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Episode AG 146
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 146: "The Fighting Dojo!  Satoshi vs. Haruka!"
American Episode 416: "Pasta La Vista
Japanese Air Date:  September 29th, 2005
American Air Date:  July 8th, 2006
Important Characters:  Hamaguri-sensei (Master Ham), Kyoutarou (Kyle), Tsugeyo (Terry)

Now that Haruka has her first Kanto ribbon, our heroes set their sights on Satoshi's next destination, the Battle Arena.  However, before they get back on the road, Haruka decides to try a famous ramen restaurant in the area.  Satoshi, on the other hand, wants to visit a local fighting dojo, so he and Masato separate from the young Coordinator and a love struck Takeshi.  As Haruka waits in line for her food, she sees that the shop's owner is being dragged out of the shop by a woman named Tsugeyo.   Desperately wanting to try Yamabuki City's famous "Battle Ramen," Haruka follows the two, eventually ending up at the dojo where Satoshi and Masato had come to visit.  There, they witness a feud between the owner of the ramen restaurant, Kyoutarou, and his father, the dojo master Hamaguri-sensei. Kyoutarou wants to continue running the ramen shop, but his father wants him to take over the dojo instead.  The two eventually decide to have a battle to determine the ramen chef's fate, but a back injury suffered by Hamaguri-sensei brings the battle to a halt.  Satoshi and Haruka decide to step up and have the battle for them, so each trainer picks a fighting-type pokemon to battle with.  Satoshi fights with Hamaguri-sensei's Sawamura while Haruka battles with Kyoutarou's Ebiwara, and for a while the two seem to be evenly matched.  However, the Rocket-Dan appear and interrupt the battle in an attempt to steal all the dojo's pokemon!  At this time, Tsugeyo and her Kapoeira send the Rocket trio blasting off again.  After the battle, Hamaguri-sensei decides to let his son continue running the ramen restaurant and hands the dojo over to Tsugeyo.  Now that the gym has been successfully passed on, Satoshi and his friends resume the path toward the Battle Arena.

So here we are.  After eight long years, 4Kids has finally arrived at their final episode of Pokémon.  They're done with the series, and personally I'm excited.  I know that Pokémon is the company's best dub (which isn't saying much considering the crap 4Kids puts out), but I'm still happy to see the show fall into the hands of a company who's probably more competent in everything Pokemon.  Of course, we have no idea how the new dub will end up, and I do worry that too many fans are assuming that the new dub will be this orgy of Japanese music and non-edits when we really have no proof that this will be the case.  But - and I know I'm probably jinxing the new season by saying this - it can't be any worse, right?

The thing that sucks about the whole dubbing thing is that it pretty much overlaps any discussion about this episode as a whole.  I mean, even I fell prey to it by opting to start this comparison by talking about the dubbing instead of talking about the actual episode like I usually do.  And that's a shame, really, since this episode is really too good to do that to.  While the resolution of the dojo's conflict seems a little rushed, it is nice to see Satoshi and Haruka have a little rivalry again.  Seeing the team split up into a Satoshi/Masato and a Haruka/Takeshi group was neat as well, and I really liked the fact that there's more of a Japanese feeling to this episode than there's been in all of Advanced Generation

Dubbing-wise, the episode fared a lot better than I thought it would.  While the voice acting for the side characters (Master Ham and Terry) sucked ass, the episode was surprisingly edit-free.  There wasn't a single violence edit made in the entire episode, which is particularly surprising considering the last episode to predominately feature fighting-type pokemon, "A Shroomish Skirmish," didn't fare so well.  4Kids didn't shy away too much from Japanese culture either, opting to call ramen "noodles" instead of being lame and painting over the ramen with a sandwich like you'd expect them to do nowadays. 

Cut--5 seconds altogether
The first two seconds of the episode are trimmed away.

Later, two seconds are removed from the episode's title screen.

Then, immediately after the episode's title screen, a second is removed from the shot of all the people waiting in line for the ramen store.

Paint Edit
4Kids' final paint edit of the series:

Japanese English

Click on each image to view a larger version.

This is actually a really good summary of what 4Kids' editing of the series as a whole.  The very first paint edit, way back in "Pokémon, I Choose You!" was made to erase Japanese writing from a Monster Ball.  Now, here we are eight years later with "Pasta La Vista," and the company's still erasing text.  Except now, the "text" they're erasing is from some made-up language that was created specifically for 4Kids so that these types of edits wouldn't have to be made. 

I won't be missing edits like this when PUSA takes over.

Music Edit
During our heroes' training with Sawamura and Ebiwara, Ready Go! plays in the background of the Japanese version.  In the dub, we get instrumental music.

Cut--3 seconds
Two seconds are removed from the shot after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

...and the final 4Kids time cut ever involves a second being removed from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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