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  The English language version of the Japanese program Pocket Monsters made its way to American airwaves on September 7th, 1998.  This translation enabled viewers from all over the world to experience the phenomenon that had been taking Japan by storm, but the thing that many of these fans don't realize is that the version they're watching is quite different from the product kids in Japan got.

The purpose of this section is to document all these changes that were made during the transition from the Japanese Pocket Monsters to the show we English speakers know as Pokémon.  What follows is a list of each of the fan-designated sagas of the TV series, as well as a list of the various other animated products produced for this franchise.  Clicking on a link will bring you to a list of episodes in those sagas that will then bring you to essays detailing every rewrite, cut, redrawn scene, music edit, and other change that's been made.


General edits made in every episode Opening Themes
Understanding "Seasons" of the Pokémon TV Show
Understanding "Seasons" of the Pokémon TV Show

Sagas of the various TV series

Pocket Monsters
Kanto Region
(Episodes 001 - 082)
Pocket Monsters
Orange Islands
(Episodes 083 - 118)

Pocket Monsters
Jouto Region
(Episodes 119 - 276)
Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Houen Region
(Episodes AG 001 - AG 132)

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Kanto Battle Frontier
(Episodes AG 133 - AG 196)
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl
Shin'ou Region
(Episodes DP 001 - DP 191)

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes
Isshu Region
(Episodes BW 001 - BW 142)
Pocket Monsters XY
Pocket Monsters XY
Kalos Region
(Episodes XY 001 - XY ???)

Movies, TV Specials, Side Stories, OVAs, and ANA Pokemon Shorts

Theatrical Movies

TV Specials Pokémon Chronicles

OVAs ANA Pokemon Shorts

Some of the comparisons that were created in the first few years of this site's life use symbols that none of the newer pages use.  The following is a legend of what these symbols are and their meanings.

Cultural change - A change was made in an attempt to hide the fact that this show comes from Japan.
Edit - Almost every instance of Japanese writing has been removed from the English version.  Find out what those signs originally said in Japanese.
Cut - This was a scene cut or altered because the TV censors didn't like them.  Stuff like Kojirou's breast scene, Nyasu's use of a lighter, or Musashi getting spanked.  This heading also covers lines that are rewritten to make them less violent, such as calling bombs "blaster balls."
Rocket-Dan - The Rocket-Dan periodically perform a different version of their motto.  This symbol indicates these unusual performances.




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