon starts to chase Pippi, eventually hitting him on the head. Then, the Pokémon starts to bounce about, ricocheting off the ship's walls and hitting Pippi each time it passes. As Pippi gets pummeled by attack after attack, he gets an idea; he'll take a plank of wood and hit Marumine like a baseball! Marumine laughs and invites Pippi to try, but the fairy Pokémon is unable to score a hit. Marumine laughs and taunts its opponent some more while Pikachu, who's going around unnoticed, uses its electrical attacks to break one of the ship's giant steam pipes! Pippi grabs the pipe and swats Marumine with it, knocking the Electric-Type Pokémon into one of the ship's cannons!

Matisse screams and says that if Marumine goes off inside, they're all done for! As soon as he says this, a light emanates from the barrel of the cannon before it explodes! The ship has been completely destroyed! The chapter ends with everyone floating among the driftwood with all of Matisse's captured Pokémon declaring their freedom.

Chapter Seven "Get Rid of the Ghost Pokémon!!"
CoroCoro Comics December 1996 Issue

It's a dark and stormy night, and our heroes are running around in the rain, trying to find shelter. The trio of Red, Pippi, and Pikachu find a tree that they hope will shield them from the rain, but it's proven to do no good when Pikachu's tail is accidentally used as a lightning rod to lure the lightning right to them! After the gang recovers, Pippi sneezes and announces that he think he's caught a cold. Red is now worried about his Pokémon's health, so he desperately searches for shelter. The young Trainer spots an old mansion in the distance, so he takes his Pokémon there to get shelter from the rain. 

When Red and his Pokémon enter the mansion, they are spooked out by the eerie atmosphere of the place. Pippi notices a human-shaped shadow, but when he gets closer, he sees that it's a cross-shaped gravestone! In fact, there are dozens of gravestones lined up against one of the mansion's walls! Pippi thinks that the gravestones are hard, rock-like people until Red tells him what they really are. But what are gravestones like this doing in a mansion in the first place? Lighting strikes again outside, which causes Pippi to quiver in fear. Red says that he usually sings whenever he's scared, so Pippi decides to break out a karaoke machine to help him calm his nerves. However, instead he pulls out a coffin instead! (In Japanese, the word for coffin, kanoke, sounds very similar to the word karaoke). 

While Red is busy calling Pippi stupid, a Ghos emerges from the coffin that Pippi brought out! Pikachu notices the Pokémon and tries to tell everyone, but the ghost Pokémon disappears before Pikachu can get everyone's attention. Pippi doesn't believe his cousin, thinking that Pikachu was just seeing things. Pippi says that they should hurry up and find the owner of the mansion, but when he does, Ghos appears before Pippi and says that he's the master! Pippi runs away, scared, so Ghos follows him. The Ghost-Type Pokémon then swoops in front of Pippi and uses its psychic powers to lift Pippi up off the ground! Ghos then slams Pippi to the floor as Red tells his Pokémon to beware of Ghos' hypnotism. Pippi stands up and says that it's his turn to attack, so he performs a jumping kick to Ghos' body. However, Pippi's kick passes right through the ghost Pokémon's body, causing him to smash right through a window! Pippi gets back into the battle and tries punching it a few more times, causing Ghos to laugh at Pippi's futile attacks. Pippi sees that his strategy isn't working, so he runs off and gets a giant Buddha statue! Pippi, dressed as a priest, starts to perform some ghost exorcism chants! Before long, Ghos disappears, meaning that Pippi has won! 

After the battle, two more figures approach our heroes from behind. At first, Red and his Pokémon are startled, but soon they realize that the figures are humans! The man approaches Pippi and says that he saw his power and wants him to help out his son, Blue. He wants Pippi to get rid of the ghost Pokémon so that his son will become a cheerful boy, adding that if they don't, they'll have to go back out to the rain and thunder. Red and his Pokémon, with an annoyed look on their faces, turn around to leave, but they stop when Blue's father pleads with them to come back. 

Red and his Pokémon decide to help, so they climb the stairs in the center of the room leading up to Blue's room. When they enter, they are shocked to see that everything in the room is either blue or has something to do with the word blue!

Soon, they see a bespectacled boy hunched over a book, and everyone guesses that he must be the son of the man from downstairs. Blue comes off as being very cold and gloomy, and he tells Red that he uses ghost Pokémon. Red says that they came there to get rid of all the ghost Pokémon, so Blue angrily calls out his Pokémon, Ghost! Ghost uses a hypnotism attack, just like the Ghos downstairs, to make Pippi believe that there's a huge plate of food in front of him! Blue's Pokémon then orders Pippi to start attacking itself, and so the fairy Pokémon obeys! After beating himself senseless, Pippi looks so horrifying that Ghost accidentally slams itself against a wall in terror! Red seems happy that his Pokémon is winning, but Blue isn't finished yet; he orders his Ghost to evolve into Gangar! Ghost obeys, and with a puff of smoke, Blue's Ghost evolves! 

Gangar starts off by punching Pippi in the face. Pippi becomes angry, so he starts charging toward Blue's Pokémon! However, Gangar vanishes in mid-air and then reappears behind Pippi, where it attacks the fairy Pokémon! Gangar continues to attack, invisible, while Blue watches on while wearing a special pair of goggles. Pippi continues to get beaten, so he starts to flail his arms about until he accidentally knocks Blue's special goggles off his face! Red tells Pippi that those glasses are called the Silph Scope, and that if he wears them, he'll be able to track Gangar's movements. Pippi puts them on and quickly finds Blue's Pokémon, dodging all the attacks the Pokémon can throw at it. Pippi announces that it's his turn to attack, so he uses Metronome attack to make Gangar fall asleep! Red tells Pippi that this is his chance, but Pippi has fallen asleep as well! Red's Pokémon quickly wakes up and resumes the battle, taking out a vacuum cleaner to slurp up Blue's Pokémon, defeating the last of the mansion's ghost Pokémon! Blue's parents come upstairs to thank Red as the young Trainer asks Blue if he feels any better without the ghost Pokémon around. However, Blue turns around and glares at Red, angry at his Pokémon for wrecking his collection of blue items! The chapter ends with Red and his Pokémon running away from an angry Blue.




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