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  Every once and a while, a really good update comes along that doesn't really belong in any of the existing sections of my site, yet are just too good to just trash.  So, here's the place for features and any other miscellaneous updates I might have.

Pocket Monsters in 1996
Newest Feature!
Pocket Monsters in 1996
Let's take a look at how the media was covering Pocket Monsters during its first year.

Pokkén Tournament
én Tournament, the arcade fighting game being billed as a crossover between Pokémon and Tekken, has finally been released in Japan!  Let's take a look at this Japan-only (for now!) game.
Pokemon the movie XY Exhibit Pokémon the movie XY Exhibit
The "Pokémon the movie XY Exhibit" was an exhibit over at the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower here in Tokyo, Japan that celebrates the history of the Pocket Monsters movies.  I was able to go this past summer and have written about what I saw.
Sugimori Ken's Work Sugimori Ken's Work - A 25 Year Portfolio from "Quinty" to "Jerry Boy" and "Pocket Monsters"
A portfolio of the work done by Sugimori Ken, the man most of us know as the man responsible for drawing the official artwork of all the pokemon!  Read my review / overview of the book here.
Nakagawa Shouko "Pokemon Taught Me the Meaning of Life" Nakagawa Shouko "Pokemon Taught Me the Meaning of Life"
Voice Actor / Singer / Pokemon Smash! cast member Nakagawa Shouko has written a book about how Pokemon and the effect it's had on her life.  Read my review / overview of the book here.
Pokemon Radio Show! The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire
Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire
Everything you want to know about the Japan-only radio show that was on-air for the second half of 2012.
Pikachu The Movie Premium Box Pikachu The Movie Premium Box 1998 - 2010 Review
Everything you'll want to know about the massive fourteen disc Blu-ray set released in Japan in November 2012.
"Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo" Visual Guide "Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo" Visual Guide Interviews
This "visual guide" for the second Best Wishes! movie features a number of interviews with the cast and crew of the film.  This feature translates those interviews so us non-Japanese speakers can enjoy them.
April Fools Archive
An archive of all the April Fools pranks I've pulled with this website over the years.
Contests Contests on Dogasu's Backpack
A place where I archive all the contests held on Dogasu's Backpack.
Tsutaya "The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark" Navigate DVD Tsutaya "The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark" Navigate DVD
A special behind the scenes DVD available for rental at Tsutaya stores
A Pokemon Music Special Chat
The three-disc release of the soundtrack to HeartGold and SoulSilver came with a booklet.  This booklet included an interview with the game's sound staff.  Here is my translation of the interview.
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl ("Get Pokemon" Version) DVD Review
An in-depth look at the seemingly random assortment of Diamond & Pearl episodes sold at convenience stores and supermarkets all over Japan.
Recycled Characters
A tribute to those background characters who keep reappearing over and over and over again.
Shudou Takeshi, 1949 - 2010 Shudou Takeshi, 1949 - 2010
On October 29th, 2010, screenplay writer Shudou Takeshi passed away.  I posted some information about the man that had never been available in English before as a tribute.  I didn't want to bury this information in the Old Updates Archive, so I'm reposting it here for easy access.
Time Magazine
Pokemon shows how mainstream it is by gracing the cover of one of the nation's most highly-circulated magazines.  The article about Pokemon  is very informational.
The Grand List of Pokemon Video Game Clichés
A humorous look at some of the trends seen in the Pocket Monsters video games.




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