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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | CoroCoro Online Interview with Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita

On the night of September 15th, 2019,
CoroCoro Online posted a series of interviews shortly after the airing of the 139th episode of Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon, "The Birth of the Master of Alola!!" One interview is with Nicole Fujita, a fashion model who's also a regular on the variety program Pokénchi.

Below is an English translation of the original Japanese interview.

CoroCoro Online Interviews
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(Alola League | Dr. Ookido) | Shoko Nakagawa | Okazaki Physical Education | Nicole Fujita |

It's a celebration of the “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon” TV series! We're commemorating Satoshi becoming the winner of the Alola Pokemon League! And we've got a congratulatory message for Satoshi from a huge Pokemon fan, Ms. Nicole Fujita!!

In today's episode Satoshi achieved his long-awaited dream of conquering a Pokemon League and received the glory of becoming the Alola Pokemon League's very first Champion!

A lot of fans were probably both shocked and moved when they heard the biggest news in the history of AniPoke (“Anime Pokemon”). Well we here at CoroCoro Online have received messages for Satoshi celebrating his big win.

This time we'll share with you a congratulatory message from a huge Pokemon fan, Ms. Nicole Fujita!!

Nicole Fujita

-- Please say something to contestant Satoshi now that he's accomplished his dream of winning his first Pokemon League.

Nicole Fujita (below, just "Nicole"):  First I wanna start by saying "congratulations on winning!!" Satoshi's been doing his best to win a Pokemon League for such a long time now and so his fans are super happy to see that result in him getting the win. Satoshi's mom was the most excited, right!? I think maybe she was thinking "Well, I'm glad he left Masara Town back then after all" (laughs).

-- Satoshi's been chasing a dream for more than 22 years and it finally came true for him. Ms. Nicole, do you have any dreams you've been hanging on to for a long time?

Nicole: Well I can't compete with 22 years (laughs) but I'm already working toward a dream right now. When I was a fifth grader in elementary school I didn't pass a modeling audition but then when I got to sixth grade I tried again. And ever since then I've been able to follow my dream of becoming a model.

I feel like I'm like Satoshi and his "ability to not give up". Instead of thinking "oh, I failed my audition, guess it's time to pack up and go home" I was instead like "OK, I'm definitely going to be a model now!" and have been working really hard ever since.

At that time I was like don't just think about what you want to do, actually go out and do it.

Satoshi & Mokuroh

-- Ms. Nicole Fujita, thank you very much!

External Links

■Nicole Fujita's Twitter Account:

■Nicole Fujita's Instagram Account:

CoroCoro Online Interviews
| Rica Matsumoto
(Alola League | Dr. Ookido) | Shoko Nakagawa | Okazaki Physical Education | Nicole Fujita |

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