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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | CoroCoro Online Interview with Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko Nakagawa

On the night of September 15th, 2019,
CoroCoro Online posted a series of interviews shortly after the airing of the 139th episode of Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon, "The Birth of the Master of Alola!!" One interview is with Shoko Nakagawa, the singer of the TV series' current ending theme.

Below is an English translation of the original Japanese interview.

CoroCoro Online Interviews
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It's a celebration of the “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon” TV series! We're commemorating Satoshi becoming the winner of the Alola Pokemon League! And we've got a congratulatory message for Satoshi from the singer who enthusiastically provides the TV series' ending theme, Ms. Shoko Nakagawa!!

In today's episode Satoshi achieved his long-awaited dream of conquering a Pokemon League and received the glory of becoming the Alola Pokemon League's very first Champion!

A lot of fans were probably both shocked and moved when they heard the biggest news in the history of AniPoke (“Anime Pokemon”). Well we here at CoroCoro Online have received messages for Satoshi celebrating his big win.

This time we'll share with you a congratulatory message from Ms. Shoko Nakagawa, the singer who enthusiastically provides the ending theme to the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon TV series!!

Shoko Nakagawa

-- Please say something to contestant Satoshi now that he's accomplished his dream of winning his first Pokemon League.

Shoko Nakagawa (below, just “Shokotan”):  Congratulations! I really mean it! You've been going around on adventures for 22 years now and have come so close to your goals but you never gave up.

(In the TV series' very first opening song Mezase Pokemon Master) you sang “Your dreams will become a reality someday.” But it's really amazing to me how “your dreams will come true the same way a flower opens up from a bud” actually did come true for you.

I really want you to look back on Pikachu and all your friends! You taught me to never give up.

-- It's taken Satoshi 22 years to get this win but we'd like you to tell us how you feel about his victory here.

Shokotan:  In the past he'd always be like “This is the one! I'm gonna win this time!” but I was surprised that he actually did it this time around! It's just wonderful how he worked so hard on a single goal for 22 years without ever giving up!

He really is Satoshi the Wonder Boy!

-- Please tell us what you'd pick as Satoshi's best battles from the past.

Shokotan:  The Satoshi vs. Shinji battle from Diamond & Pearl. Type: Wild was playing in the background of that fight so that means a lot to me too.

Satoshi vs. Shinji

There's also the Kuchiba Gym battle. I was really moved when Pikachu lost and how, after it refused to evolve into Raichu, it decided to go back into battle and was like “if I don't do this as a Pikachu then I'll never be able to get over this frustration.”

Translation note from Dogasu:  This is a quote from Pikachu (as translated by Nyarth) in Episode 014 "Electric Shock Showdown! The Kuchiba Gym." In the 4Kids version of the episode the line got rewritten to "It's gonna fight in the name of all Pikachu!"

-- Now that he's earned such a great victory, please tell us what you expect from Satoshi from here on out.

Shokotan:  I do want Satoshi to become a Pokemon Master but I also want to see him continue to travel around having adventures.

It's so wonderful how there are this many people all over the world cheering on Satoshi and his dream. I hope he continues to never give up and keeps moving forward.

-- Ms. Shoko Nakagawa, thank you very much!

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■Shoko Nakagawa's Official Website:

Shoko Nakagawa's Twitter Account:

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