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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Songs

Ready Go!

"Ready Go" (Ready Go!) is the fifth opening theme to the original Pocket Monsters series.  It is also used frequently as an insert song in every series since then.

  • Used in episodes 241-276
  • CD('s) found on: Ready Go! and Anime Pocket Monsters TV Anime Theme Song Perfect Best 1997-2003

Kaze o kanjite daichi to kokyuu awase
風 を感じて 大地と呼吸あわせ
Jump shita shunkan
Jump した瞬間

Mune ni hibi'ita koe "Kimi nara daijoubu!"
胸 に響いた声 「キミなら大丈夫!」
Furimukeba min'na ga waratteiru
振 り向けばみんなが 笑っている

Oikaketeitai kon'na jiyuu na kanji
追 いかけていたい こんな自由な感じ
Mabushii taiyou ni te o nobashite
ま ぶしい太陽に 手を伸ばして

Kinou o mitsumete ato modorishita
昨 日を見つめて 後戻りした
Namida mo atta kedo ki ni shinai de
涙 もあったけど 気にしないで
Mirai e no step wa tsuzuiteiru
未 来へのStepは 続いている
Susume!  Susume!  Kimi to nana iro no niji koete
進 め!進め!キミと 7色の虹超えて
Ready Go!  Motto tooku!
Ready Go! もっと遠く!
Kumo o tsukinuke sora e to...
雲 を突き抜け 空へと…

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

I felt the wind and made my breath one with the earth
The moment I jumped.

The voice in my heart says "It'll be OK!"
I turn around and see everyone smiling.

I want to chase after this free feeling
And reach out to the dazzling sun.

I looked back at yesterday and then went back
Even though there were tears, it didn't bother me
I continue to take steps toward the future.
Go ahead!  Go ahead!  I'll pass through the seven colored rainbow with you
Ready go!  Further and further!
Breaking through the clouds and into the sky...

Lyrics:  Tamura Naomi & Kawamura Kunumi (田村直美&川村久仁美)
Composition:  Tanaka Hirokazu (た なか ひろかず)
Arrangement:  Tanaka Hirokazu (た なか ひろかず)
Performed by:  Tamura Naomi (田村直美)



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