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Table of Contents
Chapter One
They're Super Popular! A Black and White Pippi!?
CoroCoro Comics
June 2010 Issue
Chapter Two
Search for Cherry Blossoms!!

Chapter Three
Py's First Errand ♪

Chapter Four
Pippi's Computer Training Boot Camp!!
CoroCoro Comics
July 2010 Issue
Chapter Five
Who's the Real Villain!?
CoroCoro Comics
August 2010 Issue
Chapter Six
The Hot Radio Gymnastics Battle!!
CoroCoro Special
October 2010 Issue
Chapter Seven
Pippi's Nature Classroom!!
CoroCoro Comics
September 2010 Issue
Chapter Eight
The Professors' Major Research!!
CoroCoro Special
December 2010 Issue
Chapter Nine
The Crazy Cooking Battle!!

Chapter Ten
Balkie's Gorgeous Life!!

Chapter Eleven
Balkie Returns to its Hometown!?
CoroCoro Comics
October 2010 Issue

Chapter One "They're Super Popular! A Black and White Pippi!?"
CoroCoro Comics June 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Two "Search for Cherry Blossoms!!"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Three "Py's First Errand ♪"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Four "Pippi's Computer Training Boot Camp!!"
CoroCoro Comics July 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Five "Who's the Real Villain!?"
CoroCoro Comics August 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Six "The Hot Radio Gymnastics Battle!!"
CoroCoro Comics October 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Seven "Pippi's Nature Classroom!!"
CoroCoro Comics September 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Eight "The Professors' Major Research!!"
CoroCoro Comics December 2010 Issue

Outside an office building, a banner reading "The First Pokémon Meeting" is draped across the front. Inside, Dr. Ookido stands at a podium in front of a crowd of professors. Among those in the crowd are Dr. Utsugi from Johto, Dr. Nanakamado from Sinnoh, and Dr. Araragi from Isshu. Dr. Ookido addresses the crowd, telling them that they have a big problem on their hands. Dr. Nanakamado wonders what in the world he's talking about, commenting on how Dr. Ookido doesn't seem like himself.

Dr. Ookido draws everyone's attention to a monitor broadcasting images of Red's Pippi! The images of Pippi sleeping, eating, and picking his nose cause everyone in the crowd to do one giant facefault. Dr. Utsugi yells at Dr. Ookido for bringing them all out there for this, but Dr. Ookido responds by saying that the problem isn't just with Pippi. He tells everyone that Pippi is making Pokémon everywhere look bad and proposes that they bring Pippi in, study his behavior, and then take steps to re-educate him. Dr. Nanakamado wonders how Pippi can be lured to their meeting, with Dr. Utsugi adding that he wouldn't willingly come if he knew what they were planning. Dr. Ookido takes out a Berry and tells everyone that it'll be OK.

Suddenly, Pippi bursts through the building's glass door and snatches the food out of Dr. Ookido's hands! As Pippi gorges on the piece of fruit, Dr. Ookido explains that Pippi will show up wherever there's food. 

Outside, Red and Pikachu wonder where Pippi ran off to.

Back at the meeting, Dr. Utsugi scolds Pippi for not taking their research (kenkyuu) seriously. Suddenly, Pippi dresses up like a salaryman and starts bowing profusely as he apologizes for taking a bunch of days off from work. Dr. Ookido slaps him and tells him that Dr. Utsugi said kenkyuu, not renkyuu ("multiple days off in a row"). Dr. Utsugi and Dr. Araragi begin to laugh, so Dr. Ookido yells at them for encouraging the Pokémon.

The professors in the room begin to gather around Pippi and wonder where they should start their research. Dr. Utsugi suggests they start with checking his height and weight. Pippi's face suddenly goes pale as he tells everyone that he hadn't prepared yet. With that, he strips down to his boxers - even though he wasn't wearing any clothes to begin with - and tells the professors that if he had known they were going to do this, he would have taken a bath the night before and put on fresh underwear this morning. As other small students, all in their underwear, begin lining up in front of a nurse's room, Dr. Ookido yells that this is not an elementary school health check. Dr. Utsugi adds that Pippi doesn't need underwear, something Pippi hadn't thought about. Pippi steps up on the scale, and Dr. Utsugi reads the results. He tells everyone that Pippi hasn't grown an inch since the last time and that he's so heavy they can't measure him properly. Pippi starts to humbly laugh, so Dr. Ookido tells him that those weren't compliments. 

Dr. Ookido then shows Pippi the monitor the professors were looking at earlier. The display shows Pippi napping, eating sweets, and standing in a long line. Dr. Ookido begins to complain that Pippi just takes naps, stuffs his face without ever worrying about what anyone else thinks, and that breaks battle appointments to go wait in line at the ramen shop for five hours at a time! He then explains that they'll make him more Pokémon-like by making him battle. At that, Pippi begins to stuff his face with a box filled with Berries. Dr. Utsugi asks what's going on, and Dr. Ookido tells him that in order to boost his energy level, he thought it'd be a good idea to give him some nutritional supplements first. Dr. Utsugi gets excited at the idea of Pippi going into "Serious Mode" but is quickly disappointed when the Pokémon's belly swells until it can no longer move! Dr. Ookido yells that they're not there to train his stomach.

Dr. Utsugi concludes that Pippi has no physical ability due to the poor shape he's in. Pippi vehemently denies this, boasting that he can run 100 meters in 9.45 seconds, can do a nine meter broad jump, and run a full marathon in two hours and five minutes. Dr. Utsugi is impressed until Pippi reveals that those are merely his targets. 

Next, Dr. Nanakamado suggests they try pumping up Pippi's battle strength, causing the Pokémon to get fired up and tell everyone to bring it on! Whether it's Pichu or Py or Maril, he says, he'll beat them!  Dr. Ookido points out that he's only naming Pokémon smaller than him. Suddenly, with a loud thud, Giratina appears and says that it'll be Pippi's opponent! Pippi wonders what in the world it's doing there, so Dr. Ookido explains that they made a special request to have it come there to battle. 

Giratina looks down at Pippi and tells it to hurry up.  Dr. Ookido wonders how Pippi will fight Giratina since it can't use any techniques. At that moment, Pippi pulls out a book entitled "The Book of Pippi's Attacks" (ピッピの技の本) and asks Giratina to give him a minute! As the professors fall over in shock, Giratina laughs at how much guts Pippi has. The fairy Pokémon slams the book shut and tells his opponent that he's ready now.

The battle starts with Pippi marching over to Giratina and using Finger Wag ("Metronome"). The attack has no effect, so an angry Pippi releases Stay With this Finger ("Follow Me"). Giratina laughs, wondering if finger-based attacks are all Pippi can use. Dr. Ookido sees what Giratina is saying and tells Pippi that it needs to use techniques that make use of his entire body, not just his fingers. Pippi gets a determined look on his face, jumps forward...and uses Sleep. Dr. Ookido slaps him awake, telling him not to use only the techniques he wants. Giratina becomes fed up with Pippi's fooling around and leaves. 

Dr. Utsugi concludes that Pippi cannot be taught. Dr. Nanakamado disagrees and points out the fact that Pippi didn't give up and stuck the fight out until the end. He adds that it's their job to find a way to nurture this determination of his and that they shouldn't expect results right away. Dr. Ookido agrees with him. Dr. Utsugi steps forward at this moment and tells him that he disagrees, saying that the two of them are old men and therefore have outdated ways of thinking. The three begin to fight, punching each other as a large Looney Tunes style cloud of smoke envelops them. Pippi tries to break up the fighting, but one of the professors kicks him in the head while calling him fat.

The fight continues until a gavel hits a podium. When the professors look up, they see Pippi standing at the same podium Dr. Ookido was standing at earlier while the monitor behind Pippi displays an image of the professors fighting one another. Pippi tells everyone that they have a big problem on their hands, and the professors apologize and look on in horror at what they've become. The three stop for a second, however, as they realize that the reason they were fighting in the first place was because of a disagreement over Pippi. The chapter ends with the three professors ganging up on Pippi and attacking him.

Chapter Nine "The Crazy Cooking Battle!!"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Ten "Balkie's Gorgeous Life!!"

Summary coming later!

Chapter Eleven "Balkie Returns to its Hometown!?"
CoroCoro Comics October 2010 Issue

Summary coming later!

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