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Episode AG 117
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 117: "Konsen Konran!  Pokemon Kontesuto - Kinagi Taikai (Kouhen)"

           ("A Disorderly Melee!  The Pokemon Contest - The Kinagi Convention!  (Part Two)

American Episode 388: "Pacifidlog Jam"
Japanese Air Date:  February 24th, 2005
American Air Date:  Unknown

The Kinagi Town Pokemon Contest semifinals are underway!  The first match pits Musashi and Nyasu against Eriko and Rougela, who are surprised when Nyasu is ordered to use Transform!  The cat pokemon, using smoke bombs and quick costume changes, is able to fool everyone into believing that he's able to  transform into various pokemon.  The deception continues until one of his costumes comes undone, exposing the charade and disqualifying Musashi.  After Eriko sends the Rocket-Dan blasting off, she advances to the final round.  Before the next match between Toshiki and Haruka, Eriko brags that Haruka doesn't have a chance against Toshiki because she knows how hard he trains.  Haruka doesn't let Eriko's words discourage her as she enters the battle against Toshiki's Hellger.  As Hellger and Eneko battle, Eriko realizes that her jealousy toward Haruka was misguided.  Haruka and Toshiki aren't interested in each other romantically; they only see each other as rivals and nothing more.  Haruka's Eneko eventually wins against Hellger, allowing the young Coordinator to face Eriko in the finals.  Eriko's Rougela and Haruka's Eneko battle with all their might, and it's difficult for anyone to predict the outcome of the confrontation.  The battle is decided when one of Eneko's Cat's Hand ("Assist") attacks produces a Flamethrower.  The fire attack devastates Eriko's ice-type pokemon, enabling Eneko to pull through with a victory.  Haruka has won the Kinagi Town Pokemon Contest!  As Haruka leaves the Contest Hall, she receives a promise from Eriko and Toshiki that they'll cheer her on in the Grand Festival.

Bla bla bla, Kids' WB! sucks, bla bla bla, more stuff about Jynx.

What follows is a comparison based on the version that aired in the U.K., similar to the way the Pokémon Chronicles comparisons are done.

This is the last of the skipped episodes (well, until the clip show, anyway), and it concludes Haruka's fight for her fifth and final ribbon.  Even though Haruka wins by pure luck with her Assist move, the victory doesn't feel as cheap as a lot of the other wins she's had up until now.  I'll take a lucky win over a planned out but impossible to implement in real life victory any day of the week.

I also like the fact that Satoshi actually sat in the audience and watched Haruka during this Contest instead of spending the whole time outside with one of his pokemon.  It's about damn time.

But I have to say, the funniest part of the whole episode was Nyasu's Whaleoh costume.  Most hilarious. thing. EVER.  It's so good that I had to include a screencap for you guys.  The dubbed version of the scene isn't as funny since they don't have the over-the-top music that the Japanese version has, but it's still pretty amusing.

Cut--6 seconds
4Kids made the first three seconds of the episode go bye-bye.

Then, the episode's title screen is shortened by two seconds.

And a second is cut after the main commercial break.

Music Edit
Another music edit!  This time, the song is The Challenger!!, and it plays from the point when Rougela is freed from Eneko's String Shot technique until the end of the Contest.  Those Japanese sure do love their vocal songs, don't they?

Well, this is all replaced by instrumental music in the dub.  Surprise surprise.

Cut--5 seconds
Three seconds are trimmed from the pan-down shot of the Contest Hall that I assume will happen after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

And two seconds are taken away from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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