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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Animedia June 2020 Rica Matsumoto Interview

Animedia (June 2020)

The June 2020 issue of Animedia (on-sale May 9th, 2020) included an eight-page feature on the Pocket Monsters (2019) animated series that included interviews with members of both the show's cast and crew.

Below is a translation of the interview they ran with Daisuke Ono, the voice actor who portrays the Galar Champion Dande.

Animedia June 2020 Interviews
| Rica Matsumoto | Daiki Yamashita | Daisuke Ono | Tatsuhisa Suzuki | Daiki Tomiyasu |

| Miscellaneous |

Daisuke Ono
Daisuke Ono
Born May 4th. From Kochi Prefecture. Freelance voice actor. His main roles include Demetrios in Supplementary Olympia Kyklos and Gil T. Shiga in Appare-Ranman!, among others.

"A Champion is someone who can carry everything on his shoulders"

Animedia:  How did everyone react when it was announced that you'd be playing the Champion Dande?

Daisuke Ono:  I received responses from lots of different people. I hope the Dande I put out there lives up to the image of Dande everyone had in their head.

Animedia:  After their battle, Satoshi started seeing Dande as his "goal." Dande is someone who lots of people see as a "goal" or "idol"; what is his appeal and how did you play that?

Ono:  The whole "being someone's goal or idol" thing is also associated with "shouldering the burden of loneliness and responsibility." Dande is an overwhelmingly strong person who doesn't allow himself to feel even a little bit of the pressure put on a Champion to keep on winning and who can also carry everything on his shoulders. As an actor I feel incredibly honored to be able to play someone like him.

"I'm looking forward to his rematch with Satoshi-kun with all my heart." (Ono)

Animedia: We're finally coming up to the official battle against Kibana of the Masters Eight. What was your first impression of Kibana?

Ono:  My first thought was that he seems like he's going to be a worthy opponent. I think he's a strong man with a fire inside him.

Animedia:  What was it like performing with Mr. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who played Kibana?

Ono:  Tatsuhisa-kun came in full of life, starting from the warm-ups, and this energy actually helped me relax and stay calm.

Animedia:  What kind of battle do you want to see Dande in from here on out?

Ono:  I'm looking forward to his rematch with Satoshi-kun with all my heart.

Animedia:  Could you please send us off with a message to Animedia's readers that includes what we have to look forward to in the future?

Ono:  We'll continue to have red-hot battles that all you Pokémon fans out there will definitely be happy about . Please wait with baited breath. Now! Get ready for the climax!*

Translation Note:  "Now! Get ready for the climax!" (さあ!クライマックスを楽しめ!) was localized as "It’s a champion time to turn up the heat!" in the English versions of the video games / anime.

Here's Why Dande's the Strongest (he's so cool!) Champion

Reason 1:  He has a genius battle sense
Dande has a plan even when he's battling someone for the first time. Thanks to his overwhelming battle acumen he's able to skillfully respond to whatever strategies his opponents throw at him.

Reason 2:  He always gets in his opponents' heads before battle!
Dande declares he's going to win from before the battle even starts and also taunts his opponents!?

Reason 3:  His teamwork with Lizardon
Lizardon, his formidable ace-in-the-hole, and Dande have a back-and-forth you can only describe as "partners."

Dande's Partner Lizardon
Voiced by:  Kenta Miyake
Dande's formidable ace-in-the-hole. Even though it's a Fire and Flying-Type it also knows Electric-Type moves.

Reason 4:  He's the master of working up a crowd
The intensity of the field clashing up against wild enthusiasm of the spectators. Dande loves them both and gives his heart to being an entertainer and the charismatic face of the Pokémon World Championships.

Reason 5:  He's great to his fans!!!!
When Satoshi asks "Let's have another battle!" the Champion says "yes!" Is he the king of fans as well!?

Wink! After this...
Satoshi's head is filled with thoughts about the rematch!

Animedia June 2020 Interviews
| Rica Matsumoto | Daiki Yamashita | Daisuke Ono | Tatsuhisa Suzuki | Daiki Tomiyasu |

| Miscellaneous |

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