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When Cartoon Network USA aired of Pokémon the Movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction on November 8th, 2014, about five minutes' worth of footage was cut to make the movie short enough to air in the allotted time slot.  This page documents those cuts.

It is assumed that this removed footage will be restored for the DVD release.

Cut - 11 seconds
After the opening zoom-in shot of the kingdom there's an eleven second series of shots of Diancie hopping through her kingdom as she's being chased by the Meleecie that gets cut from the TV broadcast version.

Cut - 3 seconds
After the Meleecie jump the cliff there's a three second cut of those same Meleecie running hopping around some more.

Cut - 23 seconds
In the Cartoon Network edit of the "World of Pokémon" segment the scene cuts to Satoshi and his friends as soon as Diantha and Wilkstrom let out their pokemon.  In the uncut version, however, we actually get to see the battle between the two.

Mega Hassamu jumps up...
...and charges forward!

But Mega Sirnight is able to get out of the way at the last second!
Mega Sirnight prepares a Moon Force attack.

The beam makes contact with the moon...
...and heads straight toward Mega Hassamu!

There's not enough time to get away.
Direct hit!

Mega Hassamu struggles to stay standing but eventually succumbs to its injuries.
Carnet and Mega Sirnight are the winners!

Cut - 4 seconds
A four-second establishing shot of Avignon Town is removed immediately before the start of the movie's opening theme.

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