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Pocket ni Fantasy

The awkwardly titled "Fantasy in Your Pocket" (ポケットにファンタジー) is the third ending theme to the original Pocket Monsters series.  

  • Used in Episodes 038 - 053
  • CD('s) found on: Let's Trade Please, Pocket Monsters Sound Anime Collection Ongaku shuu Meibamenshuu, and Anime Pocket Monsters TV Anime Theme Song Perfect Best 1997-2003

はやく  おとなに なりたいんだ
Hayaku otona ni naritainda
え?  どうして
E?  Doushite
はやく  おとなに なりたいの Hayaku otona ni naritai no
こど もってたのしいじゃない
Kodomo tte tanoshii janai
でもね  なんだか なってみたい
Demo ne nanda ka nattemitai
じゃあ  こんどは わたしのゆめ いうわね
Jaa kondo wa watashi no yume iu wa ne

もうい ちど こどもにもどってみたい
Mou ichido kodomo ni modottemitai
え?な んで
E?  Nande
もうい ちど こどもにもどってみたいの
Mou ichido kodomo ni modottemitai no
おとな でいいのに
Otona de ii no ni
いちに ちだけでも なれないかな?
Ichinichi dake de mo narenai ka na?
なれっ こないよ
Narekkonai yo
うん、 もういじわる
Un, mou ijiwaru

むかし  わたしが まだこどもだったころ
Mukashi watashi ga mada kodomo datta koro
ポケッ トにいれてた たくさんの たからもの
Poketto ni ireteta takusan no takaramono
いまで も ときどき かおをのぞかせるのよ
Ima demo tokidoki kao o nozokaseru no yo
それっ て もしかして ピカチュウ?
Sore tte moshikashite Pikachuu?
さあ  なんでしょうね
Saa nan deshou ne

むかし のこども いまのこども
Mukashi no kodomo ima no kodomo
ポケッ トのなかみはいつだって
Poketto no nakami wa itsudatte
おとこ のこでも おんなのこでも
Otoko no ko demo on'na no ko demo
ポケッ トのなかみはだれだってファンタジー
Poketto no nakami wa daredatte fantajii

ラン ラ ン ラン ラン ラン ラ ン ラン ラ ラン Ran ran ran ran ran ran ran ra ran
ラ ララ ラン ラン ラン ラ ラン
Rarara ran ran ran ra ran

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Girl:  I want to hurry up and be a grown up
Woman:  Eh?  Why?
Girl:  I want to hurry up and be a grown up
Woman:  Being a child is fun, isn't it?
Girl: Yeah, but there are things I want to try.
Woman:  Well, this time I'll tell you about my dream.

Woman:  I want to try being a child one more time.
Girl:  Eh?  How come?
Woman:  I want to try being a child one more time.
Girl:  But bein' a grown up is nice...
Woman:  Can't I become one, one more time?
Girl:  No way I could get used to that!
Woman:  Come on, I'm only kidding.

Woman:  When I was still a child a long time ago
I put a lot of treasures into my pockets
Even now, I want to take a peek in them
Girl:  What's in there?  Pikachu?
Woman:  Well, I wonder...

Both:  Yesterday's kids and today's kids
Are always putting things in their pockets
Any boys and any girls
Have inside their pockets, a fantasy.

La la la la la la la la-la
Lalala la la la la-la

Lyrics:  Toda Akihito (戸田昭吾)
Composition:  Tanaka Hirokazu (たなかひろかず)
Arrangment:  Nakamura Nobuyuki (中村暢之)
Performed by:  Sachi & Juri (さち&じゅり)


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