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Dogasu's Backpack | List of Items | Bonguri no Mi

Pokemon Gold/Silver introduced a new way of creating Monster Balls.  Sure, you could still find some and buy others, but there was also a way of creating Monster Balls.  Trainers who bring special Bonguri no Mi (roughly translated as "Fruit of the Chestnut") to Hiwada Town will be able to have custom-made Monster Balls created by the Monster Ball expert Gantestu.  There are eight different-colored varities of fruit, and each type can be made into a special Monster Ball.  Below is a chart of which fruit is needed to create each special Monster Ball, as well as what that particular Monster Ball can do.

Monster Balls | Gym Leader Badges | Bonguri no Mi

Monster Ball Name
Color of the Fruit
Fast Ball
(Hyper Ball)
White Able to catch pokemon that run away quickly.
Love Ball
(Love-Love Ball)
Pink These Monster balls capture pokemon of the opposite gender of the pokemon you're using to battle.
Lure Ball
(Lure Ball)
Blue Captures water pokemon easily.
Friend Ball
(Friend Ball)
Green Makes pokemon become attached to you.
Moon Ball
(Moon Ball)
Yellow Catches pokemon that evolve from Moon Stones easily.
Heavy Ball
(Heavy Ball)
Black Catches heavy pokemon easily.
Level Ball
(Level Ball)
Red Catches pokemon that are at a lower level than your own.



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