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Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters ran in Ciao!, a manga anthology magazine that goes on sale around the 3rd of every month. The first of two chapters premiered in the December 2019 issue.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
December 2019
Chapter One
January 2020
Chapter Two

Chapter One
Ciao! December 2019 Issue

Publication Date:  November 3rd, 2019
Number of Pages:  Four

Ciao! (December 2019)
Title Page

Koharu, the daughter of the
Pokémon Researcher Dr. Sakuragi, introduces us to her friend Mika, a girl who's a bit of a Pokémon fangirl. She sees a wild Eevee, for example, and squeals over it so loudly that she scares the Pokémon away! Koharu takes Mika inside her father's lab where she introduces her Wanpachi. Mika is so impressed with the facility that she declares she wants to live there! Koharu loses track of her friend but soon finds her sleeping outside in the Sakuragi Park, curled up on the ground as if she was a Pokémon herself. Later, Mika is introduced to Satoshi, whom she completely ignores in favor of his Pikachu; and Gou, whom she similarly passes over to fawn over his Hibanny. Mika thinks the Pokémon are being put off by her forwardness so she tries just waiting for *them* to come to *her*...until a wild Gangar suddenly appears and scares them all away! Satoshi and Gou are about to set off on a research mission so Mika tries to force Pikachu to give her a handshake. She gets electrocuted for her troubles, and the comic ends with Koharu saying she figured something like this would happen.

Chapter Two
Ciao! January 2020 Issue

Publication Date:  December 3rd, 2019

Ciao! (January 2020)

Mika reveals that she doesn't have a Pokémon of her own yet! She realizes her overenthusiasm is scaring potential partner Pokémon away so she tries dressing up in a Pokémon onesie to get them to like her. When that inevitably fails, Satoshi tells her the best way to get a Pokémon is by battling it first. The Pokémon-less Mika has no choice but to try wrestling a wild Mareep herself but is quickly defeated by a simple tackle attack. Next, Gou suggests Pokémon will be easier to get if she butters them up first. She puts out a bowl of Pokémon food that manages to attract a wild Eevee but then spends so much time fawning over the Pokémon that she allows it to walk up to the food, eat it, and then leave, all without ever trying to get it. Mika won't give up and sets out a huge feast to try attracting even more friends. She watches intently as the wild Pokémon start to approach her, one by one, all the while failing to realize that she's about to step on Pikachu's tail! Satoshi's Electric-Type shocks Mika, scaring the other Pokémon away and leaving her dizzy. The end!

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