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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Diamond & Pearl

Japanese Episode DP 190
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 190:  "Takeshi the Pokémon Doctor!"
American Episode 1333:  "The Brockster Is In!"

Japanese Air Date:  August 26th, 2010
American Air Date:  January 22nd, 2011
Important Characters:  Nobuko (Normajean)

Now that the Suzuran Conference has ended, Satoshi and his friends board a ferry back to Futaba Town.   As Satoshi, Hikari, and Takeshi discuss their future plans, their ship is hit by the Rocket-Dan's submarine!  A school of angered Dokukurage chase the Rocket trio onto the ferry and begin going on a rampage, so the baby pokemon on the ship do their best to fight them off.  Takeshi discovers that their rampage is being caused by the Rocket-Dan's theft of one of their treasures, so he leads the Dokukurage off the ship by throwing their treasure overboard.  Once things have calmed down, our heroes discover that the Dokukurage's attacks have left the pokemon onboard afflicted with poison!  It'll take the rescue team from a nearby Pokémon Center nearly two hours to reach the ferry, so Takeshi has no choice but to treat the pokemon himself in the meantime.  Satoshi and Hikari try to help out by gathering as many healing items as they can, but their efforts end up not being enough.  Just as Takeshi is about to give up, his Pinpuku evolves into Lucky and learns the move Egg Lay!  It uses the technique to cure the remaining patients, enabling them to hang on until help arrives.  When the rescue team finally arrives, the Joi who comes with it tells Takeshi that his actions that day show that he would make an excellent Pokémon Doctor someday.  The ferry completes its trip to Futaba Town, marking the beginning of the end of Satoshi's journey in the Shin'ou region.

I always wish we had more post-league episodes like this to wrap everything up better, and Diamond & Pearl is no exception.  The endings of these things always feel so rushed, and though I know it would have been impossible this time around, I still wish we had gotten at least one more episode to wrap up the adventure in Shin'ou.  Two episodes just isn't enough to conclude a saga that's taken us four years to get through, y'know?

This episode serves as a sort of wrap-up for Takeshi, and I think it does an OK job of showing off why deciding to be a Pokémon Doctor makes sense for him.  We've gotten glimpses of the sort of thing before ("Fly, Shami!  To the Ends of the Sky!!" comes to mind), but this episode really brings it all home.  While I do wish the writers had done more to foreshadow this seemingly abrupt decision of his, I'm glad he's leaving the series to be a Pokémon Doctor instead of a Gym Leader like Kasumi did.

I do find it really odd that the writers waited until now to finally have Pinpuku evolve.  Takeshi got the thing way back in DP 038, yet it took a whopping 152 episodes for it to finally turn into a Lucky.  What in the world was the hold-up?  Takeshi's team didn't change at all for the almost three years since then and really could have used an evolution somewhere down the line to spice up his team.  It becomes even more infuriating when you consider how it could have later evolved into Happinas and offered some additional HeartGold and SoulSilver promotion!  Yet against all logic, Takeshi's Pinpuku stayed a Pinpuku for a good 99% of its run.  Talk about dropping the ball, writers.

That's not the only areas this episode fails at when it comes to logic.  For example, isn't it odd how the Rocket-Dan's submarine crashing into the ferry at full speed doesn't cause the ship to sink?
  Or how a group of kids are left in charge of taking care of the ferry's sick pokemon?  Why are the rest of the adults on the ship not lifting a finger to help out?  And while Potchama, Mimirol, and Pinpuku all chipping in to provide ice for the sick pokemon was a nice gesture and all, I wonder why Takeshi didn't just go into the kitchen and gotten it out of the freezer instead.

Now that the Rocket trio is back to doing Rocket-y stuff, the fact that we only really have two episodes left with them suddenly becomes more apparent.  This following exchange of theirs was particularly heart breaking:

Kojirou:  "Wherever the brat boy is, Pikachu is there!"
Musashi:  "And wherever Pikachu is..."
Nyasu:  "...the Rocket-Dan is there nya!"

As of this writing, they haven't seen Pikachu in about a dozen episodes.  So, you know, so much for that.

I feel like TPCI has realized they only have two episodes left with comic relief Team Rocket and therefore crammed as many jokes into the script as possible before being forced to actually dub them like real human beings.  I mean, just look at how many times they come up in the Dialogue Edit sections!  Other than that, the English version did a great job of keeping all the in-game items straight.  Mix Au Lait, Momon Berry, Nekobu Berry, Dori Berry, Ban'nou Gona, Oran Berry, Fuen Senbei...this episode had a lot of terms lifted straight from the games, and the dub managed to call them all by the ones Nintendo of America use.  I'm confident 4Kids would have messed up at least some of those, so hats off to TPCi for actually knowing what the hell they're doing.

Pichu keeps its Japanese voice.

Dialogue Edit
Before the opening theme,

Dawn:  "You know, I'll miss you guys..."

Hikari says that things will be lonely without her traveling companions.  She never outright says that she'll miss them the way she does in the dub.

Next, Team Rocket!

James:  "Hi-de Ho!  Our treasure radar speaks!"
Meowth:  "We're gonna need treasure to pay for that thing."

I'm ignoring James' Earl Hindman impression for a minute to focus on Meowth's line.  In the original, Nyasu asks Kojirou when he got that radar installed.  In the dub, he seems to have already known about it.

After finding the treasure:

James:  "Bingo!  My favorite bling!"
Jessie:  "(laughs)  Is it gold?  Silver?  Platinum?"
Meowth:  "Rubies or sapphires?  Although diamonds and pearls rock too!"
James:  "It's not quite that black and white."

The reference to Black & White was added by TPCI.  Maybe you remember TPCI doing this kind of thing before?

Originally, Kojirou was telling the Dokukurage to get out of his way.  To my knowledge, the idiomatic expression "it's not quite that black and white" doesn't really exist in Japanese, and there wouldn't have been any way to work the English words burakku and howaito into the script without it sounding awkward as hell. 

The next dialogue edit comes after Pikachu is affected by Tentacruel's poison:

Ash:  "Pikachu!"
Brock:  "I think Pikachu's been poisoned."
James:  "Toxic twerp talk."
Jessie:  "He loves alliterations!"
Meowth:  "Later losers!"

There's an untranslatable pun here in the Japanese version.  Originally, Kojirou says
doku dake ni o ki no doku (毒だけにお気の毒), which roughly translates to "Poison is the only thing here that's pitiful."  You probably already know that the word doku means "poison," but something that isn't as commonly known is that the word for "pitiful" is ki no doku.  As you can see, "pitiful" has the word doku right in there, so Kojirou saying that "poison is pitiful" requires him to repeat the word doku twice.

This is all in an episode where Dokukurage (literally "poison jellyfish") attacking a ship eventually leads to Takeshi wanting to become a Pokémon Dokutaa ("Pokemon Doctor").

The word "poison" isn't used in a lot of other English phrases, so TPCI decided to rewrite the joke and have James use alliteration instead.  Which doesn't really make this particular line stand out any since he uses alliteration all the time, but whatever.

After Ash finds Team Rocket being cornered by the Tentacruel:

Team Rocket:  "Dual twerps!?"
Jessie:  "Please forget every bad thing we've done and get rid of these!"

Musashi doesn't ask Satoshi and the others to forgive their past sins.  They simply ask them to chase the Dokukurage away.

After Takeshi lures the Dokukurage out of the room with their bottlecap:

James:  "Hey, that's my bottlecap!"
Jessie:  "You may have lost a bottlecap but you've gained your life!"
Meowth:  "Yeah, word up."
James:  "That was...my life."

Kojirou isn't quite as dramatic as James is here.  Originally, he simply says that the bottlecap is super rare.

In the second half of the episode, an old woman approaches Brock with a healing item:

Brock:  "I know this.  It's a Lava Cookie.  It can neutralize the poison's effects.  Thank you so much."

The reason the item the old lady holds up doesn't look a thing like a "cookie" is because in the Japanese versions of the games, the item the English versions call "Lava Cookie" is known as Fuen Senbei (フエンせんべい), or "Fuen Rice Cracker."  Accordingly, the item's debut in the TV series resembles a rice cracker.  Since TPCI is obligated to use the same terms the English versions of the games use, they were stuck with using "Lava Cookie" even though it doesn't match the item we see on-screen.

Music Edit
The ending theme to the very first movie, Kaze to Issho ni, is used as an insert song in the Japanese version of this episode.  It starts from the moment Hikari orders her pokemon to make ice and plays until Pichu is healed by Lucky's Egg Lay.

The dub doesn't use this, of course, and goes for an instrumental song instead. 

Dialogue Edit
The doku pun shows up during Team Rocket's last scene as well!

Meowth:  "Oh no, not again!"
James:  "Please pass on the poison purée!"
Jessie:  "Love those alliterations."
Meowth:  "Ditch the small talk and let it be~!"

Kojirou says the exact same line he said earlier in the episode (doku dake ni o ki no doku) while James gets a new line telling Meowth not to accept the mashed up poison the Tentacruel's about to serve them.  Or something.

Also, "Love those alliterations," huh?  I can't figure out if TPCI is being serious here or if they're winking at us this whole time as if to say "yes, we know they suck," but it's a lame line all the same.  "Lame line"...OH MY GOD THEY HAVE ME DOING IT TOO!!! 

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This page was last updated on February 11th, 2011




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