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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pokemon Electric Shock Pikachu

Artist:  Ono Toshihiro
Writer:  Ono Toshihiro
Pokemon Dengeki Pikachuu ("Pokemon Electric Shock Pikachu") is the first Pokemon manga to be published in America, and the third to be published in Japan (after the original Pokemon and Pokemon Special).  It was the most successful Pokémon manga released in America and is the most well-known. 

The manga's storyline basically mimics that of the animated series.  Ono Toshihiro basically takes the storylines of one or more episodes of the anime use that as a basis for the manga plots.  However, the final manga often has little in common with the animated version.  For example, Satoshi finds Pikachu under a floorboard instead of getting it from Ookido-Hakase, he gets different pokemon in his journey, and Musashi-tachi don't appear until about halfway through the series.  The series is four tankouban ("graphic novels") long and covers Satoshi's journey through the Kanto and Orange Island regions.

When the manga was brought to America, a number of alterations were made to make the manga more kid-friendly.  Basically, Viz Comics had to go in to just about every chapter of his manga and significantly alter the artwork because Mr. Ono liked to draw his women...well-endowed.  To put it bluntly, just about every woman had large, pointy breasts and wore tight shirts to show them off.  Even people who shouldn't have large pointy breasts, like Kasumi, walked around half-nude in some chapters.  So Viz had to go in and flatten the breasts, many times altering a character's entire outfit.  In addition, there were a number of sexually suggestive illustrations that had to be altered, cropped, or taken out completely in order to make the comic suitable for small American children.  There's a website, Pokemon Den-Geki Pikachu Uncensored, that lists the edits (with pictures) made to three of the four volumes of the manga.  Thanks to nick falzarano for giving me the URL.

Dengeki Pikachuu is published in America by Viz Comics under the title "Pokemon:  The Electric Tale of Pikachu," "Pokemon:  Pikachu Shocks Back," "Pokemon:  Electric Pikachu Boogaloo," "Pokemon:  Surf's Up Pikachu."  The manga has been completely translated.

Animerica Interview with Toshihiro Ono

The four American graphic novels.
You can buy them from the Viz.com online store.




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