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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Kousaku Anakubo's Pocket Monsters

Table of Contents
Chapter One
A New Journey in the Isshu Region!!
CoroCoro Comics
November 2010 Issue
Chapter Two
Battle at the Hot Guy Restaurant!?
CoroCoro Comics
December 2010 Issue
Chapter Three
I Wanna Talk to Pokémon!
CoroCoro Comics
January 2011 Issue
Chapter Four
Show Time for Fighting Pokémon!?
CoroCoro Comics
February 2011 Issue
Chapter Five
Look for the Gym Leader's Weakness!
CoroCoro Comics
March 2011 Issue
Chapter Six
Mad Rush at the Marathon!
CoroCoro Special
April 2011 Issue
Chapter Seven
Pippi's Sti~nky Friends
CoroCoro Comics
April 2011 Issue
Chapter Eight
I Wanna Get Good Lu~ck!
CoroCoro Comics
May 2011 Issue
Chapter Nine
Detective Pippi's Strange Deduction!?
CoroCoro Special
June 2011 Issue
Chapter Ten
Get the Ancient Treasure...!?
CoroCoro Comics
June 2011 Issue
Chapter Eleven
Pippi's Roller Coaster Battle
CoroCoro Comics
July 2011 Issue
Chapter Twelve
You're Invited to the Undersea Ruins
CoroCoro Special
August 2011 Issue

Chapter One "A New Journey in the Isshu Region!!"
CoroCoro Comics November 2010 Issue

After separating from Balkie, Red and the others are riding a bike when they crash. As they pick themselves up from the crash site, they see themselves surrounded by Pokémon they don't recognize. The Pokémon are Minezumi, Koromori, Munna, and Mogurew.

Red and Pikachu both stand up. Red wonders where in the world they are and who these strange Pokémon are. Suddenly, he looks over and sees the strangest Pokémon of all! Before long, he realizes that the bruised, bloody creature before him is Pippi! Red tells Pippi that he didn't recognize him because his face was so beaten up, so Pippi responds wiping his face and bragging about how hot he is now!

In any case, Red figures, they should hurry up and figure out where they are. A Minezumi approaches them and begins talking, so Red asks Pippi to translate for them. Pippi listens and is perplexed by Minezumi's statement to "look around" (isshuu suru in Japanese) but decides that the Pokémon is telling them that if they look around, they'll be able to figure out where they are. Pippi begins to run around excitedly until an annoyed Minezumi corrects him. He was saying that they were in Isshu, not that they should isshuu suru! Red angrily hits Pippi, telling him to translate things more properly in the future. Pippi, now sporting a huge welt on his head and a nosebleed, reckons that Isshu is far removed from the Kanto and Johto regions. This can only mean one thing; Red and the others are on a new adventure!

Pippi tells Red that they can catch more Pokémon and add some more friends to the group. Pippi seems excited and ready to go but quickly shows his true colors when he hops into a hammock and tells Red to knock himself out! After Red punches back to earth, Pippi listens to Minezumi tell him that a person named Dr. Araragi has a laboratory nearby and that they can get a new friend there. Red thanks Minezumi and asks it what its name is. Once he finds out, he tells Pippi to give Minezumi a Berry for all its help. Minezumi is surprised to see the fairy Pokémon with the huge pile of Berries that Pippi had been hoarding. However, this sense of surprise quickly turns to annoyance when Pippi flees the scene, leaving behind the tiniest Berry he could find!

After some time, Red and the others arrive at Dr. Araragi's laboratory. As the trio opens the door, Pippi wonders if Dr. Araragi will be an old man like Dr. Ookido. When they see the female professor sitting at her desk, Pippi declares that she's not an old man; she's an old woman! Dr. Araragi begins yelling at them, demanding to know what they meant. Red tries to smooth things over by apologizing and saying that all they can see in the room is a young lady. Dr. Araragi's rage instantly disappears as if a switch had just been flicked. Pippi and the others are shocked at her sudden transformation.

Red tells Dr. Araragi that he's a Trainer. She guesses that he's there to get a Pokémon and tells him that he's the 30th person to come to her lab for that purpose. Pippi assumes that she's about to tell them that she's given away all the Pokémon she has, but she surprises them by bringing out a box with a Mijumaru, Pokabu, and Tsutarja. After the starter Pokémon introduce themselves, Pippi puts on a salaryman costume and hands them a business card! Red scolds his Pokémon for being stupid and then turns his attention back to the starters. He wonders what Pokémon he should get, and Pippi says he likes Pokabu the best. Dr. Araragi interrupts them and says that she hasn't actually agreed to give him a Pokémon yet! She explains that those three Pokémon have already been promised to three Trainers, prompting Pippi to ask why she didn't tell them sooner. 

Dr. Araragi tells Red that he already has an adorable Pikachu, but then she asks if that sumo-looking Pokémon over there belongs to him as well. After Pippi and Red re-enact a sumo match, Red tells the professor that he's just his Pippi. Dr. Araragi apologizes and tells Red that she didn't think they got that fat. Pippi fires back by calling Dr. Araragi a rude old woman, prompting her to rip a phone book apart in her rage! Red calls her a young lady again, and, like before, Dr. Araragi's rage cools down almost immediately.

Suddenly, Red gets a sly look on his face and tells Pippi that if they kiss up to her, they might be able to coax her into giving them a Pokémon. Pippi decides to do this by dressing up in a suit, removing his hat, getting down on one knee, and proclaiming how beautiful she is. Dr. Araragi is flattered. He continues, saying that her style is outstanding and that she's as lovely as any movie star. Suddenly, the professor spots a book tucked in Pippi's hat entitled "The Book for Flattering Women" (女性をほめる本) and calls him out for merely reading somebody else's words. She then informs Red and the others that she knows what they're trying to do and that they should just give up. Red tries asking again, but Dr. Araragi won't budge. 

At that moment, Pippi says that there are plenty of Pokémon outside and that they'll just catch their own. After Pippi storms out of the laboratory, Red finds himself impressed with Pippi's new attitude. Dr. Araragi seems to be happy for Pippi as well.

Red and Pikachu rush outside to catch up with Pippi, but he's nowhere to be found! Suddenly, they spot him behind a booth he set up advertising that they're now hiring for new Pokémon! Three meals a day and naps included! No experience needed! Red kicks Pippi, telling him that they'll have to get new friends by battling.

At the entrance to the laboratory, three unnamed Trainers who seem to be based on Touya, Bel, and Cheren approach Dr. Araragi and tell her that they've arrived to claim their Pokémon. The three look at the box containing the starter Pokémon and wonder which one they should pick. Bel says she wants Mijumaru, but Touya grabs it and says that Mijumaru is going to be his. Before long, the three begin fighting with each other! Pippi yells at the trio to stop fighting and tells them that they should settle their differences by talking, not through violence! Both Dr. Araragi and Red look impressed, convinced that Pippi is a nice guy. 

The three Trainers see the errors of their ways and begin to discuss the decision calmly, suggesting they draw lots to determine who will get the Pokémon. Meanwhile, Pippi clandestinely sneaks behind Dr. Araragi and grabs the box containing the three starter Pokémon! As Pippi makes a mad dash for it, Red and the others chase after him.

Red kicks Pippi, asking him what in the world he thinks he's doing. As Mijumaru, Pokabu, and Tsutarja start ganging up on Pippi, the new Trainers comment on the fact that a veteran Pokémon like Pippi is being beaten by a group of newcomers.

Chapter Two "Battle at the Hot Guy Restaurant!?"
CoroCoro Comics December 2010 Issue

Red, Pippi, and Pikachu are standing in the forest, cursing Dr. Araragi for being too stingy to give them a Pokémon. Red pulls himself together and states that they'll just have to catch some new friends themselves, and this gets Pippi all fired up. Suddenly, Pippi points to a nearby restaurant and tells everyone that they should head there to have a light snack! Red yells at Pippi for being stupid, but his Pokémon says that he won't be able to do anything on an empty stomach. 

Red and his Pokémon enter the restaurant. Three shadowy figures stop what they're doing and look toward their new customers. Pippi approaches one of them with a menu and asks for a mega-sized plate of pasta, and the waiter returns with a plate of spaghetti as big as Pippi! "This isn't a 'light snack'!," yells Red. Before Pippi can dig in, however, the waiter who brought the plate to the table quickly jerks it away. He then tells the Pokémon that this isn't an ordinary restaurant.

The three waiters announce that they are the Gym Leaders for Sanyou City! Their names are Pod, Corn, and Dent, and they're all brothers. Red wonders what kind of self-respecting Gym Leader would walk around in an apron, so Pod presents their Gym Badge as proof that they're who they say they are. Pippi starts to get focused, causing everyone in the room to stare at him to see what he's going to do. A moment later, Red's Pokémon leaves the restaurant, claiming it's all too complicated for him! Red drags him back into the restaurant and tells him that he has to fight at this Gym, but Pippi simply falls to his knees and tells his Trainer how he just wants to eat at a regular restaurant.

Pod takes out one of his Monster Balls and prepares for battle. Pippi rushes over to stop him and says that they should quit the whole Gym Leader business and turn their restaurant into a "Hot Guys Restaurant"  (イケメンレストラン) instead. The brothers start to blush. A few taps of a hammer later, Pippi reveals that he's completely renovated their restaurant! A marquee featuring the trio is installed at the front of the restaurant, and a sign beside it reads "Open from Today." Pippi runs down the street, throwing leaflets around haphazardly. Before they know it, Pod, Corn, and Dent find their restaurant filled with people! Their "Hot Guy Restaurant" is a huge success! Feeling that this has gone on long enough, Red scolds Pippi for ignoring his duties as a Pokémon and the Gym Leaders for encouraging him. 

The three brothers start to talk about which one of them is the best looking. Corn tells Pod that he's the best looking, and Dent agrees. Pod modestly disagrees. Red and Pippi look on, flabbergasted. The brothers continue with Pod saying that Dent can't lose to him in the looks department. Pippi jumps in, dressed up like Corn, and declares that he's the best looking. Pod scolds him for butting in, but Pippi says that he thought he should join in the conversation since he's just as hot as they are. Dent and Corn vehemently deny this claim.

Pod approaches Red and tells him that they're a trio of brothers who always get along. In fact, they've never been in an argument, not even once! Pippi gets into Pod's face and tells him that he'll mess up their teamwork by instigating a fight! He starts by presenting the trio with a whole cake. He tells them that there's now way for them to cut the cake into three perfect pieces, and that therefore they won't be able to share it equally. The brothers solve this problem by cutting the cake into four pieces instead. Pippi tells them that there's still one piece left and that they won't be able to stop themselves from arguing over it! Dent unexpectedly gives the last piece to Pippi, and, without thinking, the fairy Pokémon swallows it in one bite! Red hits Pippi, telling him that he's thwarting his own plan.

Pippi's next scheme to tear the brothers apart involves TV. He turns the TV to a soccer match and catches Pod's attention. Next, he changes the channel to a comedy program, getting Corn's attention. Finally, he turns the channel to a crime movie, piquing Dent's interest. Pippi lets out a maniacal laugh, saying that there's no way for the three of them to watch whatever they want at the same time. He's won! Pi ha ha ha! Pippi's laugh dies, however, when he sees the Gym Leaders watching their shows on three separate monitors! The restaurant has multiple TVs, so the brothers are able to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

Pippi gets desperate and hits the breaker switch to turn the power off. The inside of the restaurant becomes dark, and the TVs have cut off. Corn tells Dent that he can't watch his show anymore, and Dent yells at him not to take it out on him. Pippi looks on with a look of glee on his face, waiting for the explosion to happen. Suddenly, Pod steps to his brothers and tells them to forget about TV; they're Gym Leaders and it's their duty to battle, no matter what! Dent agrees with Pod, and Corn says that they should stop fighting. Red and Pippi look on in disbelief as the brothers huddle together and hype themselves up for their upcoming battle. Red yells at Pippi for strengthening their brotherly bonds instead of breaking them.

The Gym Leaders are now serious! Dent sends out Yanappu, Pod sends out Baoppu, and Corn sends out Hiyapp. Red tells Pippi to be careful and explains that the Pokémon he'll be facing are Grass, Fire, and Water Types. Pod tells his brothers to leave it to him, but the others start to protest and say that they should be the ones to battle. Pippi laughs to himself; the brothers are finally fighting amongst themselves! Suddenly, Pod and Corn decide to let Dent go ahead and start things off!

Dent orders Yanappu to use Vine Whip. The attack hits, causing Pippi to shout out that it's strong. Next, Corn's Hiyappu attacks with Water Gun, hitting Pippi's face with a high pressure jet of water. Finally, Baoppu attacks with an unidentified fire attack. Suddenly, they see Pippi sitting in front of them with a pot of green tea! Pippi used the fire from Baoppu's attack to heat the water from Hiyappu's Water Gun, and then added the leaves from Yanappu's Vine Whip to make a pot of green tea!

After the brothers yell at him, they decide to rest and help themselves to some of Pippi's tea. As the four young men sit down, Red throws Pippi's tea on him and tells him that now's not the time for rest.

Chapter Three "I Wanna Talk to Pokémon!"
CoroCoro Comics January 2011 Issue

Outside, Pikachu is using an electric attack against a Hihidaruma. After the attack, Pikachu drops to its knees and starts panting with exhaustion. Red tells him to keep going, prompting Pikachu to start shouting back at its Trainer. "PikaPika, PikaPika Pi-kakapi!!"  Red tries to figure out what Pikachu's trying to say to him, but he isn't able to. Meanwhile, the Hihidaruma's Trainer starts yelling at Red to hurry up so they can continue their battle. Red thinks to himself that if only Pippi was there, he'd be able to translate for him.

At a nearby supermarket in the forest, Pippi is pigging out on free samples. An employee yells at him to go ahead and buy something already.

Back at the battle, the Hihidaruma Trainer checks his watch and says that he has to go. The Plasma-Dan will be giving a speech soon, and he doesn't want to miss it! Red has heard of the group before and decides to go check them out.

A crowd has gathered around a stage where two members of the Plasma-Dan address the crowd. Both are holding up picket signs; one reads "liberation" while the other reads "freedom." The two members start telling the crowd that Pokémon should be liberated and that the group's only goal is to free all Pokémon. Red sees the demonstration and thinks to himself how the Plasma-Dan seems to be a group that really cares about Pokémon. On-stage, the Plasma-Dan members laugh to themselves as they think about how they'll be able to come in and scoop up everyone's Pokémon after they've all been released. 

Suddenly, Red hears Pippi's voice shouting from the distance. When he turns around, he sees that Pippi is supporting the Plasma-Dan and their ideas of freedom for Pokémon! As Pippi holds up a sign that says "liberation," he tells everyone gathered around that Pokémon should be freed and given delicious meals and live luxurious lives in hotels. Red yells at Pippi for just being selfish, but Pippi responds that being put in a fancy hotel is proof that a Trainer cares about his Pokémon. Pikachu joins in, but since Red doesn't understand Pokémon speech, he assumes Pikachu's agreeing with Pippi. A voice from the distance tells him that that's not the case.

A young man with long hair and a cap appears and asks Pikachu if what he just said is correct. Pikachu responds, and the two seem to carry on a conversation for a while. Red is shocked at what appears to be his ability to understand Pokémon speech. Pippi asks the young man who he is, and he responds by saying that his name is N. He explains that he's been living together with Pokémon since he was little and that Pokémon speech is second nature to him. Red crosses his arms and brushes him off, claiming that he can understand Pokémon speech just as well as long as they talk slowly enough. Pikachu approaches Red and starts to speak. Red smiles knowingly, leading Pippi to believe that he can actually understand what he's being told. However, Red's request for Pikachu to speak even slower causes everyone to fall over in disbelief. It looks like Red can't understand his Pikachu at all! Pippi calls Red out as a liar, causing Red to angrily respond that he could do what N does if he only studied. N speaks up and explains that Pikachu was telling Red not to even bother trying to understand him since its impossible. 

Pippi suddenly gets the idea to ask N to teach them how to communicate with Pokémon. Red remembers the battle with Hihidaruma and thinks to himself how useful that ability would have been back then. He approaches N and asks him how he does it, but N refuses to tell him. He tells Red that it's not something you can teach and that it's useless to ask. He turns to his Choroneko, who had apparently been standing behind him the whole time, and tells it to come along. Once they're out of everyone's earshot, N starts to talk with his Pokémon. Red and Pikachu see N talking and are amazed that he's able to understand the language of many different types Pokémon. Pippi, meanwhile, starts to climb a nearby tree. Armed with a pair of headphones, a tape recorder, and a boom mike, Pippi camps out on a branch and starts recording N's conversation. When he's finished, Pippi brings the tape recorder to Red and tells him that he was able to make a perfect copy!

Red puts on Pippi's headphones and starts to listen to the tape. After some time passes, Red decides to test his new knowledge with his Pikachu. Pikachu starts to talk, and Red listens. When his Pokémon finishes, Red announces that Pikachu said that since the sun is going to be going down soon, they should gather water and firewood for the night. Pikachu happily confirms that he did say that, meaning that Red is now able to understand Pokémon language! After Red cheers, Pippi starts to cheer as well! He can print CDs of the conversation he recorded and sell them for a lot of money!

After printing a bunch of copies, Pippi begins selling his CDs. At first it doesn't look like anyone's interested, but before long a large crowd starts to gather. Word of Pippi's CD begins to spread and the product becomes a big hit. Stores begin to sell out of all their stock, and it isn't long before Pippi is able to afford his own office building! Inside, Pippi sits at a large desk wearing a suit. Red and Pikachu can't believe all this is happening.

Suddenly, N bursts into the office!  Pippi greets N with a cheerful "long time no see," but N immediately starts yelling at Pippi for using his name without permission. Pippi says that he doesn't know what he means since all his CDs clearly have "Z" printed on them. After N points out that Pippi's merely holding the CD case sideways, Pippi angrily tells N that he has no more use for him and to leave right away. 

At that moment, one of Pippi's employees enters the room and tells him that sales of his CD have started to slow down. Pippi stops and thinks about how he needs to get another recording so he can make a new CD. Pippi sheds his old demeanor and puts on a happy face as he cheerfully invites N to dinner! N refuses, saying that Pippi will just record his voice again without his permission. Pippi's face becomes grim as he reminds N that he has a lot of fans who will be crushed if they aren't able to release another volume. N starts to back up against the wall, telling Pippi to stay away from him. 

Then, without warning, Pippi lunges at N and knocks him over! N starts to hold up signs similar to the ones the Plasma-Dan had earlier demanding "freedom" and "liberation." As he's pinned to the ground, N yells how humans should be free and begs to be liberated from Pippi. Red hits Pippi on the head, telling him that enough is enough. N, meanwhile, makes his way over to Pippi's laptop and starts rerouting the income made from the CDs to help Pokémon in need.

At that moment, Pippi wakes up from his dream. As he runs away from a group of angry customers who claim that his CDs don't teach them anything, Red and Pippi merely shrug their shoulders..

Chapter Four "Show Time for Fighting Pokémon!?"
CoroCoro Comics February 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Five "Look for the Gym Leader's Weakness!"
CoroCoro Comics March 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Six "Mad Rush at the Marathon!"
CoroCoro Special April 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Seven "Pippi's Sti~nky Friends"
CoroCoro Comics April 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Eight "I Wanna Get Good Lu~ck!"
CoroCoro Comics May 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Nine "Detective Pippi's Strange Deduction!?"
CoroCoro Special June 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Ten "Get the Ancient Treasure...!?"
CoroCoro Comics June 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Eleven "Pippi's Roller Coaster Battle"
CoroCoro Comics July 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

Chapter Twelve "You're Invited to the Undersea Ruins"
CoroCoro Special August 2011 Issue

Summary coming later!

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